A Posed Question To Oneself of the Existence of God For True Intellectuals and the Simple


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    A Posed Question To Oneself of the Existence of God For True Intellectuals and the Simple Empty A Posed Question To Oneself of the Existence of God For True Intellectuals and the Simple

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    How can one know the existence of God?

    The thoughts of men and women, or humans, cannot be seen as a thing such as paper, cars, any object. Thus thoughts are considered unseeable but true. Not visible to the human eye. Man has been granted the ability to think.

    The same applies for the breath, it is not visible, thus the same applies for the spoken words, that are the result of reasoning and thinking, the product of thinking, thus spoken words are the result of thought. These cannot be seen visibly with the naked eye.

    God is the same. He cannot be seen with the naked eye. His thoughts cannot be seen with the naked eye. His words cannot be seen with the naked eye. I'm not speaking yet of writing. Just the existence of thought and breath and words.

    Now for the intellectuals at hand, can you see your thoughts as an object a thing that is visible? No. Because I cannot either!

    Thus, the existence of God is much the same.

    Now, if you have no faith in your heart, you do not have the deposit of God in you, which is His way of saying, 'I exist.' And no matter how hard you try on your very own, you cannot obtain faith by any other way but to simply ask God for it, it is a 'gift' which is free. It does not cost you $$.

    Thus God's Word says, the visible was created by the Invisible. Meaning, all that is matter was created by and "Invisible to Man" Superior Being. How Superior? Very. So much so that man cannot even reproduce the size of this Universe, neither can he make create seed out of thin air. Neither can man create anything that is not already 'created' as in from the matter that we stand on called the Earth. Man simply cannot. But, man can certainly use the things of matter to create harmful dangerous things. And at the same time he can create useful things.

    All knowledge, that thing I am talking about, thoughts, is from the Lord Most High God. God imparts knowledge to man. Satan guides man to create destructive ways of the knowledge imparted. He is able to do this because he once was an angel, but is gifted heavily with intelligence. He is intelligent. Thus, can you see the angel? No, but, you can surely hear him. In fact man who does not adhere to God, adheres to Satan in his mind. Satan works on your mind where thought is. Also your heart where the soul is. But he works on your mind first to conquer your heart to capture your soul.

    I just made my point. Can you disprove thought as unseeable?

    We have to write down our thoughts to write books, the same applies to spoken words. Neither of these are visible to the naked eye. Scary isn't it?

    Thus, God exists in the same manner to 'fallen' man. When man was still a Virgin in the Garden of Eden, Man was able to see God. Amazing isn't it?

    The loss of vision was one of the punishments of Sin, not that God punished man, but man punished himself with this loss and it was the result of doing the deed. Because at that point, the first of our race, chose to see Matter instead of Spirit for all 'generations.' Makes one disgusted!

    Don't be disheartened. It is a great loss. Yet, God had promised Adam that He would send a way for the race of man, to regain Heaven once again and see God our Father. Either way your soul when it departs from the body--(your shell of a flesh) will see God visibly and clearly, because the soul is no longer in the corrupted flesh. Corrupted means many things, this usage is pertaining to the loss of vision of the supernatural on a normal day to day basis. God does give some saints or someone He chooses to see angels and even demons and there have been many in the past and presently there are several who have seen Jesus, Mary and the Saints. They were chosen by God to present messages to mankind. This is God telling man He exists.

    Well, think hard on the invisible thought and word and your breath.


    God the Father is the Thought of God
    God the Son is the Word of God
    God the Holy Spirit is the Breath of God

    None of the above are visible to the human naked eye. Think hard on these things.

    Peace be with you always
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