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    A place to start. Thereby we grow into a large tree.

    A seedling.


    In this order. Now if everyone thought and lived like this, we would all have plenty, or sufficient, materially, but, love would be abundant and thriving no longer needing silly computers, ipods, nanopods, mp3 machines, TV, radios, movies, and so forth. Ooops did I say something wrong? Perhaps offended a business person?

    Exactly. There would be less commerce, enterprise, and selling, because, love would flourish in hearts and heaven would be felt everyday in all hearts. Joy, Peace, Life on earth.

    But, behold, the beast and his servants, don't want this. No one to bribe to work for them.


    It can't be any simpler than this. Do good unto others, as you would desire the same to happen to you. No shortages. No homelessness, no starving people, no naked people, no people wearing rags, because your neighbor is loved, which means, everyone would think and act the same, your needs are met by others, you meet others needs. Sharing and giving. Nature would remain intact, no Nukes, No chemicals, no madmen wanting to control the world. No plastic bottles, no microwave machines in hands and homes, and on buildings and in open spaces. Lots of things removed that destroys life and land.

    Money deludes people, a grandeur, an untold grandeur, which is so very evident today. Wake up! Smell the coffee, see the sunrise.

    Peace be with you always

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