Words From Jesus To Maria from Book 5 Chp. 588 End of Chapter


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    Words From Jesus To Maria from Book 5 Chp. 588 End of Chapter Empty Words From Jesus To Maria from Book 5 Chp. 588 End of Chapter

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    [30th July 1944]

    Jesus says:

    « The scene described by Luke seems incoherent, almost illogical. I feel sorry for the misfortunes of a guilty town, but I do not feel sorry for the habits of that town. No. I am not able, I cannot feel sorry for them, because it is just those habits that bring about their misfortunes; and seeing them makes My sorrow deeper. My anger with the desecrators of the Temple is the logical consequence of My meditation on the forthcoming misfortunes of Jerusalem.

    It is always the profanation of the cult of God, of the Law of God that provokes the punishments of Heaven. By turning the House of God into a robbers' den, those worthless priests and those worthless believers (only such by name) were drawing malediction and death on all the people. It is useless to give this or that name to the misfortunes that make a people suffer. Look for the right name in this: "Punishment for living like brutes". God withdraws and Evil advances. That is the result of a national way of living undeserving to be named Christian.

    As in the past, also now, in the short period of this century, I have not ceased shaking and warning people by means of prodigies. But as in the past, I did nothing but draw mockery, indifference and hatred upon Myself and My means. But individuals and nations ought to bear in mind that they weep in vain, when beforehand they did not want to acknowledge their salvation. In vain they invoke Me when, while I was with them, they drove Me away with a sacrilegious war that starting from individual consciences, devoted to Evil, spread throughout the Nation. Fatherlands are not so much saved with weapons as they are by means of a form of life that may attract protection from Heaven.

    Rest, little John. And make sure you are always faithful to your election. Go in peace. »

    How tired I am! I am really exhausted…

    Peace be with you always
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