Seven Churches Scenario Described in Apocalypse-- Note Taking


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    Seven Churches Scenario Described in Apocalypse-- Note Taking Empty Seven Churches Scenario Described in Apocalypse-- Note Taking

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    the seven churches depicts the seven different scenarios we have. it's not just for one period or one generation.  but for all generations.  1953 Notebook.

    Loss of love for God.
    Worship Balaam
    teachings of Jezebel, worship of Jezebel
    Works not full
    The perfect adorers faithful

    in most of these scenarios there are only a few faithful with exception of the one church.

    if they do not penance He will remove the candlestick.  No light. thus many parishes have this problem.  All their services are in vain until they do what is required.  We have the seven church scenarios as lessons with the problem and cure. he gives the scenario. he gives the cure.

    So 6 of the seven church scenarios lead to desolation.  Because it is human nature to not follow the Light.  Just a few faithful.  So what is happening?  Everybody gives up!  Why? Because they are human and not spiritual.  The flesh dominates. The spirit is choked.  Read Noah's Days in Genesis. You get the picture there.  This scenario repeats itself over and over in small ways until it spreads all over the world.

    Must meditate and listen to your spirit and then allow the spirit to rise up and lead.  Always pray and live with your spirits and not the flesh,--the carnal, the human.  Human reasoning is not heavenly reasoning.  Heavenly reasoning is about giving yourselves true Life.  Human reasoning is about living for the base human desires and passions of, for the moment.  The moment is the earth.  

    Heaven is ever.  Never ends.  Heaven is not this miserable earth.

    There is no paradise on earth.  only suffering and pain.  in suffering and pain is struggle.  struggle brings about suffering and pain.  those who do not suffer and avoid pain, bring more pain and more suffering by trying to avoid them.  It is better to accept them and ask the Lord for graces to endure to the point of loving them then, you bear others pain and suffering.  Until you do, you cannot bear others pain and suffering.

    Jesus bore all of our Sins, and Pains and Sufferages.   For He had Unfathomable Love.

    Thus the Seven Church scenarios depict those who have loved and those who have not.  It all comes down to Love, humility, obedience.

    Peace be with you always
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