What will it be like at the Final Judgment Day?


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    What will it be like at the Final Judgment Day? Empty What will it be like at the Final Judgment Day?

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    The Lord Jesus Christ has given many a lessons, advice, instructions, commands.

    They are part of the 'teaching.' They are categorized in a specific fashion to help aid the Church and its members to obtain 'Eternal Life.'

    Now reading the below the first time may strike some, but, after having read several times you are filled with the reality of life, whichever you choose, as God has foreseen.

    Click on the below link.

    The Final Judgment

    This here Chapter above explains the Last Day of the Universe. Pay close attention.

    Those who receive proper knowledge, are usually saved. Those who reject the Knowledge, perish.

    Man perishes because he is not filled with God's Wisdom. There is knowledge, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and there's The Knowledge: God's Infinite Wisdom. Those who remain without God's True Knowledge, perish. Adam and Eve had sex to create and combine Evil with Good, but, it is not even steven. Evil combined with Good? Not God's Good. For God closed the gates of Heaven and man was left with an 'vague' idea of what Good was. Notice: Was. Then, man lost all good and was the same as a 'toad' that gets squashed by 'evil.' Hell is Evil. Hell is probably 3/4's of the way on the Earth now. When it is full, as in 4/4's, you will know it for the Light of the World will have 'withdrawn'. Right now we're still floating a bit. The Light of the World has not been chased out yet, by, the servants of Satan. People of the world will know Hell without having been there.

    God wanted man to know a bit of Heaven before man entered it. But since man rejected spiritual life for fleshly carnal life, which is what Hell is, Hell comes to reign on the Earth for a short while erasing and taking many to it, the true Abyss where Satan reigns as the Lizard King. Vermin stick with vermin. Pray to God today and ask Him to help guide you away from the Pit. You need to remove the garment of Hell of the Lizard King, and put on the garment of the King of Heaven, what becomes sons and daughters of the Most High Lord God.

    "I, as Long as I am in the world, I am the Light of the World."
    Jesus Christ, High Priest, Supreme Lord, Divine Mercy

    Peace be with you always
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