Preparation in the Holy Mother of God


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    Preparation in the Holy Mother of God Empty Preparation in the Holy Mother of God

    Post by Poem on Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:23 pm

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    "Our Most Tender Mother, reveal to us the secrets of Your Immaculate Heart. Make one of Your very sweet, pure rays penetrate into our hearts and transform them and prepare them for the divine visits of the Holy Spirit"

    "Yes, Mother of Jesus and my Mother, reveal to me the secrets of your Heart and prepare mine with your light."


    "When asking the Holy Mother this, She responds, Yes, to pierce your heart with a ray of charity to make you capable of comprehending the Voice of Jesus, Her Son, and the lights of the Divine Spirit."

    "For without the lights of the Paraclete, darkness and silence remain in hearts. It is always the Spirit, whose Bride She Is, who makes you comprehend the Truth and sanctifies you for God. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit must be in your hearts in order for you to comprehend the secrets of God in his threefold manifestations as Power, Redemption, and Love. The Father is always present in His true children with His Goodness; the Son, with His Doctrine; and the Spirit, with His Light, for He is never absent where there is sanctification, and the word of My Jesus is sanctification permitted by the will of the Father, who loves you."

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