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    God and the Flesh, World, Devil, explain in comparison


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    God and the Flesh, World, Devil, explain in comparison

    Post by Poem on Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:58 pm

    God is Spirit. A Perfect Being, a Perfect Spirit. Everything about and what He does originates for spirits and from Him Who is Spirit. It so happens that God clothed man with Flesh and created a Temporary Material world out of Love and Joy for His greatest Creation: Man. What tremendous Love God has given to us Mankind.

    When Adam and Eve were given the test to choose between God or the Flesh, these two chose the lesser. So man lives out as flesh as slaves to flesh until he realizes that God created and clothed the soul of man with flesh to embark on a journey towards Heavenly bliss to be finally clothed in Pure White Linen of Heavenly Material. As 'Saints'

    Contrast and equivalence:

    1. When man obeys the flesh for self gratification, man denies the Holy Spirit - Grace and becomes his own teacher and guide. thus Disgraced.
    2. When man obeys the world for knowledge, man denies the Word which is Wisdom.
    3. When man obeys the Devil, man denies God altogether and his god is the Devil, Satan.

    Why if man does not follow God, he ends up following Satan? Well, it's simple. There's no other plane of existence, and, destiny's except Heaven and Hell. Heaven where God is, hell where Satan is king. Man can only use the material substances on this world to make something here. In space it becomes pointless because there are no resources such as air, fire, water, earth, which is required for man's flesh to live. They are finding that out.


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