The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    Pg 645 1944; Consecration to the Most Holy King


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    Pg 645 1944; Consecration to the Most Holy King

    Post by Poem on Mon Aug 10, 2009 11:57 pm

    December 28 Noon

    Jesus says:


    'Most Holy King, adorable Heart, my Master and my Lord, I ask You to be the King of this house of mine. May your Heart, filled with mercy, spread its mercies in it, in this house and upon those who dwell in it. May your Wisdom instruct hearts in the knowledge of Goodness, your Goodness. And may your Power alone reign in it. May no human thought, act, or desire ever take the place of what You want. From this moment on and in all future time, be the only One here who commands, directs, and counsels. We give ourselves to You in soul and body, as yours, always yours, for the earth and on earth, for Heaven and in Heaven. And Mary, Most Lovable Mother, Lily of the Trinity, bloom in this dwelling with your smile and your perfume of grace, gather our hearts in the shadow of your purity, enclose them in the chalice of your maternal love, and defend us from Hell and from its cruel legions by clasping us upon your inviolate womb and your immaculate, pierced heart. Mother and Queen, be our Mother and our Queen. Joseph, faithful guardian of the two Most Holy Ones, protect us, who want to belong to Them. Watchful and active, lead us and assist us along the pathways of Salvation and in the dangers of life. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, through your constant presence make this dwelling a house in Nazareth. Heart of Jesus, Heart of Mary, and Heart of Joseph, give us your love and take ours. Save us now and at the hour of our death. Amen'

    "You shall say this to reconsecrate the house, and you shall have each and every room blessed. And remember, you and those who are with you, that where We are there must be nothing which can wound Our holiness."

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