The Words Given To Maria Valtorta Written in English

    From Father Livio Fanzaga Founder and President of Radio Maria


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    From Father Livio Fanzaga Founder and President of Radio Maria

    Post by Poem on Thu Mar 27, 2008 9:06 am

    Father Livio Fanzaga:

    Translated from Italian to English:

    "Dear friends, I would like to stop here for a moment and consider what Vicka [Medjugorje seer] said about the Maria Valtorta work, "The Poem of the Man-God". This is a question that gets asked by many groups from around the world, which shows just how much Maria Valtorta's work is read [...] it is translated into all the principal languages. But something that is surely very important is this: Marija [Medjugorje seer], on the advice of two priests, twice asked the Madonna if the work of Maria Valtorta was true and if it could be read. And the Madonna said yes, that everything is true and that it can be read. The Madonna said this in two different apparitions--Marija told this to me personally and obviously she told it to Vicka, because here, Vicka is acting as Marija's mouthpiece. I would like to underline the importance of all this--first of all because the Madonna does not usually respond so easily to questions; many times when people are allowed to pose questions (actually, it is Ivan who is able to present the questions to the Madonna) but many times when people pose questions for the Madonna, many times, more often than not, the Madonna does not respond, or else she responds saying, "That person should pray, and through prayer he/she shall have an answer"--which is a normal illumination by the Holy Spirit, that is, the Madonna does not want to substitute herself for that which is the ordinary means by which God guides souls, and that of course, is through the Holy Spirit.

    But that the Madonna responded two times to this question regarding a private revelation (Maria Valtorta), something which the Madonna never does--that the Madonna responded in the affermative saying that it is all true and that it can be read, this seems to me a fact of very great importance. This says a lot about the importance that the Madonna attaches to the Maria Valtorta work and to the fact that the faithful should read it. And so, I would like to say..., having read three times over the Poem of the Man-God, a work in 10 volumes, and thus being in a position to evaluate it in all it's complexity and worth, I feel that I can say...that I know of no other commentary on the Gospels that is more orthodox, more edifying and more stimulating than this. And so I would like for you all to embrace the Madonna's invitation to read this work because it is all true [it contains no errors against the faith and morals of the Catholic Church--editor's note]. So read it dear friends because you shall surely reap great benefits for your souls. It is not even difficult to purchase the work, it does not cost much; it is a work in 10 volumes which could be for you all an incomparable spiritual nourishment."


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