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    To All Priests of the Order Empty To All Priests of the Order

    Post by Poem on Sun May 24, 2009 1:22 am

    Notebooks 1943 Page 533

    December 3

    Reference to Zechariah 3

    Last paragraph

    Jesus says:

    "And what do you think, O priests, on whom the light yoke of the observance of your duty weigh? That it was easy for Me to be the Priest? And who among you, no matter how oppressed by cares, is oppressed by torments equal to mine? But these souls that I entrust to you---do you know that they are the portion I have acquired for Myself by My Death? Do not let them be lost. Snatch them from Satan at the cost of your lives, as I snatched them at the price of Mine.

    "To learn you have to only Study Me. It is not necessary to be learned. Just be seekers of God, and God--I--will illuminate you."

    Go with My blessing

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