Lesson of Fortification and the Presence of the Spider


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    Lesson of Fortification and the Presence of the Spider

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    « But if he fortifies his weakness by trusting Me, he becomes strong. Do you think that I am not aware of your struggles? See? Satan is like that spider that is laying its snare from that tiny branch to this stem. It is so thin and treacherous! Look how that cobweb shines. It looks like the silver of impalpable filigree. It will be invisible at night and at dawn, tomorrow, it will shine with gems, and imprudent flies, which roam at night looking for unclean food, will fall into it, as well as light butterflies, which are attracted by what shines... »

    The apostles have approached the Master and are listening to the lesson taken from the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

    « ... Well, My love does, with regard to Satan, what My hand is doing now. It destroys the cobweb. Look how the spider runs away and hides. It is afraid of what is stronger. Satan also is afraid of what is stronger. And what is stronger is Love. »

    « Would it not be better to destroy the spider? » asks Peter, who is very practical in his conclusions.

    « It would be better. But the spider is doing its duty. It is true that it kills the poor little butterflies, which are so beautiful, but it exterminates a large number of filthy flies, which carry diseases and infection from sick to healthy people, from corpses to living persons. »

    « But in our case what does the spider do? »

    « What does it do, Simon? (Simon also is an elderly man and is the one who was complaining of rheumatism). It does what your good will does. It destroys tepidity, apathy, vain conceit. It compels you to be vigilant. What makes you worthy of prize? Struggle and victory. Can you win if you do not fight? The presence of Satan compels continuous vigilance. Love, then, Who loves you, makes his presence not necessarily harmful. If you keep close to Love, Satan will tempt but he will be rendered unable to cause real damage. »

    « Always? »

    « Always. In great and little things. For instance, a little thing: he in vain advises you to take care of your health. A treacherous piece of advice to try to take you away from Me. But Love holds you tightly, Simon, and your pains become of no importance even in your eyes. »

    Book 3, chapter 409

    Peace be with you always
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