What Are the Most Powerful Enemies of a Nation?


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    What Are the Most Powerful Enemies of a Nation? Empty What Are the Most Powerful Enemies of a Nation?

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    Book 5 Chapter 594,

    Jesus says:

    « Come and listen carefully. Yesterday you wanted to know many of the things that I will tell you today and that I mentioned vaguely yesterday, when we were resting in Joseph's kitchen garden. So pay attention, because they are important lessons for everybody, and for you in particular, as you are My ministers and continuators.

    Listen. Scribes and Pharisees sat on Moses' chair at the right moment. They were sad days for our Fatherland. Once the exile in Babylonia was over and the nation had been restored through Cyrus' magnanimity, the leaders of the people felt it necessary to restore also the cult and the knowledge of the Law. Because woe to that people that does not possess them for its defense, guide and support, against the most powerful enemies of a nation, which are the immorality of the citizens, rebellion against leaders, disunion among classes and parties, the sins against God and one's neighbors, irreligiousness, which are all disgregating elements in themselves and because of the punishments they provoke from Heaven!

    This basically says, "Erosion" due to falling away from Justice. That is God's Justice, His Ways. Keeping His Laws and Precepts, obeying His Law. Corrupted morals, desirous of comfort and pleasure, your flesh, feelings and sentiments, what makes your body tingle. Not your soul.

    Hearts are easily corrupted, by lust. Lust of the eyes, becomes lust of the flesh, which is the pride of life. To fill and sate your bellies and make your body tingle. Oh, the sensation! Oh, the senses stimulated to such erotic states! Poor souls. Death is your friend not knowing. Turn and live! Give yourselves to God! The New Earth my friends, the one in the Bible, depicts man with soul and body united, living in total ecstasy, bar none. Gods Paradise created just for man! Imagine that.

    The difference, this world is for demons, the present one. The New One is for man without demons.

    Peace be with you always

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    Then the other sect of the Pharisees arose from the transformation of that of the Hasidaeans, formed to support the Law of Moses and the spirit of independence of our people by means of the most rigid morals and the strictest obedience, when the Hellenistic party - that had risen because of the pressure and seductions that had begun in the days of Antiochus Epiphanes and that soon changed into persecutions against those who did not yield to the pressure of the shrewd king, who more than on his arms relied on the breaking up of the faith in hearts, in order to rule over our Fatherland - was trying to make us slaves.

    Remember also this: be more afraid of easy alliances and of the blandishments of a foreigner than of his legions. Because, while if you are faithful to the laws of God and of your Fatherland you will win, even if you are surrounded by mighty armies, if instead you are corrupted by the subtle poison, given as an inebriating honey by the stranger who has made his plans concerning you, God will abandon you because of your sins, and you will be defeated and subjected, even if your false ally does not wage a bloody battle with you. Woe to him who is not as vigilant as a sentry and does not repel the subtle snare of a false shrewd neighbour, or ally, or conqueror, who begins his domination over individuals, weakening their hearts and corrupting them with usages and habits that are not ours and are not holy, and consequently make us unpleasant to the Lord! Woe! You must remember the consequences brought about to our Fatherland by the fact that some of her children adopted usages and habits of a foreigner to ingratiate themselves with him and enjoy favours. It is a good thing to be charitable with everybody, also with peoples who are not of our faith, who have not our usages and who have harmed us throughout ages. But our love for these people, who are always our neighbour, must never make us disown the Law of God and of our Fatherland, for some premeditated benefit extorted from our neighbours. No. Foreigners despise those who are so servile as to disown the holiest things of their Fatherland. It is not by denying one's Father and Mother - God and the Fatherland - that one achieves respect and freedom.

    So it was a good thing that at the right moment the Pharisees should arise to erect a barrier against the filthy overflowing of foreign usages and customs.

    I repeat: everything that begins and lasts has its reason for existence. And it is to be respected for what it did, if not for what it does. Because, if it is guilty by now, it is not for men to insult it, and even less to strike it. There is who knows how to do it: God and He Whom He sent, and Whose right and duty is to open His mouth and to open your eyes, so that you and they may know the thought of the Most High, and you may act according to justice. I and no one else. I, because I speak by divine mandate. I, because I can speak as I have none of the sins that shock you when you see them committed by scribes and Pharisees, but which you also commit, if you can. »

    Notice, what Jesus says above, everything that begins and lasts has its reasons for existence. The Bible, the Religion: Catholicism, Christian Catholics. The Protestants which Jesus also has referred to in Poem of the Man-God during His time on Earth,--attests to His being Divine, for only God knows the future of man--,are around due to them being torn off the main branch, attests to Catholicism as the Religion. Why? Because there would be no Protestants, if there were no Catholics. There would be no Protestantism if there was no Catholicism. Without Catholicism, the error of Protestantism would not exist. Without, the Jewish Religion in God, Moses and the 10 Commandments, there would not exist 'Catholicism' because Christ would not be necessary. Without Sin, these would not be necessary. But Sin, is in us, we sin. Man rebelled against God innocently, and sinned. Thus we need, a way back to God. Without God, life would no exist. Man would not exist. This is how one must think always

    Peace be with you always

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