To Obtain Heaven, and while working to obtain it, bring along others too!


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    To Obtain Heaven, and while working to obtain it, bring along others too! Empty To Obtain Heaven, and while working to obtain it, bring along others too!

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    For a while I have been idle from this forum. But, constant in prayer for the salvation of my human family which includes all of mankind, and working out my own issues which accumulated overtime while living a horrendous sinful life. (Thorns, darnel, couchgrass and what not from passers by)

    The Lord opens doors, makes a path in our lives while entombed in our flesh -- the material aspect -- for we have to walk on the earth's crust sort to speak, to encounter the current mess that's out there so we can later on guide others, inform and advise, hopefully they will listen and take heed. Some do, some don't. It is their free will choice, which even God does not violate. So why should I? Overbearance is not of God, but of Satan. For God does not push man into any thing he does not want to do. God commands us gently, lovingly. Read the episode of Adam and Eve. They were punished but not, removed. The big story episodes where God removes souls from the earth represent, man gone beastly, that is became evil and incoherent to the nudges of the Spirit or Grace. You have to be pretty far gone in order to merit removal. And there are plenty of souls that have gone past the point of no return, that is they are hopeless to be 'converted.' They see no need to repent and do not understand what's at stake. God placed man into existence to have, true sons and daughters, not beasts and demons. Thus, there is clearly, I say again clearly two types and two final and eternal destinies dependent on the choice one makes while on the earth.

    Yes the earth is the place, that one finds either God or Satan. Pure and simple, but a smorgasbord of for those who find Satan, and it is direly a mess out there as to figure out who's idea is the right one to take heed to and follow. I stress again, to follow Evil is to follow Satan. To not love, is to follow Satan.

    One finds that after taking the time to listen to God, one finds that the veils and blinders come off one at a time. Layers of crap and lies that the world has fed us through, the servants of "Satan." That is they do not teach about God, Jesus Christ, Catholicism, Salvation, the Gospel in Whole and not butchered, botched, the Bible not butchered and botched.

    The Lord explains the system of the world, i.e., Satan's Babylon. How it is so antiGod, and antichrist, that you don't hear anything positive regarding God and Christ. Always negative, deriding, thoughtless, hateful, despised. Yet, these same servants of Satan, are miserable and to show they are not, they put on layers of lies to cover up their misery. A lot of masks. With the help of that worldly voice, they fill themselves full of lies. Such as, you're not ugly just buy a lot of makeup. You're not fat, just buy baggy clothes. You're not stupid, just find people dumber than you and so forth. For the spirit of the world is death through pleasure and comfort of the flesh. Might as well call it the noose that kills the spirit. But I tell they are so busy being busy that they have no time to convert nor seek heavenly gifts and earn bonus points for Heaven. They spend their entire life filling their homes with earthly things.

    The point about being ugly is simple. God is all Beauty. Those who return to God and live holy lives, become beautiful beyond ones imagination. For contact with God, that is through the Eucharist, one not only gets spiritual benefits but also the Eucharist makes one like Christ in all aspects. Read Valtorta. Light is beauty, darkness is ugliness. Ever see people who are so hateful? They have a nasty grin. They do not have the joy of God.

    Well, I love to speak about Jesus often. I love the spiritual, for I am a Christian. He who loves the earth cannot be a Christian. Christian means to be like Christ in all aspects.

    God is Beauty. Satan is Ugliness. Light vs. Darkness. Those who are like Christ reflect Christ. Those who are like Satan, put on masks to hide the ugliness. Meditate.

    What do you want!?!

    Peace be with you always
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