Hell, Not for You, Just for the Evil.


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    Hell, Not for You, Just for the Evil. Empty Hell, Not for You, Just for the Evil.

    Post by Poem on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:41 am

    It so happens that Jesus dictated to Maria Valtorta a description of Hell, and comments on souls not avoiding the place.  Here's a few cuts.  You can find the post in the forum.

    "Hell is a place where the thought of God, the memory of God, glimpsed in the private judgment, is not. As for those being purged, a holy desire, a grieved, but hope-filled longing, a hope full of tranquil expectation, of secure peace which shall reach perfection when it becomes the conquest of God, but which already gives the spirits being purged a cheerful activity in purgation because every affliction, every instant of affliction, draws them closer to God, their love; but it is remorse, anger, damnation, and hatred. Hatred for Satan, hatred for men, hatred for themselves.

    "The word 'Hatred' covers that boundless kingdom; it roars in those flames; it howls in the cackling laughter of the demons; it sobs and barks in the laments of the damned; it rings and rings and rings like an eternal hammering bell; it blares like an eternal bugle of death; it fills the recesses of that jail with itself; it is in itself torment because, with each of its sounds, it renews the memory of Love lost forever, remorse over having wanted to lose it, and rage over never being able to see it again.

    "Oh, you cannot imagine what Hell is! Take everything that is man's torment on earth--fire, flame, ice, submerging waters, hunger, sleeplessness, thirst, wounds, illnesses, sores, and death---sum it up into a single amount and multiply it millions of times. You will have only a shadow of that tremendous truth.

    "Sidereal cold will be mixed with the unbearable burning.;

    "Darkness will be the third torment. Material darkness and spiritual darkness. To be in darkness forever after having seen the light of paradise and to be in the embrace of Darkness after having seen the Light that is God!

    "Oh, this is not metaphorical language!

    "Even I who created that place, tell you that when I descended into it to bring out of Limbo those who awaited my coming, I, God, experienced horror at that horror; and if something made by God were not immutable, on account of being perfect, I would have wanted to make it less atrocious, for I am Love, and I was pained by that horror.

    Now here is Jesus God, explaining to us that, that place gave him pain looking at the place!  Here's God explaining to hardhearted boneheads that Hell is real.  It is not make believe.

    "And you want to go there.

    "Meditate, O children, on these words of mine.

    Notebook: 1945
    Page: 75-80

    January 15 194

    Peace be with you always

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