Notebook 1943, July 20th Page 180


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    Notebook 1943, July 20th Page 180 Empty Notebook 1943, July 20th Page 180

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    Notebook 1943 July 20th
    Page: 180

    Jesus says:

    “Consider my Splendor and my Beauty in comparison to the black monstrosity of the Beast.

    “Don’t be afraid to look, even if is a repellent spectacle. You are in my Arms. He cannot approach and harm you. Do you see him? He doesn’t even look at you. He already has so many quarries to follow after.

    “Now do you feel you deserve to leave Me to follow him? And yet the world follows him and leaves Me for him.

    “See how glutted and throbbing he is. It is the hour of his feast. But also see how he seeks the shadow to act. He hates the Light—and he was called the ‘Light-bearer! Do you see how he hypnotizes those who are not marked by my Blood? He heaps up his efforts because he knows that is his hour and that my hour is approaching when he will be eternally defeated.

    “His infernal cunning and Satanic intelligence are a continuous action of Evil—in opposition to our Triune action of Good—to increase his prey. But cunning and intelligence would not prevail if my Blood were in men, along with their honest will. Man lacks too many things to have weapons to set against the Beast, and the latter knows this and acts openly, without even concealing himself with deceitful appearances.

    “May his repellent ugliness spur you towards ever-greater diligence and ever-greater penance. For yourself and for your unfortunate brothers and sisters, whose souls are blind or seduced and who do not see, or, on seeing him, run to meet the Evil One, provided they can get from him help to be paid for with an eternity of damnation.”

    Peace be with you always
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