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    The Soul of Man


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    The Soul of Man

    Post by Poem on Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:24 am

    These words of Jesus speak of our souls.

    This paragraph is from book 1 chp. 118 Clearwater Sermons

    "A dead soul is more sad than a forest made bare by frost. But if humility, good will, penance and faith penetrate you, life will come back to you, like a forest in spring, and you will blossom to God, to bear the everlasting fruits of true life in future, in the future of centuries without end.Come to Life! Cease existing only and begin "to live". Death, then, will not be the "end", but the beginning. The beginning of a never ending day, of a peaceful immeasurable joy. Death will be the triumph of what lived before the flesh, and the triumph of the flesh called to eternal resurrection, to take part in this Life that, in the name of the true God, I promise to all those who "want" that "life " for their souls, crushing under their feet sensuality and passions, to enjoy the freedom of the children of God.
    Go. Every day, at this time, I will speak to you of the eternal truth. The Lord be with you. »
    The crowd disperse slowly making comments. Jesus goes to the solitary house and it all ends."

    This one I lost track of, not sure which book.

    Truly, as men are pilgrims, so they are sick. And the sickness of the soul is the gravest, it is invisible and lethal. And yet people are not disgusted by it. A moral sore is not disgusting. The stench of vice is not nauseating. Demoniac frenzy is not frightening. The gangrene of a spiritual leper does not make anyone sick. The sepulchre full of rottenness of a man whose soul is dead and putrified does not make anybody run away. He who approaches such impurities is not anathematised. How poor and narrow is the thought of man! But tell Me: which is worth more, the spirit, or blood and flesh? Can matter corrupt what is immaterial simply by being close to it? No, I tell you it cannot. The value of the spirit is infinite as compared to flesh and blood, that is true; but the flesh is not more powerful than the spirit. And the spirit can be corrupted by spiritual things, not by material ones. If a man takes care of a leper, his spirit does not become leprous; on the contrary, because of his charity practised heroically, to the extent of segregating himself in the valley of death out of pity for his brother, every stain of sin will be removed from him. Because charity is absolution from sin and the first purification.

    Peace be with you always

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