Eternal Father to Pope Pius XII on Poem of the Man-God and the Church


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    Eternal Father to Pope Pius XII on Poem of the Man-God and the Church Empty Eternal Father to Pope Pius XII on Poem of the Man-God and the Church

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    QUADERNETTi - Collection of Divine Dictations and Revelations
    Published 2006

    December 23, 1948


    To His Holiness [Pope Pius XII ]2 :

    "INVOKE  My Spirit and read.  Read that which He, the Spirit, can illuminate for you. Read the words of those who saw a time [to come], and another time [to come], and yet another time:  the time coming right after them. The time of My Word among men. Your own time. This time.  Read and see.

    Hell advances. And in the Church (by "Church" understand the society of all Catholic Christians), in the Church of My Christ there is no longer that holiness which would spur the God of Victories to send His angels to defeat the demons.

    The Church of My Christ, badly interpreting the word of her Divine Founder, believes herself so strong, so invulnerable, as not to care any more—in the majority of her members, and even in her most chosen members—about the practice of those actions which would make God her friend. She presumes, she feels herself superior to each and to all. She says: "I am established. Nothing will prevail over me."

    No.  Learn how to understand the words of God.  Do not fall back into the intentional errors of the ancient scribes who wanted to interpret the prophesies and promises of God in a way that pleased their foolish pride as a chosen People, believing they were established in such election until the end of time, whatever be their manner of life. Their error caused their fall, drew them toward extermination, to dispersion and to persecution. And for twenty centuries they are expiating the error which they wanted to embrace.

    Hell will not prevail provided the Church be holy as her eternal High Priest charged her to be. Look back through the centuries. Times of spiritual decadence of the Mystical Body, especially of its teaching members, correspond to separation into factions, to the death of disciples.

    In the Church, Hell prevails in greater or smaller measure to the extent that she despoils herself of her holiness, and hence, of God's help. Hell is always prevailing, even if it is not destroying. And in her life in the world, the Church has never known a time like this of such lethargy:  [even] there where there is no corruption, none of the threefold corruption [cf. 1 Jn 2]. Nor has she ever experienced such an assault by Hell.

    Read John in his Apocalypse. What are the stars, a third part of which Satan succeeds in hurling down from their Heaven, from the Heaven of the Church [Rev. 12]? Who, if not those who, having faithfully borne witness to Me, were slain by the Beast coming out of the abyss?  And who, if not those chosen to be lights in the Church, but who have become burnt out lamps. Who, if not the shepherds transformed into idols by their presumption? Who, if not the salt corrupted into poison for the little ones who see it, and distance themselves with disgust, and languish or perish?

    Too many shepherds are the idols which Baruch describes in his Chapter VI.  Many, too many of the stars of the Church have been overthrown. Some, the first group, by the wrath of the antichrists, and they are the best, the glorious martyrs of My Kingdom. But still more are [those of] the second group, [overthrown] by the allurements of Satan. And the new Jerusalem becomes Babylon, and it shall have Babylon's lot.

    Oh! Spirit of My Christ, perfect Spirit of the Most Perfect Shepherd, true life of His Church, how the will of men has been dissipated and suffocated in those for whom the law of the flesh is stronger than that of the spirit—infused in vain by God with the fullness of His gifts!

    Take and read, invoking this My Spirit. Read the prophets. Read Ezechiel in Chapter 8, in 9, in 16. And read Chapter 19 of Isaiah. He  who no longer knows how to be Jerusalem, Church, Holiness, becomes Egypt. And read, read, re-read, meditate on Chapter 22 of Isaiah.

    Too many Shebnas, unworthy Temple prefects, are in the Temple today (by "Temple" He means the Clergy assigned to the churches3), for God to be able to dwell in it with His Spirit, creating with His Presence an invincible shield, an intangible armor, a defense which does not fail. Rather, God will let the Evil One advance and purify with his horrible arrows those who make gods of themselves, adoring themselves in their power,  in their intellect, in their judgment.

    Oh! Wretched men! What are they without Me? How can they judge Me and My perfect Will, if they do not know how to judge themselves, and repent and be reborn in the Spirit of God?

    Read, read, re-read, meditate, tremble, weep. The time of Shebna is imminent. A large part of the Church is already overwhelmed, hurled like a ball into the midst of the unbridled mobs.

    This I have already said for years to My messenger4 so that it might be told to You. This I say today to You, Vicar of My Christ and My servant.  Yes.  Because I am God.  And no one is greater than I. All are servants compared to Me:  the Lord. All are nothing before My Divine ALL.

    You, you at least, do not be like too many others. Separate your will from theirs, so as not to make yourself their accomplice. You are My servant; but they are your servants, and You are the Supreme Head. Your word loosens and binds only in accordance with Mine which, since you serve Me in holiness and love, unites Itself to yours so that it may be God Who speaks with your lips as Pontiff.

    In your hands is the rod, and in your spirit, Wisdom. I gave them to you when I chose you. Use that power and knowledge as befits you, and do not disgust your Lord Who has wanted to mark your Papacy with an extraordinary gift:  the Good News newly evangelized,5 in order to reconfirm the Gospel that has come down through the ages, in order to help you, O Father of Christendom, and to help all Christianity against which the accursed Dragon advances.

    Don't You, too, shake your head.  Do not say: "There is no proportion between the gift and its hidden danger," as some say, and tempt you to say. Do not offend Me Who have begotten the Word.  I, Who am the Mighty, and can do all if I will. I am a Father, and if a son obeys Me, I help him. Whatever be the size of the hidden danger that assails him.

    Do not look at the instrument6 through which the gift of the Word comes to you, and which comes to the aid of those who believe, or those who have doubts, or even those who do not believe. The instrument6 has obeyed in serving the Word and the orders received from God. And therefore she has directed herself to You, so that You may do what God wills. But if you reject the instrument,6 it is not so much her whom you strike and against whom, being blameless, you sin; as much as it is Me whom you strike, Us—We Who are One God in Our marvelous Trinity. And you sin against Love.

    Because Love, Our Triune Love, wants to give this—the Word of God—to your Pontificate. And if you resist My Will of love, you repeat the gesture of the Chief Priests, the Sanhedrin, the Pharisees, the Sadducees and Scribes, who did not bend to the evangelizing Charity7. They persecuted Him and condemned Him before the hour marked for His Martyrdom.

    And I say to you: read John again, Chapter 11. It is said there that when the Sanhedrin decided on the condemnation of Jesus, Jesus withdrew to Ephraim. God distances Himself when Humanity rejects Him. Therefore even from that moment, the fate of the Temple and the City was sealed:8 their destruction and the persecution of those who had persecuted the Word. To an act of justice and love, love and justice respond.

    And I, Who am the Lord, I say to You: "You, all of you, have far more need of My defense than did your predecessors or the lambs of the flock over these twenty centuries. Because first the Shepherds will be struck, and hence the flock will be scattered" (Zech 13).

    Appease the Lord your God. You are able to. You are the Pontiff. You have no excuse for not doing so.

    Do not imitate Pilate, or yours will be the fate of Pilate, who was not justified by the symbolic washing of his hands. He failed in justice as much, and more, than if he had condemned without asking others to condemn in his stead. [He failed in justice] more, because having the power and authority to do so, he should have known how to silence sinful tongues.

    Do not fail to recognize Him Who speaks in the work.9 It would be a judgment upon You. And then recognizing Him, serve Him by making Him known. It will be Your glory.

    Do not spurn this warning, even if it comes to you by means of a creature. Other predecessors of yours listened to My instruments. And if the Church is still Roman, it is because a Pontiff surrendered himself to Catherine.10

    Be just, so that you may have your Lord as your ally against the Antichrist who advances."



    To me [i.e., Valtorta] :

    "The Spirit speaks where He must: to one's spirit. But man is not only spirit. And there are too many things that weigh down his spirit. Hence you will give these words to his Advisor, and if that should still not be enough, all Heaven would weep."

    Valtorta : "I ask: ' And how?  I am afraid, and it is impossible for me to do it'."

    The Eternal Father : "Someone will come who will take these words and, by My Will, he will bring them without delay to the Confessor and Advisor11 of Pope Pius."

    Valtorta : "And I think: 'I'll be in trouble for it'!"

    The Eternal Father : "And you will serve Me and I will love you in proportion to the sufferings you experience in fulfilling this service. You are Daniel among the lions12 (Dan 6-24). But God drew Daniel unharmed from there and the Lord was extolled even by those who were till then His enemies, because He was recognized as the True God. Do not fear. Everything passes, but My love is eternal for one who loves and serves Me."


    — NOTES —

    1. Maria Valtorta, Quadernetti (Edizioni Pisani / Centro Editoriale Valtortiano srl, Via Po 95, 03036 Isola del Liri (FR), Italia, 2006): 165-170.
    2. Pope Pius XII reigned from March 2, 1939 till his death on October 9, 1958, and thus was the reigning Pope throughout all of Valtorta's prodigious literary output.
    3. "...assigned to the churches" —Valtorta's explanatory note..
    4. " My messenger..."—a reference to Valtorta.
    5. "...Good News newly evangelized..." —i.e., the Good News, given all over again, as it was given 2000 years ago. This refers to Valtorta's The Poem of the Man-God, new editions of which significantly restore its original title: The Gospel as It Was Revealed to Me. "Gospel" of course means "Good News".
    6. "Do not look at the instrument..." —The "instrument" referred to here is Valtorta, who recorded the 15,000 handwritten pages of The Poem and  many other revelations.
    7. "...evangelizing Charity." —"Charity" here refers to Christ bringing the "Good News" first of all to Israel .
    8. "...fate...was sealed..." —In 70 A.D., the Romans destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem and killed or enslaved the inhabitants of the City .
    9. "...Him Who speaks in the work."— The term "work" is used often throughout Valtorta's revelations to refer to the whole corpus of The Poem of the Man-God.
    10. "...surrendered himself to Catherine." —This would be St. Catherine of Siena who was able to persuade Pope Gregory XI to return the Papacy from Avignon to Rome.
    11. "...Confessor and Advisor..." —As stated in the Introductory Note above, this would have been Augustine Cardinal Bea, Rector of the Pontifical Biblical Institute, who read several fascicles of The Poem of the Man-God and was rather positive toward the work.
    12. "You are Daniel among the lions."—God the Father here uses "lions" apparently as a symbol of the clergy and hierarchy of Valtorta's time who persistently denied the Divine origin of Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God, claiming it was only the product of her sick mind. This denial by many of the clergy still persists today!

    Peace be with you always

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    The prophet sees in a vision the abominations committed in Jerusalem; which determine the Lord to spare them no longer.

    [1] And it came to pass in the sixth year, in the sixth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I sat in my house, and the ancients of Juda sat before me, that the hand of the Lord God fell there upon me. [2] And I saw, and behold a likeness as the appearance of fire: from the appearance of his loins, and downward, fire: and from his loins, and upward, as the appearance of brightness, as the appearance of amber. [3] And the likeness of a hand was put forth and took me by a lock of my head: and the spirit lifted me up between the earth and the heaven, and brought me in the vision of God into Jerusalem, near the inner gate, that looked toward the north, where was set the idol of jealousy to provoke to jealousy. [4] And behold the glory of the God of Israel was there, according to the vision which I had seen in the plain. [5] And he said to me: Son of man, lift up thy eyes towards the way of the north. And I lifted up my eyes towards the way of the north: and behold on the north side of the gate of the altar the idol of jealousy in the very entry.

    [6] And he said to me: Son of man, dost thou see, thinkest thou, what these are doing, the great abominations that the house of Israel committeth here, that I should depart far off from my sanctuary? and turn thee yet again and thou shalt see greater abominations. [7] And he brought me in to the door of the court: and I saw, and behold a hole in the wall. [8] And he said to me: Son of man, dig in the wall. And when I had digged in the wall, behold a door. [9] And he said to me: Go in, and see the wicked abominations which they commit here. [10] And I went in and saw, and behold every form of creeping things, and of living creatures, the abomination, and all the idols of the house of Israel, were painted on the wall all round about.

    [11] And seventy men of the ancients of the house of Israel, and Jezonias the son of Saaphan stood in the midst of them, that stood before the pictures: and every one had a censer in his hand: and a cloud of smoke went up from the incense. [12] And he said to me: Surely thou seest, O son of man, what the ancients of the house of Israel do in the dark, every one in private in his chamber: for they say: The Lord seeth us not, the Lord hath forsaken the earth. [13] And he said to me: If thou turn thee again, thou shalt see greater abominations which these commit. [14] And he brought me in by the door of the gate of the Lord's house, which looked to the north: and behold women sat there mourning for Adonis. [15] And he said to me: Surely thou hast seen, O son of man: but turn thee again and thou shalt see greater abominations than these.

    [14] Adonis: The favourite of Venus, slain by a wild boar, as feigned by the heathen poets, and which being here represented by an idol, is lamented by the female worshippers of that goddess. In the Hebrew, the name is Tammuz.

    [16] And he brought me into the inner court of the house of the Lord: and behold at the door of the temple of the Lord, between the porch and the altar, were about five and twenty men having their backs towards the temple of the Lord, and their faces to the east: and they adored towards the rising of the sun. [17] And he said to me: Surely thou hast seen, O son of man: is this a light thing to the house of Juda, that they should commit these abominations which they have committed here: because they have filled the land with iniquity, and have turned to provoke me to anger? and behold they put a branch to their nose. [18] Therefore I also will deal with them in my wrath: my eye shall not spare them, neither will I shew mercy: and when they shall cry to my ears with a loud voice, I will not hear them.

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    Peace be with you always

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    Prophecy Of Ezechiel (Ezeckiel) | next >
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    All are ordered to be destroyed that are not marked in their foreheads. God will not be entreated for them.

    [1] And he cried in my ears with a loud voice, saying: The visitations of the city are at hand, and every one hath a destroying weapon in his hand. [2] And behold six men came from the way of the upper gate, which looketh to the north: and each one had his weapon of destruction in his hand: and there was one man in the midst of them clothed with linen, with a writer's inkhorn at his reins: and they went in, and stood by the brazen altar. [3] And the glory of the Lord of Israel went up from the cherub, upon which he was, to the threshold of the house: and he called to the man that was clothed with linen, and had a writer's inkhorn at his loins. [4] And the Lord said to him: Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem: and mark Thau upon the foreheads of the men that sigh, and mourn for all the abominations that are committed in the midst thereof. [5] And to the others he said in my hearing: Go ye after him through the city, and strike: let not your eyes spare, nor be ye moved with pity.

    [4] Mark Thau: Thau, or Tau, is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, and signifies a sign, or a mark; which is the reason why some translators render this place set a mark, or mark a mark without specifying what this mark was. But St. Jerome, and other interpreters, conclude it was the form of the letter Thau, which in the ancient Hebrew character, was the form of a cross.

    [6] Utterly destroy old and young, maidens, children and women: but upon whomsoever you shall see Thau, kill him not, and begin ye at my sanctuary. So they began at the ancient men who were before the house. [7] And he said to them: Defile the house, and ill the courts with the slain: go ye forth. And they went forth, and slew them that were in the city. [8] And the slaughter being ended I was left: and I fell upon my face, and crying, I said: Alas, alas, alas, O Lord God, wilt thou then destroy all the remnant of Israel, by pouring out thy fury upon Jerusalem? [9] And he said to me: The iniquity of the house of Israel, and of Juda, is exceeding great, and the land is filled with blood, and the city is filled with perverseness: for they have said: The Lord hath forsaken the earth, and the Lord seeth not. [10] Therefore neither shall my eye spare, nor will I have pity: I will requite their way upon their head.

    [11] And behold the man that was clothed with linen, that had the inkhorn at his back, returned the word, saying: I have done as thou hast commanded me.
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    Peace be with you always

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    Prophecy Of Ezechiel (Ezeckiel) | next >
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    Under the figure of an unfaithful wife, God upbraids Jerusalem with her ingratitude and manifold disloyalties: but promiseth mercy by a new covenant.

    [1] And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: [2] Son of man, make known to Jerusalem her abominations. [3] And thou shalt say: Thus saith the Lord God to Jerusalem: Thy root, and thy nativity is of the land of Chanaan, thy father was an Amorrhite, and thy mother a Cethite. [4] And when thou wast born, in the day of thy nativity thy navel was not cut, neither wast thou washed with water for thy health, nor salted with salt, nor swaddled with clouts. [5] No eye had pity on thee to do any of these things for thee, out of compassion to thee: but thou wast cast out upon the face of the earth in the abjection of thy soul, in the day that thou wast born.

    [2] Make known to Jerusalem: That is, by letters, for the prophet was then in Babylon.

    [6] And passing by thee, I saw that thou wast trodden under foot in thy own blood. and I said to thee when thou wast in thy blood: Live: I have said to thee: Live in thy blood. [7] I caused thee to multiply as the bud of the field: and thou didst increase and grow great, and advancedst, and camest to woman's ornament: thy breasts were fashioned, and thy hair grew: and thou wast naked, and full of confusion. [8] And I passed by thee, and saw thee: and behold thy time was the time of lovers: and I spread my garment over thee, and covered thy ignominy. And I swore to thee, and I entered into a covenant with thee, saith the Lord God: and thou becamest mine. [9] And I washed thee with water, and cleansed away thy blood from thee: and I anointed thee with oil. [10] And I clothed thee with embroidery, and shod thee with violet coloured shoes: and I girded thee about with fine linen, and clothed thee with fine garments.

    [11] I decked thee also with ornaments, and put bracelets on thy hands, and a chain about thy neck. [12] And I put a jewel upon thy forehead and earrings in thy ears, and a beautiful crown upon thy head. [13] And thou wast adorned with gold, and silver, and wast clothed with fine linen, and embroidered work, and many colours: thou didst eat fine flour, and honey, and oil, and wast made exceeding beautiful: and wast advanced to be a queen. [14] And thy renown went forth among the nations for thy beauty: for thou wast perfect through my beauty, which I had put upon thee, saith the Lord God. [15] But trusting in thy beauty, thou playedst the harlot because of thy renown, and thou hast prostituted thyself to every passenger, to be his.

    [11] I decked thee also with ornaments: That is, with spiritual benefits, giving you a law with sacrifices, sacraments, and other holy rites.

    [16] And taking of thy garments thou hast made thee high places sewed together on each side: and hast played the harlot upon them, as hath not been done before, nor shall be hereafter. [17] And thou tookest thy beautiful vessels, of my gold, and my silver, which I gave thee, and thou madest thee images of men, and hast committed fornication with them. [18] And thou tookest thy garments of divers colours, and coveredst them: and settest my oil and my sweet incense before them. [19] And my bread which I gave thee, the fine flour, and oil, and honey, wherewith I fed thee, thou hast set before them for a sweet odour; and it was done, saith the Lord God. [20] And thou hast taken thy sons, and thy daughters, whom thou hast borne to me: and hast sacrificed the same to them to be devoured. Is thy fornication small?

    [21] Thou hast sacrificed and given my children to them, consecrating them by fire. [22] And after all thy abominations, and fornications, thou hast not remembered the days of thy youth, when thou wast naked, and full of confusion, trodden under foot in thy own blood. [23] And it came to pass after all thy wickedness (woe, woe to thee, saith the Lord God) [24] That thou didst also build thee a common stew, and madest thee a brothel house in every street. [25] At every head of the way thou hast set up a sign of thy prostitution: and hast made thy beauty to be abominable: and hast prostituted thyself to every one that passed by, and hast multiplied thy fornications.

    [21] Thou hast sacrificed: As there is nothing more base and abominable than the crimes mentioned throughout this chapter; so the infidelities of the Israelites in forsaking God, and sacrificing even their children to idols, are strongly figured by these allegories.

    [26] And thou hast committed fornication with the Egyptians thy neighbours, men of large bodies, and hast multiplied thy fornications to provoke me. [27] Behold, I will stretch out my hand upon thee, and will take away thy justification: and I will deliver thee up to the will of the daughters of the Philistines that hate thee, that are ashamed of thy wicked way. [28] Thou hast also committed fornication with the Assyrians, because thou wast not yet satisfied: and after thou hadst played the harlot with them, even so thou wast not contented. [29] Thou hast also multiplied thy fornications in the land of Chanaan with the Chaldeans: and neither so wast thou satisfied. [30] Wherein shall I cleanse thy heart, saith the Lord God: seeing thou dost all these the works of a shameless prostitute?

    [31] Because thou hast built thy brothel house at the head of every way, and thou hast made thy high place in every street: and wast not as a harlot that by disdain enhanceth her price, [32] But as an adulteress, that bringeth in strangers over her husband. [33] Gifts are given to all harlots: but thou hast given hire to all thy lovers, and thou hast given them gifts to come to thee from every side, to commit fornication with thee. [34] And it hath happened in thee contrary to the custom of women in thy fornications, and after thee there shall be no such fornication: for in that thou gavest rewards, and didst not take rewards, the contrary hath been done in thee. [35] Therefore, O harlot, hear the word of the Lord.

    [36] Thus saith the Lord God: Because thy money hath been poured out, and thy shame discovered through thy fornications with thy lovers, and with the idols of thy abominations, by the blood of thy children whom thou gavest them: [37] Behold, I will gather together all thy lovers with whom thou hast taken pleasure, and all whom thou hast loved, with all whom thou hast hated: and I will gather them together against thee on every side, and will discover thy shame in their sight, and they shall see all thy nakedness. [38] And I will judge thee as adulteresses, and they that shed blood are judged: and I will give thee blood in fury and jealousy. [39] And I will deliver thee into their hands, and they shall destroy thy brothel house, and throw down thy stews: and they shall strip thee of thy garments, and shall take away the vessels of thy beauty: and leave thee naked, and full of disgrace. [40] And they shall bring upon thee a multitude, and they shall stone thee with stones, and shall slay thee with their swords.

    [41] And they shall burn thy houses with fire, and shall execute judgments upon thee in the sight of many women: and thou shalt cease from fornication, and shalt give no hire any more. [42] And my indignation shall rest in thee: and my jealousy shall depart from thee, and I will cease and be angry no more. [43] Because thou hast not remembered the days of thy youth, but hast provoked me in all these things: wherefore I also have turned thy ways upon thy head, saith the Lord God, and I have not done according to thy wicked deeds in all thy abominations. [44] Behold every one that useth a common proverb, shall use this against thee, saying: As the mother was, so also is her daughter. [45] Thou art thy mother's daughter, that cast off her husband, and her children: and thou art the sister of thy sisters, who cast off their husbands, and their children: your mother was a Cethite, and your father an Amorrhite.

    [46] And thy elder sister is Samaria, she and her daughters that dwell at thy left hand: and thy younger sister that dwelleth at thy right hand is Sodom, and her daughters. [47] But neither hast thou walked in their ways, nor hast thou done a little less than they according to their wickednesses: thou hast done almost more wicked things than they in all thy ways. [48] As I live, saith the Lord God, thy sister Sodom herself, and her daughters, have not done as thou hast done, and thy daughters. [49] Behold this was the iniquity of Sodom thy sister, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance, and the idleness of her, and of her daughters: and they did not put forth their hand to the needy, and to the poor. [50] And they were lifted up, and committed abominations before me: and I took them away as thou hast seen.

    [49] This was the iniquity of Sodom: That is, these were the steps by which the Sodomites came to fall into those abominations for which they were destroyed. For pride, gluttony, and idleness are the highroad to all kinds of lust; especially when they are accompanied with a neglect of the works of mercy.

    [51] And Samaria committed not half thy sins: but thou hast surpassed them with thy crimes, and hast justified thy sisters by all thy abominations which thou hast done. [52] Therefore do thou also bear thy confusion, thou that hast surpassed thy sisters with thy sins, doing more wickedly than they: for they are justified above thee, therefore be thou also confounded, and bear thy shame, thou that hast justified thy sisters. [53] And I will bring back and restore them by bringing back Sodom, with her daughters, and by bringing back Samaria, and her daughters: and I will bring those that return of thee in the midst of them. [54] That thou mayest bear thy shame, and mayest be confounded in all that thou hast done, comforting them. [55] And thy sister Sodom and her daughters shall return to their ancient state: and Samaria and her daughters shall return to their ancient state: and thou and thy daughters shall return to your ancient state.

    [53] I will bring back: This relates to the conversion of the Gentiles out of all nations, and of many of the Jews, to the church of Christ.

    [55] Ancient state: That is, to their former state of liberty, and their ancient possessions. In the spiritual sense, to the true liberty, and the happy inheritance of the children of God, through faith in Christ.

    [56] And Sodom thy sister was not heard of in thy mouth, in the day of thy pride, [57] Before thy malice was laid open: as it is at this time, making thee a reproach of the daughters of Syria, and of all the daughters of Palestine round about thee, that encompass thee on all sides. [58] Thou hast borne thy wickedness, and thy disgrace, saith the Lord God. [59] For thus saith the Lord God: I will deal with thee, as thou hast despised the oath, in breaking the covenant: [60] And I will remember my covenant with thee in the days of thy youth: and I will establish with thee an everlasting covenant.

    [61] And thou shalt remember thy ways, and be ashamed: when thou shalt receive thy sisters, thy elder and thy younger: and I will give them to thee for daughters, but not by thy covenant. [62] And I will establish my covenant with thee: and thou shalt know that I am the Lord, [63] That thou mayest remember, and be confounded, and mayest no more open thy mouth because of thy confusion, when I shall be pacified toward thee for all that thou hast done, saith the Lord God.

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    Peace be with you always

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    The punishment of Egypt: their call to the church.

    [1] The burden of Egypt. Behold the Lord will ascend upon a swift cloud, and will enter into Egypt, and the idols of Egypt shall be moved at his presence, and the heart of Egypt shall melt in the midst thereof. [2] And I will set the Egyptians to fight against the Egyptians: and they shall fight brother against brother, and friend against friend, city against city, kingdom against kingdom. [3] And the spirit of Egypt shall be broken in the bowels thereof, and I will cast down their counsel: and they shall consult their idols, and their diviners, and their wizards, and soothsayers. [4] And I will deliver Egypt into the hand of cruel masters, and a strong king shall rule over them, saith the Lord the God of hosts. [5] And the water of the sea shall be dried up, and the river shall be wasted and dry.

    [6] And the rivers shall fail: the streams of the banks shall be diminished, and be dried up. The reed and the bulrush shall wither away. [7] The channel of the river shall be laid bare from its fountain, and every thing sown by the water shall be dried up, it shall wither away, and shall be no more. [8] The fishers also shall mourn, and all that cast a hook into the river shall lament, and they that spread nets upon the waters shall languish away. [9] They shall be confounded that wrought in flax, combing and weaving fine linen. [10] And its watery places shall be dry, all they shall mourn that made pools to take fishes.

    [11] The princes of Tanis are become fools, the wise counsellors of Pharao have given foolish counsel: how will you say to Pharao: I am the son of the wise, the son of ancient kings? [12] Where are now thy wise men? let them tell thee, and shew what the Lord of hosts hath purposed upon Egypt. [13] The princes of Tanis are become fools, the princes of Memphis are gone astray, they have deceived Egypt, the stay of the people thereof. [14] The Lord hath mingled in the midst thereof the spirit of giddiness: and they have caused Egypt to err in all its works, as a drunken man staggereth and vomiteth. [15] And there shall be no work for Egypt, to make head or tail, him that bendeth down, or that holdeth back.

    [16] In that day Egypt shall be like unto women, and they shall be amazed, and afraid, because of the moving of the hand of the Lord of hosts, which he shall move over it. [17] And the land of Juda shall be a terror to Egypt: every one that shall remember it shall tremble because of the counsel of the Lord of hosts, which he hath determined concerning it. [18] In that day there shall be five cities in the land of Egypt, speaking the language of Chanaan, and swearing by the Lord of hosts: one shall be called the city of the sun. [19] In that day there shall be an altar of the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a monument of the Lord at the borders thereof: [20] It shall be for a sign, and for a testimony to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt. For they shall cry to the Lord because of the oppressor, and he shall send them a Saviour and a defender to deliver them.

    [21] And the Lord shall be known by Egypt, and the Egyptians shall know the Lord in that day, and shall worship him with sacrifices and offerings: and they shall make vows to the Lord, and perform them. [22] And the Lord shall strike Egypt with a scourge, and shall heal it, and they shall return to the Lord, and he shall be pacified towards them, and heal them. [23] In that day there shall be a way from Egypt to the Assyrians, and the Assyrian shall enter into Egypt, and the Egyptian to the Assyrians, and the Egyptians shall serve the Assyrian. [24] In that day shall Israel be the third to the Egyptian and the Assyrian: a blessing in the midst of the land, [25] Which the Lord of hosts hath blessed, saying: Blessed be my people of Egypt, and the work of my hands to the Assyrian: but Israel is my inheritance.

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    Peace be with you always

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    The prophet laments the devastation of Juda. He foretells the deprivation of Sobna, and the substitution of Eliacim, a figure of Christ.

    [1] The burden of the valley of vision. What aileth thee also, that thou too art wholly gone up to the housetops? [2] Full of clamour, a populous city, a joyous city: thy slain are not slain by the sword, nor dead in battle. [3] All the princes are fled together, and are bound hard: all that were found, are bound together, they are fled far off. [4] Therefore have I said: Depart from me, I will weep bitterly: labour not to comfort me, for the devastation of the daughter of my people. [5] For it is a day of slaughter and of treading down, and of weeping to the Lord the God of hosts in the valley of vision, searching the wall, and magnificent upon the mountain.

    [1] The valley of vision: Jerusalem. The temple of Jerusalem was built upon mount Moria, or the mountain of vision. But the city is here called the valley of vision; either because it was lower than the temple, or because of the low condition to which it was to be reduced.

    [6] And Elam took the quiver, the chariot of the horseman, and the shield was taken down from the wall. [7] And thy choice valleys shall be full of chariots, and the horseman shall place themselves in the gate. [8] And the covering of Juda shall be discovered, and thou shalt see in that day the armoury of the house of the forest. [9] And you shall see the breaches of the city of David, that they are many: and you have gathered together the waters of the lower pool, [10] And have numbered the houses of Jerusalem, and broken down houses to fortify the wall.

    [11] And you made a ditch between the two walls for the water of the old pool: and you have not looked up to the maker thereof, nor regarded him even at a distance, that wrought it long ago. [12] And the Lord, the God of hosts, in that day shall call to weeping, and to mourning, to baldness, and to girding with sackcloth: [13] And behold joy and gladness, killing calves, and slaying rams, eating flesh, and drinking wine: Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die. [14] And the voice of the Lord of hosts was revealed in my ears: Surely this iniquity shall not be forgiven you till you die, saith the Lord God of hosts. [15] Thus saith the Lord God of hosts: Go, get thee in to him that dwelleth in the tabernacle, to Sobna who is over the temple: and thou shalt say to him:

    [16] What dost thou here, or as if thou wert somebody here? for thou hast hewed thee out a sepulchre here, thou hast hewed out a monument carefully in a high place, a dwelling for thyself in a rock. [17] Behold the Lord will cause thee to be carried away, as a cock is carried away, and he will lift thee up as a garment. [18] He will crown thee with a crown of tribulation, he will toss thee like a ball into a large and spacious country: there shalt thou die, and there shall the chariot of thy glory be, the shame of the house of thy Lord. [19] And I will drive thee out From thy station, and depose thee from thy ministry. [20] And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will call my servant Eliacim the son of Helcias,

    [21] And I will clothe him with thy robe, and will strengthen him with thy girdle, and will give thy power into his hand: and he shall be as a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to the house of Juda. [22] And I will lay the key of the house of David upon his shoulder: and he shall open, and none shall shut: and he shall shut, and none shall open. [23] And I will fasten him as a peg in a sure place, and he shall be for a throne of glory to the house of his father. [24] And they shall hang upon him all the glory of his father's house, divers kinds of vessels, every little vessel, from the vessels of cups even to every instrument of music. [25] In that day, saith the Lord of hosts, shall the peg be removed, that was fastened in the sure place: and it shall be broken and shall fall: and that which hung thereon, shall perish, because the Lord hath spoken it.

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    Peace be with you always

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