Loss of Faith in God is What Satan and His Servants are After


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    Loss of Faith in God is What Satan and His Servants are After Empty Loss of Faith in God is What Satan and His Servants are After

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    When people lose 'Faith' they lose Hope. This is Satan's Goal for all Mankind. What is the after life for this kind of worthless living? The Abyss with Satan.

    Now the Servants of Satan believe, they will live in some esoteric lifestyle. All false. Read the Description of Hell Jesus gives to the Church through Maria Valtorta posted on the forum here.

    Adam was a prey for Satan because, Adam sought to be like God. He wanted to 'know' Evil. To know means to experience and have the knowledge of every thing evil. Every little and big action, thought, so forth. The Knowledge of Evil, Adam sought was to be able to create like God. Thus it was very simple for Adam to fall. Because he had set himself up to, lose Faith in God.

    Now here's the big whammy!

    Russia before it was destroyed by Communism, Socialism, Fascism, believed in God. They had Faith in God. St. Peter's Square has an old Catholic Church. Now the history books from the Human falsehood side explains that, the hierarchy before the Communist takeover, were 'Evil.' Quite a lie. The Communists, goal is Satan's Goal: Remove Faith in God. That's it. Once that is accomplished, all mankind loses hope and consequently when faith in God is lost, Hell comes to swallow you whole. Thus, men turn from Heaven to Earth and live for themselves as just flesh, just like the animals do. And this is not God's idea for man. This idea is Satan's and Adam's idea for man. Adam wanted to be like God in creating, and Satan wanted to rule like God over everything. Thus, one way or another, Satan's goal is to make man his slave.

    Those who do not follow and believe God, automatically follow Satan regardless of your belief. Because Satan has produced through man, many, many, new religions, doctrines. Thus, if you do not believe in the Gospel, you do not believe in God. If you do not believe the Bible, you do not believe God. Thus, you are in the very large majority of initiates for Satan's Cave.

    Jesus says, "When the Son of Man, returns, will He find faith on the Earth?" Will He? Darn good question. Ask Jesus.

    Now to let this soak into your minds, which has been polluted by Satanic smoke and vapors, --ie., all the worlds information about itself--you have to detox from it. What is the medicine prescribed by the Good Doctor? The Sacraments. Use them.

    Anything contrary to The Gospel, the Bible, is all from the Cave of Satan. Anything contrary, pretty difficult to swallow isn't it? But, that's what the Bible says, which is God's instructions for those who follow Him exclusively. Not to be a beater, overbearing, mitigated Bible thumper like the many out there, but, to worship and adore God. To love. Love knows that, at some point it is absolutely useless to speak.

    Thus, in the days of the great tribulation, it is really useless to speak, due to the fact of, all the allurements coming from Satan's Cave via Satan's Servants who produce things for you to buy and have.

    Don't be fooled any longer, turn the world's system on its head. Which means for you to reject it. Not to go around bashing a thing of a mirage that lasts for a season and is mowed down by the next new mirage.

    Grass! everything is like grass on the earth. It sprouts and then gets cut down. This is another law which God put in place. So man, would not become too proud and challenge God and end up with Satan before his allotted time is up.

    God has allotted time to man to come to God. All this evil that is happening around you, all the allurements to things that leave you empty, insatiable, should tell you that, this life on the earth is, not eternal and something is direly wrong here. And man seeking to find the answer that best suits his intelligence, continues to seek after the right one. Now how many have you gone through and found them all dry and empty? Is your soul refreshed? Does it feel cool waters flowing over it? Are you basking in the pool?

    Remember the example of Heaven's feel: It is like being under Niagara Falls. Your soul is refreshed, cool as in cool waters are flowing over it, keeping it watered and not dried up like a prune. How many of you are seeking this but don't know it? Well, I didn't either. Jesus says in the Gospel something to hint on this. Do you remember?

    Three times: First he is talking to the Samaritan woman about the well water.

    The second time he is referring to His Blood.

    The third time he is referring to the Spirit.

    the Water, the Blood, the Spirit. St. John's Epistle the first one explains that, three bear witness on the earth and three bear witness in Heaven. Wella!

    Now, those who do not have Faith in Christ as prescribed in the Good Book, do not know this simple mystery. Unless Wisdom imparts this knowledge, you don't have it, and consequently are void, empty of water, living water.

    Satan seeks to destroy mankind totally. The Antichrist is Satan's tool to do just that. And if God had not intervened, he would succeed. Why? Because, man is too busy rejecting the Truth for a Lie! Hey what's new?

    Here I'll give you my two cents. First I'll explain myself why I got this way. I read the most profound words. Poem of the Man-God, Notebooks, Azariah. I was given Wisdom infused in a short amount of time. Afterwards, I wanted nothing but Heaven. But, my time is not yet. I yearn for Heaven. When God decides for me, it is then time to depart from this miserable, filthy, planet overrun by, disgusting mud and legions upon legions, scourges of Demons! Both men and spirits.

    Can't stand the place anymore! All I want is God and Heaven, peace and joy anon. Endless! No fighting, wrestling, moaning and groaning, hearing short sighted men and women only caring about a morsel. I find it all disgusting and worthless.

    When you know what Heaven, God and Paradise really is, and you compare it to here, I wonder what Adam and Eve where thinking! How stupid can you be! This is my test too to get over. Now if you have read the Gospel where Jesus says, "how much longer do I have to be with you" I understand. How much longer oh, Lord do I have to put up with this?

    When one is growing in Wisdom, one loses all the appetites of falsehood, the mud, the temporal. The Earth is created from nothing. It will return to that state of nothingness.

    The gold, the diamonds, the rubies, which man is so allured to and places his life, the value of his life, over some stinking rock and a piece of paper! By God! Wake UP!

    But today, it is more than just those above: Cars, cellphones, TV, computers, clothing, shoes, food, household goods, jobs, careers, education, so forth and so on all does not teach you anything about, God and his Love. All worthless and valueless. These things are only useful if they are used to get you from one day to the next without becoming, lustful, proud, corrupted. Which is next to impossible, because the world is Satan's playground and it is the Great Babylon, that is fallen is fallen.

    All spells man is so stuck in the life of his flesh, that, you cannot convince a single soul, unless they have been through a great misfortune, loss of all or at least most.

    Then, when your eyes have opened, and you are no longer drunk by the allurements, intoxicated by the things of the world, detoxed, you take a second, third, fourth, and however many more to make sure you are not exaggerating, you see for the first time, two 'paths.' This is it.

    The path to Hell is paved with allurements for your eyes, your flesh, its senses to give you food. You are trading a thing, an object, which is food for you in reality, but, are tricked into seeing an object that becomes a boulder to hold you down and bury you under the surface awaiting your death and then end up in the Abyss with Satan your very favorite pal.

    The other path, is small and is encumbered by thorns, and pricks, because it is the road less traveled upon, so the greenery has grown over it.

    You've seen the path often traveled where the ground and the area is nicely kept. Haven't you? God is telling man, giving man vision. But, because you don't stop and think long enough to meditate, because you look and run to find your ambition, your desire, the one the flesh is sending to your senses to sate it, you forfeit, eternal life.

    What is flesh is flesh, what is spirit is spirit.

    God creates our souls. Adam and Eve generated flesh by mating, female egg male sperm.

    God first created man. Man then decided that because he has the necessary parts, he can create new flesh or offspring just like the animals, but, if God does not infuse a new soul into the womb, a newborn will not happen. The embryo dies after the sperm and egg meet.

    God did not say to Adam and Eve, ah, women in general, "I will not infuse souls into your wombs." He punished them for making this choice which He warned them not to take. And allowed the procreation process to continue as is, as Adam and Eve chose. Love, allowed them to make the mistake, they received harsh punishment and were allowed to procreate. God created them to 'live.' Not die. God is 'Life.' But, you are given free will, freedom to choose how you will live. For those wishing to follow Death and Destruction, it is your own free choice to make. However, if you die in that choice, it is forever. You forever will live Death and Destruction which is what Hell is, the choice of Death and Destruction. Hell is where destroyed souls remain. If you choose Life, you go to where those who did not want Death and Destruction go To: Heaven where God is Life.

    Hell is the place where a small angel becomes your God, and where god, the Satanic demon is the god of Death. There you go.

    So, on the earth, Satan has his disciples, initiates, all thinking they are going to Some Esoteric place, well, you now know at least a little more, possibly convinced, that Satan tells lies and covers up his cave, to give you a nice view to lure you there. A mirage.

    Babylon is a mirage. What do I mean? What is made from nothing, goes to being nothing eventually.

    What is made of Heaven always lasts: Your soul for starters will last forever. You will last forever.

    The Universe is matter, what is made from some gases, ether and other fantastic elements, but, ends up back to nothing. Why invest in nothing? Why place your life, which is the thing of value over nothing?

    Matter equals kaput
    Soul equals forever.

    The earth was created for a few things, one of them being a factory of shorts to make clothing called 'flesh' for man's soul. The other reasons, are in the dictations of Maria Valtorta. Every action of God comes from Love. Because God loves, He allowed man to sin. Because God loves, he allows Evil to exist outside of Heaven. Evil is a disease that God destroys, purges, so that, those who live forever in Paradise will never be infected. Containment. So, you must work hard to purging evil from yourselves before you enter Heaven.

    Pride is the first thing, a vice, the main one, that must be cut down in order to see and hear, God. Proud people only hiss and pine. Thus, the world is full in pride.

    In order to keep Evil out of Heaven, those wishing to Enter, must be "purged" from the contaminant. This should help you a bit more as to the reasons for Church, Sacraments and so forth.

    Faith Hope Charity are needed, because those who love God, love each other and want others to be in Paradise with God.

    Love must be in your hearts and minds. Full of love, and not half. Heaven is love. No Evil. No Hate. No Greed. No Death. No Violence as in beatings and killings. But violence as in being bombarded by Love! Swallowed. Smiling, peaceful, joy!Amen.

    the earth is misery folks, the pride of life keeps you from seeing it. But, you taste misery day in and day out.

    Peace be with you always

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    Now this is concerning those who believe they will live, in some state of esotericness after this earthly is over, or that this earth will continue and that their status will increase and get better. The Gap between the haves and have nots. Rich and shameless and those who have very little compared to them.

    Excerpt From 1943 Notebook, "The Final State of the Wicked"

    "All humanity is sinful. But there is the sinner who is just a sinner, and there is the wicked one--that is, the one who takes sin to a demoniacal perfection. For, in Evil, the Devil is able to reach perfection, and his most loyal disciples are not less than their master.

    "I told you previously: 'Lucifer strives to imitate God, in evil, of course. He takes on the forms, shall we say, of life and death which the Son of God had. The devil poses as Christ and, like Christ, has apostles and disciples. Among them he will select the perfect one to make him the Antichrist. For the time being we are in the period preparatory to precursors of the latter.' I have already told you this. (June 19 dictation)

    "The wicked one will be led to the tomb. That is only natural. Lucifer can give every assistance to his favored ones, his faithful, his slaves, but not immunity from Death, for only I am Life and only I have overcome Death. Therefore, when the totality of the evil committed by the wicked one is fulfilled, I give the order to Death to take possession of that flesh. That flesh thus experiences the horror of the tomb. And for the wicked one it will be a real tomb.

    "August 9, 1943

    "Those who are not familiar with love and whose conscience is not tranquil fear death. And they are the majority! These, when they feel threatened by death because of illness, or age, or any other event, grow fearful, become afflicted, and rebel. They also try with all their strength and by every means to avoid it."

    Notice this last sentence: Every means to avoid it. What do you think? Since today man has delved into all kinds of things that were previously unknown, hidden, not yet discovered, he looks for the 'golden grail' sort of speaking that grail, the holy grail, the holy this or that, which myth says, "Contains the essences of immortal life." So, they go a seeking. They have not found immortality in the sense of one taking some essences and is instantly transformed on the spot. Esoteric. This is one of the many esoteric ideas floating around since a few centuries, millennia.

    Jesus said, "I am the Way and Life." The Way to Immortal Life. The one many souls seek, the happiness factor, Paradise. The one where man no longer labors in vain, toils, and so forth. That one.

    The real Holy Grail is Jesus Christ as, Eucharist. Immortality for those seeking to be with God the Father. Jesus Christ is the Gate, the Door, to Immortality. It is part of the Gospel. The Doctrine of Christ. God become Man so man can see and hear, God.

    Sin separated Man from seeing God. God became Man, so man can see God, and hear Him when He speaks. It so happens that, God speaks to your spirits. If you are more flesh than spirit, this due to sin separating man from hearing and seeing God, then you need to become more spirit than flesh so you can see and hear God. Thus, Jesus Christ, became Food for man so to take man back to being more spirit than flesh while on earth and when he separates from the earth, he becomes all spirit, waiting for the day of the resurrection of all flesh that comes before God on the Final Judgment Day. Where all men and women will see each other and God.

    Peace be with you always

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