The Explanation of Where You Go based on How You lived


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    The Explanation of Where You Go based on How You lived  Empty The Explanation of Where You Go based on How You lived

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    Book 5, In Jerusalem After Lazarus's Resurrection

    « Then, as peace gives mercy, forgive also the chiefs of the people who are persecuting Me. Because that is what you wanted to say: that you can forgive everything, except the evil they do Me. »
    « It is so, Master. »
    « No, Lazarus, I forgive them. You must forgive them if you want to be like Me. »
    « Oh! Like You! I cannot! I am only a man! »
    « The man was left down there. The man! Your spirit… You know what happens at the death of a man… »
    « No, Lord. I remember nothing of what happened to me » interrupts Lazarus vehemently.
    Jesus smiles and replies: « I was not referring to your personal knowledge, to your particular experience. I was speaking of what every believer knows will happen to him when he dies. »
    « Ah! The particular Judgement. I know. I believe. The soul presents itself to God, and God judges it. »
    « It is so. And the judgement of God is just and inviolable. And it has infinite value. If the soul is judged mortally guilty it becomes a damned soul. If it is lightly guilty it is sent to Purgatory. If it is just it goes to the peace of Limbo awaiting Me to open the gates of Heaven. So I called your soul back after it had been judged by God. If you had been damned I could not have called you back to life, because by doing so I would have cancelled My Father's judgement. For damned souls no further changes are possible. They are judged for ever. So you belonged to the number of those who were not damned. So you either belonged to the class of the blessed souls, or to the class of those who will be blessed after being purified. But consider this, My dear friend. If the sincere will of repentance that man can have while being still a man, that is, body and soul, is valid as purification; if the symbolical rite of baptism in water, that one wants out of spirit of contrition to be cleansed of the foulness contracted in the world and because of one's flesh, has the value of purification for us Hebrews; what value will repentance have, a more real and perfect repentance, a much more perfect repentance of a soul freed from the body, aware of what God is, enlightened on the gravity of its errors, enlightened on the extent of the joy that had moved away for hours, for years, for ages: the joy of the peace of Limbo that will soon be the joy of the achieved possession of God: the double, treble purification of perfect repentance, of perfect love, of the bath in the ardour of the flames lit by the love of God and by the love of spirits, in which and by which the spirits are stripped of all impurity and emerge as beautiful as seraphim, crowned with what does not even crown seraphim: their earthly and ultra-earthly martyrdom against vices and for the sake of love? What will it be? Tell Me, My dear friend. »

    Peace be with you always

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