Abomination of Desolation Has Been Started for Some Years It Is Hidden But Soon To Be Full In Bloom!


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    Abomination of Desolation Has Been Started for Some Years It Is Hidden But Soon To Be Full In Bloom!

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    Please recall the Notebook of 1943 the words about Antichrist.

    It is very clear there is not Two Antichrist's. There is only One.

    It says, "a star," --singular-- fell from the sky. And Jesus says, "He" meaning, singular.

    So for those who think and hear Two, read again.

    Lastly He says, "Son of Satan." Not Sons of Satan. 

    Here it is from 1943, it is now 2014, so we have to "Fast-forward" our thinking from then to Now:

    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 251
    Chp: The Seven Seals. Commentary on the Antichrist and Judgment

    Jesus says:

    "Go right on thinking, then, that these are the warning signs, but it is not yet the hour. They are forerunners of the one I said could be called Negation, Evil Incarnate, Horror, Sacrilege, the Son of Satan, Vengeance, and Destruction: and I could go on giving him names designating him clearly and fearfully. But he is not yet present.

    He will be a very lofty person, as lofty as a star. Not a human star shining in a human sky. But a star from a supernatural sphere that, yielding to the flattery of the Enemy, will experience pride after humility, atheism after faith, lust after chastity, the hunger for gold after Gospel poverty, and a thirst for honors after concealment.

    To see a star plummet from the firmament is less fearful than to see this creature, already chosen, plunge into the coils of Satan--this creature will copy the sin of his elective father. Lucifer, out of pride, became the accursed and Dark One. The Antichrist, out of the pride of an hour, will become the accursed and dark one after having been a star in My army.

    As a reward for his denial--which will shake the heavens with a shudder of horror and make the pillars of My Church tremble in the dismay his fall will occasion--he will obtain the complete assistance of Satan, who will give him the keys to the pit of the abyss in order for him to open it. But let him open it altogether so that the instruments of horror will come out which Satan has concocted over millennia to lead men to complete despair, in such a way that they will invoke Satan as King by themselves and run after the Antichrist, the only one who will be able to open wide the gates of the abyss to make the King of the abyss come out, just as the Christ opened the gates of the Heavens to make grace and forgiveness come out, which make men similar to God and kings of an Eternal Kingdom in which I am the King of kings.

    As the Father has given Me all power, so Satan will give him all power, and especially all power for seduction, to drag after him the weak and those corrupted by the fevers of ambitions, as he, their chief, is. But in his unbridled ambition he will still find Satan's supernatural aids to be too scanty, and he will seek additional aid in the enemies of Christ, who, armed with increasingly deadly weapons which their lust for Evil led them to create to sow despair in the masses, will help him until God pronounces His 'Enough' and burns them to ashes with the splendor of His appearance."

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:17 pm by Poem

    Now this where the current non-sense is startling many a folk.

    The beasts that rise up out of the Sea as per in Apocalypse.  These figures are not human beings, but Dark Angels that control certain people.  Kind of like Darth Vader answering to the Dark Sith Lord in Star Wars.  Yes, my master.  These Dark Angels are Satan's Number One and Number Two Generals of His Dark Angel Army, possessing the certain souls of men.  Read below.  Then ask the Holy Spirit to piece together the Chapter above and this one below and read Apocalypse chapters to come up with the big picture story book you can tell your fellow brothers and sisters. But not the non-sense about Two Antichrists.  There are anti-christs and the AntiChrist, who is called the Son of Satan just as Judas Iscariot was Satan Incarnate and called by Jesus the Son of Satan.

    Jesus says:

    "I told you one day that the eternal envious one seeks to copy God in all God's manifestations."

    "God has His faithful archangels. Satan has his. Michael--God's witness--has a hellish imitator; and so does Gabriel--God's strength."

    "The first beast, on coming out of the sea--who with a blasphemous voice has the deluded proclaim, "Who is like the beast?--corresponds to Michael. Vanquished and wounded by the latter (Michael) in the battle between God's hosts and Lucifer's, at the beginning of time, healed by Satan, he feels deathly hate towards Michael, and love, if love can be spoken of among the demons--but it is better to say 'absolute subjection'--for Satan." [Rev. 13]

    "A faithful minister of his accursed king, he uses intelligence to do harm to the descendants of man, God's creature, and to serve his master. Limitless, measureless force is used by him to persuade man to cancel My Sign on his own, which horrifies the spirits of darkness. Once it is removed, by sin which takes away grace, the luminous chrism upon your being, the Beast can approach and induce man to worship him as if he were a God and 'serve him in crime'."

    "If man reflected on the kind of subjection he gives himself over to by wedding sin, he would not sin. But man does not reflect. He looks at the moment and the joy of the moment, and, worse than Esau, he exchanges God's fatherland for a plate of lentils."

    "Satan, however, does not use only this violent seducer of man. No matter how little man reflects, in general, there are still too many men who, not out of love, but out of fear of punishment, do not want to sin seriously. And then the other Satanic minister appears, the second beast. In the guise of a lamb, he has the spirit of a dragon." [Rev. 13]

    "It is the second manifestation of Satan and corresponds to Gabriel, for he announces the Beast and is his strongest force: the one that dismantles without seeming to and persuades with lying sweetness that it is right to follow the Beast's footsteps." [Rev. 13]

    "It is useless to speak of political power and of the earth. No. If anything, you can apply to the former the name of human Power and the latter that of human Knowledge. And if Power by itself produces rebels, Knowledge, when it is only human, corrupts without producing rebellion and leads a boundless number of initiates to perdition. How many are lost through mental pride which separates them from God! For if I will reap the harvest of the earth on the last day, there is already a reaper in your midst. And it is this spirit of Evil, who cuts down and doesn't turn you into ears of eternal grain, but into straw for the dwelling places of Satan."

    "One, one science alone, is necessary. I will repeat a thousand times: To Know God and serve Him, to know Him in things, to see Him in events, and be able to distinguish Him from his adversary so as not to fall into perdition. Instead, you are concerned about increasing human knowledge to the detriment of superhuman knowledge."

    "I do not condemn Knowledge. Rather, I am pleased that man should deepen the insights he has gradually been building up by knowledge, so as to be able to comprehend increasingly and admire Me in My works. I have given you intelligence for this. But you must use it to see God in the law of the star, in the formation of the flower, in the conception of a being, and not use intelligence to violate life or deny the Creator."

    "Rationalism, Humanism, Philosophism, Theosophism, Naturism, Classicism, Darwinism--you have schools and doctrines of all kinds and are concerned about them all, no matter how much Truth is very distorted or suppressed in them. You do not want to follow and deepen knowledge of the school of Christianity alone."

    "A natural resistance, moreover. In deepening knowledge of religious culture, you would be obliged either to follow the Law--and you do not want to do so--or to confess openly that you want to trample on the Law. And you don't want to do this either. You thus do not want to become learned in supernatural Knowledge."

    "But, poor fools! What will you do with your little schools and your little words when you have to take My final examination? You have extinguished the infinite light of true Knowledge in yourselves and have believed you are illuminating your souls with substitutes for light, just like some poor madmen seeking to put out the sun by making a lot of little lamps into a new sun. But even if mists hide the sun, the sun is always in My Firmament. But even if with your doctrines you create mists concealing Knowledge and Truth, Truth and Knowledge always exist, for they come from ME. who Am Eternal."

    "Seek true Knowledge and you will understand Knowledge as it should be understood. Free your souls of all the artificial superstructures and lift up the true Faith therein. Like spires of a spiritual cathedral, Knowledge, Wisdom, Intellect and Fortitude and Humility and Continence will bloom thereupon, for the true sage knows not only what is humanly knowable, but knows what is hardest of all: how to master himself in the passions of the flesh and make his lower part the pedestal to lift up his soul and launch his spirit towards the Heavens, to meet Me, who come and am in all things and who love to be the true and holy Master of My brothers and sisters."

    Have a nice day!

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Sun Jun 15, 2014 11:18 am by Poem

    If you peruse through the Works of Maria, especially the Notebooks there are short sentences and even paragraphs pertaining to the coming Abomination of Desolation, Antichrist, this subject matter.

    Here's a few from 1943 Page 520

    "The seventy-two weeks could now be centuries, O daughter, and at the end of them, desolation could come upon the Earth and the abomination, in the place where everything should be holy. You are already headed towards it."

    So what is the holy place? Where the Tabernacle is. Where we partake of Mass. But here He is referring to Rome. As Rome is the Center. Then from Rome those loyal to the Antichrist each parish submits and thus the worldwide adherence to the Abomination of Desolation.

    But let's now read the next paragraph from the same page 520

    "Too much mouldering of human sciences like a dental cavity gnaws at the hearts of my ministers who are unable to belong to God, but belong to the world and who absorb the spirit of the world and give the world their breath, which is no longer heavenly. It is the great pain of Christ. Too many regions without churches. Too many churches without priests. Too many of the faithful without guidance. Too many hearts without love."

    Thus, Matthew Chapter 24 speaks of the world becomes cold. The Fire of Love is not burning in souls to warm it up. What are you going to do about it Catholic man and woman? Nothing because you are too human full of human sciences. You've lost the Way. The Gospel teaches the Way. If men and women lived the Gospel, the world would be converted. But, Struck by lies and the Liar, you 'Fear'. Fear is the Faith killer. Ask the Lord for firmness to disdain the Liar, strength to overcome the Liar, get rid of Fear. Ask the Lord to increase your Love. Ask without ceasing, get on your knees, humble yourselves. Fall on your faces before the Lord, do this often begin this habit adding this virtue to yourselves, "Humility."

    God is with the humble, God loves the humble favorably. Watch how things change in your life. "God gives you bread and comfort, knowledge and guidance when you turn to Him."

    A pointer, tip on prayer: "Holy prayer, not of the foolish requests for useless things disapproved by God or upright morality."

    "From the beginning of prayer the Lord's grace always descends upon you. I am speaking of holy prayer."

    "The Eternal, who watches over you from the Heavens, does not have a heart of bronze like the ones you (that are harsh to your brothers and sisters and ungrateful towards God) have. He at once bends over you when, with a humble, loving, and trusting heart, and with sacrifice and constancy, you ask God for mercy."

    "To Daniel, who was still praying--and you can say his prayer even now--my angel, spoke."

    "If Gabriel were to return, he would not find, except with great difficulty, hearts which would be capable praying like Daniel and which would receive his word without examining it minutely to the point of killing it to study it and come to deny it. And isn't this indeed an abomination in the house of God, in the place where at least its ministers, at least these, out to be light for the throngs?"

    "You are killing Christ a second time. You kill Him in your spirits. And before long you will no longer be His people, but a tribe of idolaters. Do not complain, then, if Heaven is closed over your fermenting of abomination."

    "In truth I tell you that if you do not convert to the Lord, your God, the desolation shall last until the end."

    So what starts the way to abomination? Human interests. Seeking life below and not what is Above. Faithlessness. No Faith.

    We have to watch what we take in. We have to repel everything that is contrary to Faith, Hope, Charity, Ten Commandments, Christ's commandments, the Gospel.

    If you have read the books with clarity, you would understand that the Vatican is full of snakes and vipers. Only a few faithful there. Only a Few.

    Here's how this works: Faith. If you have the Holy Spirit, He leads you to whatever is of God, through Jesus Christ and Mary, and true saints. Being Catholics who partake of the Eucharist you have Jesus. Thus you have Wisdom leading and guiding you. You would naturally be lead because you do what is necessary.

    Those who have the Holy Spirit have the Comforter who amplifies Jesus in you. You are one with the Creator Spirit. You would hear every word in These Works given to Maria Valtorta.

    Well, folks, Mary is the Tabernacle of God, Jesus is the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle of God. The Holy Spirit brings Jesus to us through Mary. The Holy Spirit is Mary's Spouse who generated an embryo for Jesus. This same process happens to true Catholics. Mary and the Holy Spirit birth Jesus in us and continuing on with the Sacraments, Jesus is assimilated into us. His Heart, His thoughts, His character become molded into us. We become little Jesus' and God the Father is very pleased! Here is my beloved son. Welcome to your home.

    The abomination negates this and Satan becomes your father and assimilation. You become little satans.

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:37 pm by Poem

    So what is considered an abomination by God?

    Satan and his angels, and, what Adam and Eve did.

    Now if you have understood and read with clarity, what Sin has done to man, then you will understand that man was gifted with God's intelligence, not as God's Mind, but was given a perfect mind capable of all memory. This was before man sinned, he perfectly thought and understood, no memory loss, could remember every word perfectly and recite them everyday without failure. Sin damaged man in every category. We do not think perfectly and we over time lose memory. Not every thing in life is remembered from the time we are able to think to the time we die. We cannot remember every thing. This is due to Sin's damage. It is a slow death.

    To think means we have to have something to think about. Some knowledge must come and be parted into the mind. It is like a cup. A cup is empty. It has to be filled with something. A mind has to be built.

    It has to be given knowledge to function. We learn by seeing and reading instructions. We have to be instructed. So, this ability to be able to assimilate knowledge is unique. This function we have comes from God. To be able to assimilate, then in turn use the knowledge to act. There's a piece of the puzzle that eludes us here. A computer CPU has been given instructs and memory, or cache. A CPU is like your mind. The Knowledge comes in, but how do we equate this knowledge into action? There's a bridge here that we do not see. Knowledge then, crosses this unseen bridge to act, causing limbs to function, mouth to speak, so forth. But the mind is thinking. The water comes into the cup but it just sits there. We are living cups that the water flows into, the water crosses by means of streams in us to the various parts. So the Knowledge then comes in, it is like water in this example. Our minds then take the knowledge and assimilate it into some vision. So we think, we act. The thinking mode is always on. What we think about changes.

    The knowledge, let's say, how to walk comes in. It is by seeing others walking. So this knowledge is assimilated into our minds and we try to imitate what others are doing, they are walking we are still sitting. We see them walking but we are not able to. Because we are not able to stand up.

    Now on to abomination.

    God, Jesus, has explained to us that a lousy selfish prayer is an abomination. Because it is not, Love.

    Whatever is not of Love is an abomination. Sin is an abomination. So God in His Mercy categorizes what is Sin, and then from there we understand what is abomination. So a lousy selfish prayer is an selfish act. What is Sin? A selfish act.

    Heaven is an unselfish place. All love and all are understood equally. There is no one left abandoned to his or her self.

    Sin says, "I AM" God! That was stated by Lucifer. Then, Adam and Eve wanted to be 'Like' God. So for them to be like God was to "Know Evil." Because God knows Evil. God knows Evil, but does not Sin. Does not partake in Evil. Does no Evil. Why? He only can. He is God, the Perfect Being. His Intelligence is way beyond our Ability to Comprehend. This will be explained by God to everyone in his or her time. That time can be, if you merited eternal life, then it will be the moment you enter Heaven. If you did not, then it will be when you meet God on the Final Judgment Day. But as Jesus said, everyone will be told everything before they part for all of eternity.

    Lastly read the Book of Leviticus. In it states many abominations.

    Here's a few:

    Leviticus 18:22
    Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination.

    Leviticus 20:13
    If any one lie with a man as with a woman, both have committed an abomination, let them be put to death: their blood be upon them.

    Leviticus 20:14
    If any man after marrying the daughter, marry her mother, he hath done a heinous crime: he shall be burnt alive with them: neither shall so great an abomination remain in the midst of you.

    Leviticus 19:29
    Make not thy daughter a common strumpet, lest the land be defiled, and filled with wickedness.

    Deuteronomy 23:18
    Thou shalt not offer the hire of a strumpet, nor the price of a dog, in the house of the Lord thy God, whatsoever it be that thou hast vowed: because both these are an abomination to the Lord thy God.

    Definition of strumpet is whore, prostitute.

    In Gospel as Revealed to Me, Jesus explains that God curses strumpets.

    An abomination is cursed by God. And thus will not prosper. One has to repent and turn from wickedness.

    An abomination is wickedness.

    God is not wicked, He is Pure, Love, Peace, Joy, Kindness, Holy, Perfect, Does not tolerate Sin and wickedness. But man such as we are He has mercy. He gives us time to change. So if we sin, we are punished instead of being pulverized and removed from here to Hell.

    Peace be with you always

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