1943, July 18 No One Should Feel Rejected By God


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    1943, July 18 No One Should Feel Rejected By God Empty 1943, July 18 No One Should Feel Rejected By God

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    Taken from "Continous Increase of Love in the Trinity"

    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 174

    July 18

    Jesus says:

    "I told you I would explain to you how Our love increases its weight hour by hour.

    "Don't fall into error in interpretation. In God everything is in an eternal present. And everything is perfect and complete. But God is never inactive. He continuously generates. (Like an perpetual furnace) I shall provide you with human comparisons to clarify it better for you.

    "The Three Persons loving one another and loving their work are like as many sources of heat converging in a single point from which They pour Themselves over the universe. Now, the heat of three sources of fire continuously releasing waves of the same heat (the same in power and equal from the outset)--what does it produce? An increase in heat in the environment into which the three currents are introduced. Now, if this is gathered in by instruments ready to receive it, the balance between production and effusion remains. But if the instruments refuse to receive it, obstructed by other bodies, the balance is altered. And in natural life even catastrophes many occur.

    "The also occur in supernatural life. Don't you experience it? Doesn't your love, not recognized and not accepted, increase in your heart, oppressing it so much that it sometimes explodes in an outburst of just indignation? I say 'just' because I am just. I also say 'Overcome it, though, for the sake of Charity. And if it can do so much in you, that have a relative love, what will happen in God, wherein everything is infinite?

    "Our Love, which man refuses, grows and grows and grows....

    "Oh, unfortunate men! There stands over them the moment when that Love will thunder with wrath, asking why it is held in contempt. And the present times are already the first starts of this scorned Love that out of justice and respect for its Perfection cannot put up further with the affront. Hence I go like a beggar asking for someone to open his heart to Our Most Intense Love and become its victim, agreeing to be consumed to give relief to Love. What I am offering is to burned at the stake--I know. I make this known. But do no flee from it--you that are still not sold to the Enemy.

    "No one--no matter how small and base--no one--no matter how sinful he may have been--may regard himself as rejected by Our Love. It is Mercy. And It can make and wants to make the most wretched souls into the most radiant stars in its Heaven.

    "Come to Me, all of you--poor, stained, weak--and I will make you kings. Come to Me, all you that from your wretchedness have been able to grasp my Greatness; from your darkness, my Light; from your imperfection, my Perfection; from your selfishness, my Goodness.

    "Come! Enter my Love and let it enter into you. I am the Shepherd who labored until death for the lost sheep and for it gave my Blood. O my lambs, do not fear if many brambles and stains are on your clothing and wounds in your flesh. Just open your mouths, your souls, to my Love and breathe it in. You will be just towards God and towards yourselves, for you will give God comfort and yourselves salvation.

    "Come, O generous ones that already love Me; like a trammel, drag along your brothers and sisters still hesitating. If I ask to enter into all to give relief to rejected Love, I ask you, victim souls, to give yourselves totally to Me, to the work--destructive on earth, but creating a glory so lofty that you cannot conceive it--of my vehement Love.

    "What radiance the souls that received God's Love to the point of being consumed by it will have! They will have the same radiance as my Love, which will remain in them: a Fire and eternal Gem of most divine splendor!"

    Peace be with you always
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