To Imitate Jesus as little savior's


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    To Imitate Jesus as little savior's Empty To Imitate Jesus as little savior's

    Post by Poem on Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:30 pm

    Page 158, 1944, February 20

    Jesus says:

    "You have seen how costly it is to be Saviors. You have seen this in Me and in Mary. You have become familiar with all our torments and have seen the generosity, heroism, patience, meekness, constancy, and fortitude with which We endured them out of charity in saving you.

    "All those who so desire, who ask the Lord God to make them 'saviors,' must properly consider that Mary and I are the model and that those are the tortures to be shared in so as to save. There will not be the cross, thorns, nails, and material scourges. There will be others, of another kind and nature. But just as painful and just as consuming. And it is only by consummating the sacrifice in the midst of those pains that people may become saviors.

    "It is an austere mission. The most austere of all. The one compared to which the life of a monk or nun with the most severe rule is a flowerbed in contrast to a heap of thorns. For this is not the rule of a human Order; but the Rule of a priesthood, of monastic profession, whose Founder I am--I who consecrate and receive into My Rule, into My Order; those chosen for it and robe them in My Habit: total pain, to the point of sacrifice."

    Peace be with you always

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