On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents.


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    On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents. Empty On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents.

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 405
    Chapter: On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents.

    *NOTE: Jesus gave commentary on October 17, 1943 about Purgatory.

    October 21

    Jesus says:

    "I shall resume the commentary on the souls taken into Purgatory.

    "It does not matter whether you have grasped the complete meaning of my words. These are pages for all, for all have some loved one in Purgatory, and nearly all, with the life they lead, are destined to stop in that dwelling. For the former and the latter I shall thus continue.

    "I said that the souls being purged suffer only because of love and expiate with love. Here are the reasons for this system of expiation.

    If you, unreflecting men, carefully consider my Law in its counsels and commandments, you see that it entirely hinges on love. Love for God, love for one's neighbour.

    "In the first commandment, I, God, impose Myself on your reverential love with all the solemnity which is worthy of my Nature, as compared to your nothingness: 'I am the Lord, your God.'

    "You forget too often, O men who think you are gods, and, unless you have a spirit vivified by grace in you, you are nothing but dust and putrefaction, animals joining to animality the craftiness of the intelligence possessed by the Beast, who makes you do the works of beasts--worse than those of beasts: the works of demons.

    "Say it to yourselves morning and evening; say it to yourselves at midday and at midnight; say it to yourselves when you eat, when you drink, when you go to bed, when you wake up, when you work, when you rest; say it to yourselves when you love; say it to yourselves when you command and when you obey; say it to yourselves always: 'I am not God.' Food, drink, and sleep are not God. Labor, rest, occupations, and the works of genius are not God. Friendships are not God. Superiors are not God. One alone is God: My Lord, who has given me this life so that with it I may merit the Life which does not die; who have given me clothing, food, and dwelling places; who has given me work so that I may earn a living and ingenuity so that I may witness to being the king of the earth; who has given me the capacity for loving and creatures to be loved 'with holiness' and not with lust; who has given me power and authority so that I may make it a means of holiness and not of damnation. I can become similar to Him since He has said, 'You are gods,' but only if I live his Life--that is, His Law--only if I live his Life--that is, His Love. One alone is God: He. I am his child and subject, the heir of his kingdom. But if I desert and betray, if I create for myself a kingdom of my own in which I want to be king and god in human terms, I then lose the true Kingdom and my destiny as a child of God is forfeited and becomes degraded into that of a child of Satan, for one cannot serve selfishness and love at the same time, and whoever serves the former serves the Enemy of God and loses Love--that is, he loses God.

    "Remove from your minds and your hearts all the deceitful gods that you have placed there, beginning with the god of mire that you are when you do not live in Me. Remind yourselves of what you owe Me for all I have given you--and I would have given you more if you had not bound the hands of your God with your way of living--what I have given you for the life of each day and for eternal life., For the latter God has given you his Son so that He would be immolated like a lamb without blemish and wash your debts with his Blood and thus not, as in Mosaic times, make the iniquities of the fathers fall upon their children down to the fourth generation of sinners, who are 'those who have Me,' for sin is an offence against God and whoever offends hates.

    "Do not raise other alters to gods that are not true. Have the one and only Lord your God, not so much on altars of stone, but on the living altar of your hearts. Serve Him and offer true worship of love, love, love, O children who are unable to love, who utter and utter and utter words of prayer, words alone, but do not make love your prayer, the only one pleasing to God.

    "Remember that a true throbbing of love which rises like a cloud of incense from the flames of your heart in love with Me has a value infinitely greater than thousands and thousands of prayers and ceremonies performed with lukewarm or cold hearts. Attract My Mercy with your love. If you knew how active and great My Mercy is to whoever loves Me! It is a wave which passes and washes what constitutes a stain in you. It gives you a snow-white stole to enter into the holy City of Heaven, in which the Charity of the Lamb who had Himself immolated for you shines like a sun."

    "Do not use the Holy Name out of habit or to give strength to your wrath, to vent your impatience, or to confirm your curses. And, above all, do not apply the term 'god' to a human creature whom you love out of sensual hunger or mental worship. That Name should be said to One alone. To Me. And to Me it must be said with love, faith, and hope. Then that Name will be your strength and your defense. The worship of this Name will justify you, for those who act while placing My Name as a seal upon their actions cannot perform wicked actions. I am speaking of those who act truthfully, not of the liars who seek to cover themselves and their works with the splendour of my thrice-holy Name. And who are they trying to deceive? I am not subject to deceit, and men themselves, unless they are mentally disturbed, by comparing liars' deeds with their words comprehend that they are false and experience disdain and aversion over this.

    "You that are unable to love anything but yourselves and your money and regard every hour not devoted to satisfying your flesh or fattening your purses as wasted, in your enjoyment or work as gluttons and beasts, manage to introduce a pause which will enable you to think of God, of his acts of goodness, his patience, and his love. You should always, I repeat, bear Me in mind, whatever you do; but since you are unable to act while keeping your spirit fixed in God, once a week stop acting so as to think of God alone.

    "This, which may seem to you to be a servile law, is instead proof of how God loves you. Your good Father knows that you are fragile machines that wear out in continuous use and has provided for your flesh--for it, too, since it is also his work--by giving you the command to have it rest one day out of every seven to give it proper repose. God does not want your illnesses. If you had remained his children, really his, from Adam on, you would not have known illnesses. These are the fruit of your acts of disobedience to God, together with pain and death; and like a mushroom bed they arose and arise over the roots of the initial disobedience--that of Adam--and they sprout from each other, a tragic chain, from the germ which has remained in your hearts, from the venom of the accursed Serpent who gives you fevers of lust, avarice, gluttony, sloth, and blameworthy forms of imprudence.

    "And it is blameworthy imprudence to want to force your being towards constant work for gain, as it also is to want excessive enjoyment of the palate or the senses by not being satisfied with the food necessary for life and the company necessary for the continuation of the species, but sating yourselves beyond measure like animals of the swamps and exhausting themselves like--rather, not like brutes, that are not similar, but superior to you in coupling, to which they go in obedience to laws of order--but degrading yourselves worse than brutes: like demons that disobey the holy laws of proper instinct, reason, and God.

    "You have corrupted your instinct, and it now leads you to prefer corrupt meals, formed by lusts in which you profane your bodies--My Work--and your souls--My Masterwork; and you slay embryonic lives by denying them life, for you suppress them before their time voluntarily or through your leprosies, which are lethal venom for nascent lives.

    "How many souls are there that your sensual appetite calls from Heaven and that you then close the gates of life to? How many are those that barely reach their term and are born dying or already dead that you bar from Heaven? How many are those upon whom you impose a weight of pain, which they cannot always bear, with a sick existence marked by painful and shameful diseases? How many are those that cannot resist this kind of martyrdom, not wanted but affixed by you like a firebrand upon the flesh, which you have begotten without reflecting that, when one is corrupt like a tomb full of putrefaction, it is no longer licit to beget children to condemn them to pain and the loathing of society? How many are those that, unable to resist this fate, commit suicide?

    "But what do you think? That I will condemn them for their crime of theirs against God and themselves? No. Before them, who sin against two, are you, who sin against three: against God, against yourselves, and against the innocent whom you beget to lead them to desperation. Consider this. Consider it carefully. God is just, and if the sin holds weight, the causes of sin also do. And in this case the weight of the sin lightens the condemnation of the suicide, but aggravates the condemnation for your, true killers of your desperate children.

    Peace be with you always

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    On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents. Empty Re: On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents.

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    Continue on page 409:

    "On that day of rest which God has placed in the week--and He gave you his example of rest: He, the infinite Agent, the Generator who from Himself generates Himself continuously--he has shown you the need for rest; He did so for you, to be your Teacher in life. And do you, insignificant powers, want not to take this into account, almost as if you were more powerful than God? On that day of rest for your flesh which is broken under excessive fatigue, manage to occupy yourselves with the rights and duties of the soul. The rights--to true Life. The soul dies if it is kept separated from God. Give Sunday to your souls--since you are unable to do so every day and every hour--so that on Sunday the soul may feed on the Word of God, may be filled with God, so as to have vitality during the other days of work. Rest is so sweet in his father's house for a son whom work has kept distant for a whole week! And why don't you give this sweetness to your souls? Why do you tarnish this day with excessive food and drink and lust instead of making it a clear light for your blessedness now and afterwards?

    And, after love for the one who created you, love for those who have begotten you and for those who are you brothers and sisters.

    "If God is Charity, how can you say you are in God if you do not seek to resemble Him in charity? And can you say you resemble Him if you love Him alone and not the others created by Him? Yes, God should be loved more than all others, but those who scorn loving the ones God loves cannot say they love God.

    "Love, then, first of all, those who, because they begot you, are the second creators of your being on earth. The supreme Creator is the Lord God, who forms your souls and, master as His is Life and Death, allows you to come into life. But the second creators are the ones who make a single new flesh out of two bodies and two bloods, a new child of God, a new future inhabitant of the Heavens. Since it is for the Heavens that you are created, since it is for the Heavens that you must live on earth.

    "Oh, the sublime dignity of the father and mother! A holy Episcopate--I speak with bold, but true words--that consecrates new servants to God with the chrism of conjugal love, washes them with the mother's tears, dresses them with the father's work, and makes them bearers of the Light by infusing the knowledge of God into children's minds and the love of God into innocent hearts. In truth I tell you that parents are only slightly inferior to God solely because of the fact of creating a new Adam. But, in addition, when parents are able to make the new Adam a new little Christ, then their dignity is barely one degree inferior to that of the Eternal.

    "Love your father and mother; then--this twofold manifestation of God that conjugal love turns into a 'unity'--with a love inferior only to the love you must have for the Lord your God. Love this manifestation because its dignity and works are the most similar to God's in regard to you: these parents are your earthly creators, and everything in you must venerate them as such.

    "And love your children, O parents. Remember that to every duty there corresponds a right and that, if it is your children's duty to see in you the greatest dignity after God and to give you the greatest love after that total love which should be given to God, you have the duty to be perfect so as not to diminish your children's conception of and love for you.

    "Remember that begetting flesh is a great deal, but at the same time, nothing. Animals also beget flesh and often care for it better than you do. But you beget a citizen of the Heavens. You must be concerned about this. Do not extinguish the light in your children's souls; do not allow the pearl of your children's souls to get used to the mud. Give love, holy love, to your children, and not foolish care of physical beauty and human culture. No. It is the beauty of their souls, the education of their spirits, that you ought to care for.

    "The life of parents is a sacrifice, as is that of priests and teachers convinced of their mission. All three groups are 'molders' of what does not die: 'the spirit,' or the psyche, if your prefer. And since the spirit stands in relation to the flesh in a proportion of 1000 to 1, consider the degree of perfection from which parents, teachers, and priests ought to draw to be truly as they should. I say 'perfection.' 'Formation' is not enough. They must form the others, but in order to form them not as the deformed, they must model them after a perfect model. And how can they claim to if they are imperfect themselves? And how can they become perfect themselves if they do not model themselves after the Perfect One, who is God? And what can make man capable of modeling himself after God? Love. Always Love. You are crude, formless iron. Love is the furnace which purifies you and melts and liquefies you so as to flow through supernatural veins into the form of God. Then you will be the 'molders' of others: when you have molded yourselves after the perfection of God.

    "Children often represent the spiritual failure of parents. Through the children the worth of the parents is seen. For, if it is true that depraved children are sometimes born to holy parents, this is the exception. Generally, at least one of the parents is not holy, and since it is easier for you to copy evil than good, the child copies less good. It is also true that a holy child is sometimes born to depraved parents. But here, too, it is unlikely that both parents are depraved. By a law of compensation, the better of the two is good for both and with prayers, tears, and words does the work of both in molding the child for Heaven.

    "In any case, O children, whatever your parents are like, I tell you, 'Do not judge; just love; just forgive; just obey, except in those things which are contrary to my Law. To you goes the merit of obedience, love, and forgiveness, of the forgiveness of you sons and daughters, Maria, which hastens God's forgiveness of parents, and the more it is complete forgiveness, the more it hastens it; to parents go the responsibility and the just judgment--in regard to both you and what concerns God--of God, the only Judge,'

    "It is superfluous to explain that to kill is to act against love. Love for God, whose right over the life and death of a creature of his and whose right as a Judge you take away. Only God is a Judge and a holy Judge, and if He has granted to man the creation of assemblies for justice to put a check on both crime and punishment, woe to you if, as you go against the Justice of God, you go against the justice of man by settings yourselves up as judges of a neighbor of yours who has done wrong or who you believe has done wrong.

    "Consider, O poor sons and daughters, that offenses and pain upset mind and heart, and that wrath and pain itself place a veil upon your intellectual sight, a veil that obstructs your vision of authentic truth and charity, as God presents it to you, so that by it you may be able to govern your indignation, when just, and not turn it into injustice by excessively harsh condemnation. Be holy even while the offense is burning you. Remember God then, above all.

    End at page 412, chapter ends at page, 415.

    Peace be with you always


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    On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents. Empty Re: On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents.

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    "And you, too, judges of the earth, be holy. You have the most intense horrors of mankind in hand. Examine them with your sight and mind impregnated with God. See the true 'reason' for certain 'forms of depravity.' Consider that even if they are real forms of 'depravity' of mankind, which degrades itself, there are many causes which produce them. In the hand that killed seek the power which moved to kill it, and remember that you, too, are men. Ask yourselves whether you--if betrayed, abandoned, or provoked--would have been better than the man or woman before you awaiting sentence. In severely examining yourselves, consider whether no woman can accuse you of being the true slayers of the child she suppressed because, after the joyous hour, the two of you withdrew from your commitment of honor. And, if you can do so, also be severe.

    "But, if, after having sinned against the child born of your deceit and your lust, you still want to obtain forgiveness from the One who is not deceived and does not lose his memory after years and years of correct living, after that incorrect act which you did not want to make amends for, or after that crime which your provoked, at least be active in preventing evil, especially where female irresponsibility and a squalid environment predispose people to fall into vice and infanticide.

    "Remember, O men, that I, the Pure One, did not refuse to redeem women without honor. And in place of the honor they no longer had I cause the living flower of redeeming repentance to rise up in their spirits, like a flower from desecrated soil. I gave my merciful love to the poor unfortunates whom a so-called 'love' had prostrated in the mire. My true love saved them from the lust which so-called love had injected into them. If I had cursed and fled them, I would have lost them forever. I have also loved them because of the world, which after having enjoyed them, covers them with hypocritical scorn and lying disdain. In place of the caresses of sin, I have caressed them with the purity of my gaze; in place of the words of delirium, I have had words of love for them; in place of money, the shameful price of their kiss, I have given the riches of my Truth.

    "One acts like this, men, to pull whoever sinks into the slime out of the slime, and one does not throw one's arms around their necks so as to perish together or throw stones so as to make them sink further. It is love--it is always love that saves.

    "I have already spoken about what a sin against love adultery is, and I will not repeat it, at least for the time being. There is so much to be said about this regurgitation of animality--so much that you would not even understand, for your pride yourselves on being betrayers of the home--that out of mercy on my little disciple I will keep silent. I don't want to exhaust the strength of the extenuated creature and disturb her spirit with forms of human ruthlessness for, now close to the goal, she thinks only of Heaven.

    "Those who steal obviously act against love. If they remembered not to do to others what they would not like to have done to them and if they loved others as themselves, they would not take way what belongs to their neighbor with violence and deceit. They would thus not go against love, as, on the contrary, they do when committing thievery, which may involve merchandise, money, or jobs. How many robberies you commit by stealing a job from a friend, an invention from a companion! You are thieves, thieves three times over, when doing this. You are such even more than if you stole a wallet or a jewel, for without these one can still live, but without a paying job one dies, and the family of the man whose job was stolen dies of hunger with him.

    "I gave you speech as a sign of elevation over all the other animals on earth. You should thus love Me for speech, my gift. But can I say that you love Me for speech when you make this gift of Heaven into a weapon to ruin your neighbor with a false oath? No, you love neither Me nor your neighbor when you affirm what is false, but, rather, you hate us. Don't you reflect that the word kills not only the flesh, but a man's reputation? Whoever kills hates; whoever hates does not love.

    "Envy is not charity: it is anti-charity. Whoever immoderately desires the possessions of others is envious and does not love. Be content with what you have. Consider that under the appearance of joy there are often sorrows which God sees and which are spared you, apparently less happy than those you envy. For, if moreover, the object desired is the wife or husband of another, realize, then, that you join the sin of lust and adultery to that envy. You thus commit a threefold offense against the Charity of God and your neighbor.

    "As you see, if you violate the Decalog, you violate love. And so it is with the counsels I have given you, which are the flower of the plant of Charity. Now, if by violating the Law you violate love, it is obvious that sin is an act against love. And it must therefore be expiated with love.

    "You must give Me the love you have been unable to give Me on earth in Purgatory. This is why I say that Purgatory is nothing but the suffering of love.

    "Throughout your lives you have little loved God in his Law. You have cast the thought of Him behind you; you have lived loving everyone and not loving Him very much. It is right that, not having merited Hell and not having merited Paradise, you should merit it now by becoming inflamed with charity, burning for the way you were lukewarm on earth. It is right that you should desire for thousands and thousands of hours of expiation in love what you have failed to desire thousands and thousands of times on earth: God, the supreme goal of the created intelligences. To every time you turned your backs on love there correspond years and centuries of loving longing. Years or centuries according to the seriousness of your sin.

    "Now rendered certain of God, aware of the supreme beauty of God, through that fleeting encounter at the first judgment, the memory of which then accompanies you to make the desire for love more intense, you long for Him, weep over his absence, regret and repent of having been yourselves the cause of this absence, and increasingly become capable of being penetrated by Charity in that intense fire for your supreme good.

    "When the merits of Christ, by the prayers of the living who love you, are cast like burning essences into the holy fire of Purgatory, the incandescence of love penetrates you more powerfully and more inwardly, and, amidst the glow of the flames, the memory of God, seen in that instant, becomes increasingly luminous in you.

    "As in life on earth the more love grows, the thinner the veil becomes which conceals the Divinity from the living, just the same in the second realm, the more purification--and thus love--grows, the closer and more visible the face of God becomes. It already shines through and smiles amidst the flashing of the holy fire. It is like a Sun coming closer and closer, and its light and warmth increasingly cancel out the light and heat of the purgative fire, until, passing from the merited and blessed torment of the fire to the conquered and glorious refreshment of possession, you go from blaze to Blaze, from light to Light, and rise to be light and blaze in Him, the Eternal Sun, like a spark absorbed by a pyre and a lamp thrown into a fire.

    "Oh, joy of joys, when you find yourselves risen to my Glory, having passed from that realm of expectation to the Kingdom of triumph. Oh, perfect knowledge of Perfect Love!

    "This knowledge, O Maria, is a mystery which the mind can know by the will of God, but cannot describe with human words. Believe that it is worth suffering for a while lifetime to possess it beginning at the hour of death. Believe that there is no greater charity than to seek it with prayers for the ones you loved on earth and who are now beginning the purgation in love to which they closed the doors of their hearts so many times in life.

    "Courage, blessed one to whom the hidden truths are revealed. Proceed, act, and rise. For yourself and for the ones you love in the hereafter.

    "Let the thread of your life be consumed by Love. Pour you love upon Purgatory to open the gates of Heaven to the ones you love. Blessed are you if you are able to love to the point of burning to ashes that which is weak and which sinned. The Seraphim come to meet the spirit purified by the immolation of love and teach it the eternal Sanctus to be sung at the foot of my throne."


    Peace be with you always

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    On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents. Empty Re: On Purgatory. Observing the Lord's Day. The "Holy Episcopate" of Parents.

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