Precursors to the Anitchrist. What and Who are They?


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    Precursors to the Anitchrist. What and Who are They?

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    Jesus spoke quite a few times about the precursors to the Antichrist.  These are human beings who have given themselves over to Satan.  They are leaders.  Leaders of nations, leaders of cities, states, prefectures, government positions, they fill all the positions.

    I forgot, there are lower case anti-christs--many uncountable, and an upper case Antichrist--singular.  The upper case one is the Big Kahuna that is much like Judas Iscariot.  He betrays the Lord as Apostle, Bishop.  Judas was an Apostle and a Bishop.  Top of the Ladder, here, Elite class.
    So what have we?  We have all together betrayers of mankind and the Lord.

    Then there are the Lower case ones that are leaders of Nations, cities, states, towns, villages, work place, so forth.

    Big Kahuna upper case is Catholic Priest who turns from Good to Evil.  He has not fully converted, but sure is close before he turns.  Gullible. Why fully not converted? Because to be fully converted mean you Know God and nothing will tear you away from Him.  Thus to be Christs, have to be like Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.  She loved Jesus!  Today Satan has many strongholds allover the world, he has gained a tremendous amount of power because Men of this world have given it to him.  How?  By doing his will, whatever is Negation--i.e.,  living for riches, worshipping strange gods, loving himself rather than God, all kinds idolatry, endless are the ways to sin.  Way to Hell is a highway wide and treacherous and full of eye candy.  The Way to Heaven is pain and suffering.  No pain no gain.  Thus many choose the wrong way.  Become Smart and undo the dumb.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Tue Jun 17, 2014 12:52 pm by Poem

    So to get this straight, it takes time to build in your mind.  Because as human beings we are limited in being able to perfectly say what a precursor to the Antichrist.  Simply because these words are coming from a Spirit Being.  One has to be 'spirit' in order to see it.  A precursor precedes the Antichrist. Leads up to him.  So prior to the Antichrist coming on the scene, there will be several, precursors.

    A precursor is not necessarily a person in the "Religion."  And not necessarily a non-believer, such as Hitler and the other guys were considered by Christ as 'Precursors.'  So a Precursor can by any means be any one, religious, non-religious, political, non-political, atheist, or came from a Denomination, yet not to neglect that they can be a Catholic.  Because there are Catholics and priests who do not believe in Christ.  These are wolves put there by Satan.  You have to read the Old Testament Prophecies to understand.  You have to be instructed by the Holy Spirit.

    But, Christ specifically informed us in the dictations of Maria Valtorta, what kind of person the Antichrist will be.  The other problem is you have to know and believe that Christ did indeed have Maria Valtorta write this down in 'notebooks.'  You have to believe these written words are indeed Christ.  

    So a precursor is a Satanic person chosen by Satan can be a leader of a nation, city, town, village, so forth.  But usually in the higher rankings they come out.  These are groomed from early on in their lives.  They grew up in broken homes, homes with no love and lived a life of vice.  Vice.  So, if we grow up in vice what happens and what kind of person do we become?  Certainly not virtuous.  Certainly not holy, certainly not.  These kind get progressively worse until something happens.  Either they die or they turn.  Everyone soul has  time on their side, as long as you are living among the living, till your dying breath you can convert and be saved.

    The Lord even said, you can kill millions of people and if you truly repent of this, He will forgive you.  Interesting isn't it?

    Yet God knew before man was ever created, that man would sin.  Yet God created man any way.  Why?  Love.  God's Love.  A love unfathomable to us.  If you make it to Heaven, you will then know this Love.  But while on earth as a true believer He gives you enough to understand.  Love From Heaven and not of the earth.

    The Antichrist is a singular being, not many.  For Satan can only inhabit one body.  Just as Christ came as a Man lived in one host.  

    The Antichrist is Satan incarnate.  Just as God became Incarnate in Jesus Christ.

    Peace be with you always

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