Invitation for Men to Return to Him


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    Invitation for Men to Return to Him Empty Invitation for Men to Return to Him

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 68 bottom half

    June 7th,

    Jesus says:

    "You cannot reconcile the Kingdom of God with the kingdom of Satan. You cannot simultaneously satisfy the flesh and the spirit. You must choose.

    "I have given you intelligence so that you can choose. I have given you light so that you can see. I have given you love so that you can guide yourselves. And I have given you freedom, for your existence would not otherwise have merit. You have erred ten, a hundred, a thousand times.

    "I have given you the Commandments to help you; I have given you the Prophets to cry out my Will to you. You have erred a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand times.

    "I have given you Myself, leaving the Father's breast to speak to you. I have given Myself, humbling Myself, God, to die like an evildoer to wash your hearts and make them capable of receiving God. I have given you the Spirit so that He would be your Master in the knowledge of My Doctrine of charity, purity, and goodness, and humility. You have erred ten thousand, a million times.

    "The number of your errors can no longer be counted. You pile them up on each other like a pyramid. You make a second Tower of Babel to climb upon and say to each other, 'See, we are like God and go up to the heavens.'  Satan helps you and laughs. He knows that the tower of your sins will crumble down upon you when you think you are touching the skies and cast you down into hell.  It is already collapsing and crushing you. And you don't stop!

    "Oh, stop, stop, sons and daughters! Stop, my beloved! Hear the voice of the Father, of the Brother, of your God who calls you, who calls you beloved even now, because you are bejeweled with his Blood. Do not wrathfully shake off that Blood from yourselves, cursing it. Lift your sick brow towards Heaven, that the divine dew may wash you. Because you are sick, my poor sons and daughters, and you do not know it. You have let yourselves be kissed by Satan, and his lip is upon you and in you.  But my love, my love alone, can heal you.

    "Come do not reject my hand seeking to attract you to Myself. Do you think I cannot forgive you? Oh! I would have forgiven even Judas if instead of fleeing He had come under the Cross where I was dying and had said to me, 'Forgiveness!'  He would have been the first of my redeemed ones because he was already the greatest sinner, and upon him I would have had the Blood of my Heart--pierced not so much by the lance as by his and your betrayals--rain down.

    "Come. My arms are open. On the Cross I was pained to have them nailed down, only because I would not be able to encircle you with them and bless you. But they are now free to draw you to my Heart. My mouth has kisses of forgiveness; my heart has treasures of love.

    "Abandon unjust wealth and come to Me, true Wealth. Abandon unworthy joys and come to Me, true Joy. Abandon false gods and come to Me, true God. How you would feel glad, with a spiritual delight, if you entrusted yourselves to Me!

    "I am the God of Peace. From Me flow forth all graces. Every pain is calmed in Me. Every burden becomes light. Every act of yours, performed in my Name, is clothed in my Beauty. I can give you everything if you come to My Heart, and not in a human, but superhuman manner--eternal, ineffably sweet. I don't say that you will no longer experience pain. I, who am God, experienced it Myself. But I tell you: pain will become gentle if suffered upon my Heart.

    "Come. Abandon what dies, what harms you, the One who hates you. Come to the One who loves you, to the One who is able to give you the things that do not cause harm and do not die. Help me, with your will. I want it in order to act. Not because I need it, but because you need it to merit the Kingdom.

    "Come. Help me to cast Hell back into Hell and open Heaven to you."

    Peace be with you always
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