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    Notebook: 1943
    Chp: Reparation to Christ in the Eucharist
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    July 12

    Jesus says:

    "Do you know why I ask for even more intense reparation and universal prayers to the Most Holy Sacrament? Out of justice. God is just even in the most insignificant things. Consider whether He does not want to be just in relation to worship of Him.

    "The Sacrament concentrates the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of your Jesus. Therefore, in praying in a spirit of reparation to Me as Eucharist, on prays not only to my Body, but to my Blood, in addition to my Soul and the Divinity. The reparation to my Blood is thus absorbed by that made to the Eucharist, wherein I am everything.

    "I asked that my Blood be loved and used for the numberless needs of souls. Do not leave this ocean of powerful, unfruitful, whose waives are given by my Blood. But, if it would be good for the Blood of the Redeemer to receive much greater worship than it does, it is also true that, given its holiness, I entrust this worship and this ministry to the souls most endowed with spiritual gifts.

    "I said worship and ministry. To be ministers of worship, it is not necessary to be priests. Every soul able to be my true disciples is a priest. I do not deny you this honor and do not deny Myself. Nothing is dearer to Me than to be drawn upon and sprinkled by loving pure hands over sterile, stained, sick souls. The consecrated priest sprinkles Me over souls in Confession. But the obscure priests, consecrated by the love which I alone know, can offer Me and sprinkle Me over all souls.

    "There is no more meritorious than this ministry of uniting one's blood to that of the Great Victim and, in a mystical Mass, where I am the Celebrant, and you, the acolytes, sacrifice ourselves together and provide together for the faithful and the unfaithful who also need my Blood and yours, my Sacrifice and yours, to find the way of Life and Truth.

    "Another reason for which I demand greater reparation to Me as Eucharist 'is' that the blasphemous imprecations go against the Sacrament, whereas the Blood, in particular, is spared. The lack of attention surrounding it preserves it. It is better to be overlooked than blasphemed.

    "That is why, in justice, I tell you that reparation should be made for a great deal regarding the Eucharist. General reparation regarding the Sacrament, but special worship by the disciples dearest to my Blood.

    "I entrust it to the friends among my friends. As an army in battle secures its flags in the area of the most loyal, so I set my Blood in the midst of these I know to be loyal, capable of any sacrifice out of love for their King, and I give you the order to pass among the crowds with your hearts full of my Blood so that It will descend upon poor men to save them. Those who extend themselves in the interest of their Lord will receive from the Lord a lofty reward in my Kingdom--the Lord says this to you; the Redeemer says this to you; Love says this to you; and so it will be, for God is faithful and truthful and gives a hundredfold."

    Peace be with you always
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