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    Pg 602 1944; Prayer Dictated By Jesus for the Octave of His Kingship


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    Pg 602 1944; Prayer Dictated By Jesus for the Octave of His Kingship

    Post by Poem on Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:19 pm

    Jesus, King of Love, have mercy on us.

    Since we want to love You, help us to love You.

    Since we recognize that You are the true King, help us to know You more and more.

    Since we believe that You can do all, confirm our faith with your mercy.

    You, King of the world, have mercy on the poor world and on us who are in it.

    You, King of peace, grant peace to the world and to us.

    You, King of Heaven, grant that we may become its subjects.

    You know that we are weeping, console us.

    You know that we are suffering, relieve us.

    You know that we need everything, help us.

    We know we are suffeing because of our sin, but we hope in You.

    We know that what we are suffering is still very little in comparison to what we would deserve to suffer, but we trust in You.

    We know what we have done to You, but we also know what You have done for us.

    We know that You are the Savior, save us, Jesus!

    King, with the crown of thorns, for the sake of this loving martyrdom of yours, be Love coming to our aid. With your piecred hands, open for us the treasures of Grace and graces.

    Come to us with your wounded feet. Sanctify the earth and us with the Blood dripping from your wounds: gems of your Kingship as Redeemer.

    Open our hearts to love with the flames of your heart, opened for us.

    If we love You, we shall be saved here, in the hour of death, and at the Last Judgment.

    May your Kingdom come, Lord, on earth, in heaven, and in our hearts.

    Peace be with you always

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