What Is the Other Reason Why Jesus Came? Or Other Reasons?


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    What Is the Other Reason Why Jesus Came? Or Other Reasons? Empty What Is the Other Reason Why Jesus Came? Or Other Reasons?

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    Book 5 Chapter 582, towards the end of the chapter.

    The Apostles are discussing, why Jesus came. Then, Jesus explains why.

    « Then why did He come, if nothing is to be changed? » replies the Iscariot.

    Jesus begins to speak: « Much will be changed. Not everything. Because also in future there will be against My doctrine what is already active: the hatred of those who do not love the Light. Because against the strength of My followers there will be the power of Satan's followers. How many! In how many appearances! How many new heretical doctrines will always be opposed to My doctrine, which is immutable, because it is perfect! How much sorrow will germinate from them! You do not know the future. You consider great the sorrow now existing in the world… But He Who knows, sees horrors that would not be understood even if I explained them to you… What a tragedy if I had not come! If I had not come to give future generations a code that checks instincts in the better people and contains a promise of future peace! How dreadful it would be if man did not have, through My coming, spiritual elements capable of keeping him "alive" in the life of the spirit and assuring him of a reward!… If I had not come, in the long run, the Earth would have become a huge earthly hell, and the human race would have torn itself to pieces and would have perished cursing the Creator… »

    « The Most High has promised never to send universal punishments again, like the Deluge. A promise of God never fails » says Judas.

    « Yes, Judas of Simon. That is true. And never again will the Most High send universal calamities like the Deluge. But men themselves will create scourges that will be more and more dreadful, in comparison with which the deluge and the rain of fire that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah are still merciful punishments. Oh!… »

    Jesus stands up with a gesture full of anguish and pity for future peoples.

    Well, folks, Jesus is explaining to man, that as future generations progress, they progress in evil not good. Thus increasing the weapons of mass destruction to more horrendous ways. Atom Bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, cluster bombs, fire bombs, these are just bombs, then there are other types of weapons people do not believe exist! These are all instigated by Satan to men and women who are corrupted and twisted to having them, 'made.' Brought into existence to be used on mankind. Man killing man. Satan has no need to really to appear! He uses foolish, greedy, selfish, proud, lustful men and women to do his job!

    Evil is part of that Tree of the Knowledge of Good and EVIL. You see it yet? It is you, man and woman.

    Peace be with you always
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