God is Love Nothing Evil Penetrates God


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    God is Love Nothing Evil Penetrates God Empty God is Love Nothing Evil Penetrates God

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    Jesus explains that God is Love, Charity, God Charity.

    When one is completely love like God, no Evil can penetrate.

    Now let's see God. He is Burning Love, a Consuming Fire. Evil cannot get near! God generates Love continuously, Self-Sustaining, Perfect! No need to get fuel from somewhere else to power Himself. He is the Furnace of Love, Continuous, Self-sustaining.

    God wants all his creatures on Earth to be like this, that way the Evil cannot penetrate with even a single thought, look, suggestion. The Evil would see God, and Run! Flee! Because the soul is burning furnance, like God, the Image of God and Likeness of God.

    To get to this point, one has to cut off his or her humanity, the fleshy part to become all spirit, like God. That is while in the flesh. Inject yourself with Love daily. Let go of humanity! Become a little star for God.

    Peace be with you always
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