Evil Spirit of Intelligence to Beat Down Man into Submission through Intellectual Prowse


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    Evil Spirit of Intelligence to Beat Down Man into Submission through Intellectual Prowse Empty Evil Spirit of Intelligence to Beat Down Man into Submission through Intellectual Prowse

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    Several paragraphs from: "The Demons Aping God's Angels. The True Knowledge of Christianity
    1943 Pg 257, 'St. Michael and Gabriel's Imitators as beasts; Seduction of the Intellect through false Knowledge, Seducing Intelligence'"

    Jesus says:

    "I told you one day that the eternal envious one seeks to copy God in all God's manifestations."

    "God has His faithful archangels. Satan has his. Michael--God's witness--has a hellish imitator; and so does Gabriel--God's strength."

    "The first beast, on coming out of the sea--who with a blasphemous voice has the deluded proclaim, "Who is like the beast?--corresponds to Michael. Vanquished and wounded by the latter (Michael) in the battle between God's hosts and Lucifer's, at the beginning of time, healed by Satan, he feels deathly hate towards Michael, and love, if love can be spoken of among the demons--but it is better to say 'absolute subjection'--for Satan." [Rev. 13]

    "A faithful minister of his accursed king, he uses intelligence to do harm to the descendants of man, God's creature, and to serve his master. Limitless, measureless force is used by him to persuade man to cancel My Sign on his own, which horrifies the spirits of darkness. Once it is removed, by sin which takes away grace, the luminous chrism upon your being, the Beast can approach and induce man to worship him as if he were a God and 'serve him in crime'."

    "If man reflected on the kind of subjection he gives himself over to by wedding sin, he would not sin. But man does not reflect. He looks at the moment and the joy of the moment, and, worse than Esau, he exchanges God's fatherland for a plate of lentils."

    "Satan, however, does not use only this violent seducer of man. No matter how little man reflects, in general, there are still too many men who, not out of love, but out of fear of punishment, do not want to sin seriously. And then the other Satanic minister appears, the second beast. In the guise of a lamb, he has the spirit of a dragon." [Rev. 13]

    "It is the second manifestation of Satan and corresponds to Gabriel, for he announce the Beast and is his strongest force: the one that dismantles without seeming to and persuades with lying sweetness that it is right to follow the Beast's footsteps." [Rev. 13]

    "It is useless to speak of political power and of the earth. No. If anything, you can apply to the former the name of human Power and the latter that of human Knowledge. And if Power by itself produces rebels, Knowledge, when it is only human, corrupts without producing rebellion and leads a boundless number of initiates to perdition. How many are lost through mental pride which separates them from God! For if I will reap the harvest of the earth on the last day, there is already a reaper in your midst. And it is this spirit of Evil, who cuts down and doesn't turn you into ears of eternal grain, but into straw for the dwelling places of Satan."

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:59 am by Poem

    What is not coming out at the seams, what is Jesus not saying above?

    Well, it is simple. Yet, since man has a short memory being filled with other unimportant valueless things, man forgets.

    Morals. Law. Morals to live by, Law to govern by.

    God teaches man how to live according to a set Law. It, the Law, is teaching man to Love. If you love, you will not do these things, betray, kill, rob, do harm to yourself and your neighbor. That's what the Law, the 10 Commandments state and teach. If you love, you will not do what is contrary. The Law was given at a time, when man was lawless unable to govern himself but live as beasts and mammals. Man thought once born, he was on the earth to enjoy life however he saw fit. Since evil exists on the earth, you can imagine lawless men and women living to whatever made them move.

    It so happens that man is on a see-saw with his morals, up and down, and once you have filled yourself full of vice there's no way back up without help. Man cannot govern himself without assistance from God. Man is a free being. God will not force you to follow Him. But, Satan does if you listen to him. Thus, those who live in vice, are caught in his traps and he then sinks his tentacles and fangs into you. And you try to be free again but cannot. Man was created a little lower than the angels. Meaning in power and strength and thus, angels have greater power. So if you get caught by Satan, you need a power greater than an angel to free you. This is done through going to Confession, praying and receiving Jesus in the Eucharist while remaining in Grace. State of Grace.

    The world is not in the state of Grace. It is in the state of Adam's sin. Thus they are still in darkness. That is why it is called the great harlot, Babylon and so forth. Imagine the great octopus Satan spreading his tentacles over the earth strangling souls. That's what's really happening.

    I need not tell you about the morals of the world. They have none. I need not tell you that the world is cold. The absence of virtues.

    The absence of virtues means every vice is thriving and rampant. And no matter what you say to them, they will not listen. How will they change then? Through calamity and severity. Thus, the laws have changed to lawlessness and immorality which brings great calamity and severity. Pray that souls through this torture which they bring on themselves, will cause conversions.

    Immerse them in Divine Mercy.

    Peace be with you always

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