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    I Urge Everyone To Pray for the Clergy Everyday As Much as Possible


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    I Urge Everyone To Pray for the Clergy Everyday As Much as Possible

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    Pope Frances,

    Is returning the Church to its 'roots' its origin where in man would find true peace and true purpose of living. That is to enjoy Heaven after the trial of the 'earth.' Heaven an eternal, endless state of true happiness without interruption, beyond anyone's hopes and dreams.

    Remember, the New Earth descends from Heaven where God is. The New Earth. A New Universe. For the trial of the current would be over and those who understood, God, and Life, live forever without the cursed demon and his cohorts.

    A Utopian dream you say? Wrong, that is purely a humanized thought.

    A thought implanted by the demon. Who wants nothing more to fill you with false hopes and dreams to negate the true destiny of mankind.

    Thus you if listen to the Serpent, you die the death and live with him forever in the Abyss of Hell. Lies upon lies he gives to the descendants of Adam. Without end even.

    When you pass on from the earth, you will see without the heaviness of the flesh that the demon is real and so is God. Then what will you do? At that point you have no more choices because, the earth is a trial for you to make it to Heaven. The lazy and slothful, will not make it, because they are succumbed by vices. Laden with vices so heavy, that they actually are tentacles and fangs, filling you with the poison. Thus, the Serpent is called the serpent because he induces poison called vices. The seven deadly sins or vices. Pride, Lust, Envy, Anger, Coveting, Gluttony and Sloth. Makes one lazy and loss of energy, inert, dead.

    Once you entertain an vice, you can at this point shrug it off. If you continue to let it dangle around in you, you end up succumbing to the effects of the poison and thus you are tempted to the point of sin. Sin begets death, separation from God. God is Life. You lose Life. Grace has been restored and can be restored as long as you go to confession with true repentance. It may take a while to overcome a certain temptation, but, nevertheless if you continue to persevere, you will overcome. That's what the Sacraments are for. We are weak and imperfect, the Sacraments aid us to overcome and become perfect eventually. Trust in His Power to help, never give, up always persevere. Even when it seems hopeless, because God is everywhere around us and is waiting for you to make the right choice so He can act. You must make the choice yourself or there is no merit, nor reward for overcoming.

    There are many things one can do to assist souls to overcome, starts with prayer. Build a good and healthy prayer life.

    Thus, praying for the clergy is a plus for your spiritual life, also pray for the souls in Purgatory.

    Then one must receive, BOTH SPECIES. Because that's what God put in the Sacrament. Not because some winnie politician priest made a human deduction and said, If you have just one you get both. Some logic.. a buffoons answer. Didn't read the Gospel clearly.

    Peace be with you always
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