The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    Chapter 10:11-27


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    Chapter 10:11-27

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    11 For thou didst admonish and try them as a father: but the others, as a severe king, thou didst examine and condemn. 12 For whether absent or present, they were tormented alike. 13 For a double affliction came upon them, and a groaning for the remembrance of things past. 14 For when they heard that by their punishments the others were benefited, they remembered the Lord, wondering at the end of what was come to pass. 15 For whom they scorned before, when he was thrown out at the time of his being wickedly exposed to perish, him they admired in the end, when they saw the event: their thirsting being unlike to that of the just.

    16 But for the foolish devices of their iniquity, because some being deceived worshipped dumb serpents and worthless beasts, thou didst send upon them a multitude of dumb beasts for vengeance. 17 That they might know that by what things a man sinneth, by the same also he is tormented. 18 For thy almighty hand, which made the world of matter without form, was not unable to send upon them a multitude of bears, or fierce lions, 19 Or unknown beasts of a new kind, full of rage: either breathing out a fiery vapour, or sending forth a stinking smoke, or shooting horrible sparks out of their eyes: 20 Whereof not only the hurt might be able to destroy them, but also the very sight might kill them through fear.

    21 Yea and without these, they might have been slain with one blast, persecuted by their own deeds, and scattered by the breath of thy power: but thou hast ordered all things in measure, and number, and weight. 22 For great power always belonged to thee alone: and who shall resist the strength of thy arm? 23 For the whole world before thee is as the least grain of the balance, and as a drop of the morning dew, that falleth down upon the earth: 24 But thou hast mercy upon all, because thou canst do all things, and overlookest the sins of men for the sake of repentance. 25 For thou lovest all things that are, and hatest none of the things which thou hast made: for thou didst not appoint, or make any thing hating it.

    26 And how could any thing endure, if thou wouldst not? or be preserved, if not called by thee. 27 But thou sparest all: because they are thine, O Lord, who lovest souls.

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