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    We have the example of Sodomy in the Bible.  What happens when men and women lose themselves and become beasts who devour each other.   Loss of dignity as opposed to what God created.  Man is fallen.  And those who become abominable and do not seek to change, are lost forever.

    God knows who's genuinely working, struggling, to overcome versus those who enjoy and accept those off the beaten path lifestyles.  You have free will to choose.  God wants to set you free from the demons who have seduced you into believing that any lifestyle is suitable for your own pleasure.  It comes down to whether you believe in God and God's ways, versus your own.

    The Bible in the New Testament explains what Priests are.  If you cannot understand those words, you have a problem. Not only the Bible, but two thousand years of continued "tradition" as Christ has laid it.  Christ is the Head of the Church.  A True Pope, speaks the words of Christ.  And God does not change.  God does not change His stance, His Laws, His Ways.  If He did no one would reach Heaven.

    Pope Frances, has spoken, he says, that he doesn't mind gay priests.  God does.  Christ Does, what kind of Example are you setting?  The crumbling of the family here.  This is truly as predicted.

    Jesus has explained the family why it exists, and why God created, Male and Female.  Why.  There you go.  And man seduced by Satan always errs.  When a Satanic ruler stands, the law of the land changes from good morals to no morals.  Pretty soon there will be mass killings.  Mass suicides. Mass murders. Because, when morals change from good to bad, Satan comes. And Satan is the first murderer on the scene. He killed Adam and Eve and turned them into mud puppies who lost Grace and Paradise.

    It is time to truly find God folks.  If you don't Satan will swallow you whole and turn you into his refuse.  And his refuse is flooring in his cave.

    While you believe that any way is ok, God does not.  The one we all answer to in the end is, God. Many thousands of souls will be in for a great shocker! A great surprise, when they die.  Every soul, created by God, returns to God to answer for their lives.  How you lived on the earth.  He will judge you instantly, it won't be like the judges you stand before in court here on earth. It will be quick and instantaneous. In a blink of eye He will have sentenced you to Hell or gives you the pass to Heaven.  You won't have a lawyer if you lived a life of immorality without repentance, lived in state of Grace.  If you lived in Christ, Christ is your Advocate. If you devoted your entire life to the Blessed Virgin Mary, She is your Advocate along with Christ.

    How to put it, if you allow this kind of thinking to prevail in you, you become what you think. And you believe it is ok to do.  

    Let us think in simple terms first.

    I see someone hurting another person.  They are beating them.  It is called violence and you are witnessing, a total lack of love in this event.  You are witnessing hatred. You are witnessing brutality.  You are witnessing someone who made themselves, judge, jury and executioner.   It is far from, love your neighbor as you love yourself. You are hating your neighbor as you hate yourself.  Obviously you are witnessing, someone who does not love, life.

    If you loved life, you would respect the life in you, what you've been given and you would reciprocate this to all.  Even as Christ has done.  

    But, as Christ explained, without Him we can do nothing as He instructs. Why? because man estranged from the Holy Power of God, is unable to live an upright morally perfect life. Love is not in the person.  

    The time just before Christ returns, is the time when people do not love any longer, but become hateful.

    The seed of Hatred, manifested through the input of all vices.  Pride, lust, avarice.  

    The seed of Love, is manifested through virtues.  Faith Hope Charity Temperance Prudence Justice Fortitude.

    You will know them by their fruits, is what Jesus has said.

    A fruit is the product of a tree. What has been growing inside.

    We have to follow the root of all things.

    A holy life produces holiness.

    A unholy life produces, many ruins, very noticeable.

    The world is producing ruins on a daily basis, because it lives according to it's own design and will, apart from God. Apart, separated, rejecting every good. Unfortunately once you are living that way, the only way to wake up from it, is to become ruins, destroyed. And then, once you have seen the destruction from the choice of life you lived, will you then understand, that God only has good intended for man.  And the destroyer is Satan.  You will then know the difference, but, from this point you have to build virtues removing the vices.

    God is the only one who can help in this recreation.  Everything God has been stating through the mouths of saints, upright just people from the Church is not foolishness and a joke, but, everything that is good for man. Because the world is in darkness. Darkness means every evil under the sun has been let loose.  Man made the choice, God provided the means to change the earth again, but, man mocked and laughed at God's Goodness, thinking it was foolishness and child's play.  Man filled with concupiscence always thinks he knows better than God.  Thus, man who does not listen and obey God, always ends up in calamity after calamity and in ruins.

    Turn to God and understand what God means by 'life.'  The world, the educated world has many reasons for 'life.'  They are all incorrect.  None of them is correct.

    The false pope, now sits in the Vatican.  He does not uphold the tradition of St. Paul, St. Peter, St. James and all the Vicars of Christ that Christ elected.

    Read the Notebook Chapters on Daniel over at the Portal Page.

    The one over at the Two Witnesses is off by a mile.  

    The First beast is Atheism as per Notebook.

    The Second beast is a Bear to devour much flesh.

    The Third Beast is a Leopard, swift to kill, vampire wings.

    The Forth Beast shall be the Final Kingdom with 10 Kings in the beginning. :Modernized:Mechanized:Technolozied: In this same Kingdom three kings shall be killed by the Antichrist, leaving 7 Kings. The Antichrist Becomes the 8th King.  He then presides over the whole earth, the Antichrist reigns over the Fourth Kingdom.

    Each beast above represents a man's evolution and each is considered a kingdom. The First Kingdom which is antichrist, it is Atheism they deny God, evolves into the next Kingdom.  And successively so until the Fourth and Final Kingdom of the earth.

    The Antichrist then takes over the Fourth Kingdom after it has been setup. Which is what the three kings were doing previously.  Telling the United Nations they need more teeth.  Telling other countries they need to do what these three are telling them to do.  The three kings that are taken away is the Kingdom of Christ, which becomes sold to Satan.  Thus, the Antichrist takes over the Vatican and from their Satan incarnate rips and roars blasphemies at the Most High God.  Shaking his fist! Saying, I've taken over your Kingdom Christ!  But this is arrogance Satan! You're an idiot for sure! Created glorious, but, pride swallowed you whole, and you lost your gracefulness, your beauty, you are now dung in the Abyss. So says, the Most High Trinity, the Triune God. Be Gone Satan! Your days are numbered.

    These give birth to the Final Horror: Antichrist's Kingdom.

    The beasts represent the Errors.  As in Atheism is opposed to Religion.
    Vampires are those who destroy parts of themselves. Revolution is many things as we look at the world there are many many doctrines, things to believe and do.  All good for the earth only.  And none of them have God's blessing.  That's why they always change. A new one comes up and then down it goes, another one takes its place. This is continuous, and if you allow it to continue, will never end.  It will just drive mankind round in circles until he realizes nothing is of use from this.  He tires himself out.  And in the end is left 'empty.' What did I do for 40 to 50 years?  It doesn't satisfy.   When you're all said and done, nothing on this earth satisfies.  Those who stop are good to go. Those who do not, end up like Sodom and Gomorrah, The End.

    These all spell, No Faith, No God in humanity. Humanity receives all these from Satan.  All four beasts are transformations of humanity as described by the below:

    a few paragraph's from Daniel's Commentary from the Notebook of 1944 7

    "Atheism tore away man's wings as an eagle and heart as a demigod and made him an animal walking in the mire and bearing over the mire, towards the mire, his oppressive heart, entirely flesh and blood. In his selfhood, deprived of the spiritual wings of the spirit, man bears a weight heavier than lead, a weight bending him over, knocking him down, and plunging him into the mire.

    "Man was a demigod because of Charity living in him. In loving God and his Law, which is the law of Charity, he possessed God and, with God, Peace, which is one of God's main attributes, and, with peace, so much universal and individual good.

    "Man rejected the Law of God to take up many other doctrines. But none of them was or is God, and true Charity is thus not in any of them. Hence man, who had embraced atheism, changing from an eagle and a lion into a mere man, through a hellish sorcery gave birth to himself turned into a bear, the fierce devourer of his fellows.

    "But horror produces horror. By an ascending ladder. Horror is ever greater, for in accursed unions with Satan, 'man, whom Christ brought back to his nature as a demigod, generates increasingly monstrous monsters. And they are the children of his erring, sold to Satan to receive his earthly assistance.

    "From 'man the demigod' came 'man'; from man, the bear; from the bear, the new monster, ferocious and false as the leopard, endowed by Satan with multiple wings so as to be swifter in doing harm. I told you that Satan is the aper of God. He, too, thus wanted to give wings to 'his' child--by now his child--to humanity without Faith and without God. Not the wings of an eagle, but of a vampire, so that it would be a nightmare for humanity itself and be quick to rush down upon its own parts, the victims of itself, to suck their blood."

    I believe all these Chapters from the Notebooks are in the End Times section of this forum.  It's been a while since I was posting these pages.  I was inspired by God to do so. So, when Satan who is cunning, intelligent, crafty and astute studies them and finds someone to pose as Christ, to can give a interpretation but not precise for Satan cannot reproduce what the Holy Spirit inspires.  God prevents Satan from doing so. So there is a limit placed on Satan how much he can seduce.  Just as God places a limit on how much sin is allowed by any one person, and then by the whole.  God places limits.   Kind of like a speed limit, but not speed limit itself. Just the idea of limiting.  

    Some of these chapters may be on the Portal.

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:06 am by Poem

    Now the Antichrist will seek to change the times and the seasons, all the laws of the land.  

    There are two beasts rising out of the sea.  The first beast rises to power. The second beast points to the first beast. The first beast points to the dragon, but, the dragon is not yet on the scene to where he is 'visible.' He is invisible. Which is why people are seduced, because even though these beasts are pointing to the dragon, as in they see the dragon, he is not yet.

    Both are the precursors to the Antichrist.  These beasts are political powers.  One is non-religious, the other wears religious garments.

    The Pope always points to Christ.  The priests point to Christ.  Christ is visible in the Eucharist as Bread-Body and Wine-Blood.

    Satan only mimics God's ways. He learned from God how to mimic God so he can seduce Catholics.  Christians.  He copies God's ways.

    Thus, the Seduction.  A seduction is always, subtle.  Thus we have to know what 'seduce' means.  And 'subtle.' But, Satan always, speaks to Negate God's ways. To seduce man into losing, Life. Thus he lures to death and damnation.

    By the Devil, death came to man. By God, life was given to man.

    It is all so subtle.  That is why Satan is called the most subtle beast in the field.  Genesis chapter 3.

    In order to make in through the Great Tribulation you need the Holy Spirit.

    Peace be with you always

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    “What the World wants now My children, is ‘Global leadership’ – to be ‘united as one’, in the ‘spirit of the antichrist’. …as the ‘false satanic catholic church’, begins to govern the people ‘with an iron fist’, making ‘harsh demands’ upon them, just like in Nazi Germany, and also China – as this begins to happen – before they can incorporate their whole plan, I will have My Great Warning experience, to protect My Faithful Remnant Church – from the deceits, now embraced by the ‘false satanic catholic church’…The antichrist reign will be brief, and I will come with myriads of angels, and cast the evil one from his throne, down to the abyss, for I am the Lord Thy God, and thou shalt have no other ‘gods’ before Me.”
    (-Jesus, Monday, October 24, 2011)


    “The antichrist will set up his kingdom here on Earth, and he will be preached as a ‘good and holy’ man, from ‘the false prophet’.  People, will be told, that, I was never God nor claimed to be, and they will accept this non-sense, because – it will be forced upon their minds through brainwashing.  They will be told that I was just a prophet; but that the true messiah, had not arrived yet, and the people desperate, for a solution to their problems, will believe that the man claiming to be Christ is Me.  But only by tricks, deceptions and lies will he be able to deceive them, by holograph images, portrayed in their minds, they will believe what they see, as ‘true miracles from Heaven’.  Babies will be ‘claiming’, that he is indeed the messiah.  Toddlers will be rejoicing in his presence, as a sign to the people of his authenticity and kindness.  He will copy almost every miracle that I did – that has been recorded in scripture.  Remember, I only did three and a half years of public ministry, and so will he.  Healing the maim, the deaf, the mute, people will wonder at his works.”
    (-Jesus, Monday, October 24, 2011)

    **The above references, the Illuminati plan through Freemasonry. These believe that the actual bones of Jesus Christ rest below the Vatican. While it is the bones of St. Peter. They claim many things, and thus negate in those through physical proof and not spiritual proof that, Jesus Christ never came and is to come. Thus, the Antichrist will be 'The Christ' to these. The False Prophet will proclaim the Antichrist as 'Christ' Incarnate to the whole world. And the Antichrist will perform many signs and wonders, with Satan's help and the help of the Enemies of Christ.


    “It is as though Hitler has ‘taken to power’ once again, and the Soviets have invaded North America.  Instead of using bombs My children, their ‘weapon of choice’, was simply psychological, social and biological warfare.  With these tools they intend on taking command of the entire nation… But I do have some wild cards that they are not fully expecting… My Two Witnesses …will call down My Justice upon the antichrist and his entire kingdom; will make war with the antichrist and his followers and win; will declare to the nations the true identity of the antichrist; and will tell the people not to worship him – for he, is ‘a fraud’, and ‘a manipulator of the masses’.”
    (-Jesus, Sunday December 18, 2011)  

    Peace Be With You Always

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