The Kingdom of God According to Jesus. The Testimony of the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem


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    The Kingdom of God According to Jesus. The Testimony of the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem

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    Matthias, the former shepherd, approaches Jesus and asks: « My Lord and Master, my companions and I have pondered a lot on Your words, until we were overcome by tiredness, and we fell asleep before solving the problem we had set to ourselves. And now we are more stupid than before. If we have correctly understood Your speeches of these last days, You have foretold that many things will be changed although the Law remains unchanged, and that a New Temple will have to be erected, with new prophets, wise men and scribes, that they will give battle to it, and that it will not die, whereas this one, always if we have understood correctly, is destined to perish. »

    « It is destined to perish. Remember Daniel's prophecy… »

    « But how shall we, poor and few as we are, be able to rebuild it, if the kings found it difficult to build this one? Where shall we erect it? Not here, because You say that this place will remain deserted until they bless You as the messenger sent by God. »

    « It is so. »

    « Not in Your Kingdom. We are convinced that Your Kingdom is spiritual. So, how and where shall we establish it? Yesterday You said that the true Temple - and is that one not the true Temple? - that the true Temple, when they think that they have destroyed it, will then ascend triumphantly to the true Jerusalem. Where is it? We are very confused. »

    « It is so. Let the enemies destroy the true Temple. In three days I will raise it up and it will experience no more ambushes as it will ascend where man can no longer harm.

    With regard to the Kingdom of God, it is in you and wherever there are men who believe in Me. Scattered at present, it will spread all over the Earth in the course of ages. Then eternal, united, perfect in Heaven. The new Temple will be built there, in the Kingdom of God, that is, where there are spirits who accept My doctrine, the doctrine of the Kingdom of God, and put its precepts into practice.

    How will it be erected if you are poor and few? Oh! No money or power is really required to erect the building of the new abode of God. Neither for the individual nor for the collective one. The Kingdom of God is in you. And the union of all those who have the Kingdom of God in themselves, of all those who have God in themselves - God: Grace; God: Life; God: Light; God: Charity - will form the great Kingdom of God on the Earth, the new Jerusalem that will spread all over the world and, complete and perfect, without faults, without shadows, will live for ever in Heaven.

    After reading, Poem of the Man-God, the Teacher being God Himself, dictating to Maria, you realize that the old religion was doomed. Reasons being, man was unable to overcome the flesh. Man was not able to become spiritual and remain in the higher spiritual state. Instead he was pulled by the weights of the world, the earthly life. He could not see, Paradise in Eternity. He only thought of having the Kingdom of the Earth and nothing else. This is the God syndrome, apart from God. Man wanting to have Paradise on Earth, to live as flesh. Not spirit. Those who live for flesh, die as flesh, and their spirits enter into Death forever.

    The majority do no care about the spiritual life and thus forfeit Paradise in Eternity for Misery in the Abyss of Hell with demons, a torture and torment beyond our scope of understanding.

    Jesus then speaks of His Body as the True Temple. Which was destroyed and resurrected and lives forever more. The body is the temple for the spirit to dwell. The rest is self explanatory. But, if you have the Spirit of God, with you, He teaches you things that are not evident upon reading the first or second time. He continually teaches those who are attentive to Him.

    Peace be with you always
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