Who's Example Do We Follow? Who DO We Imitate?


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    Who's Example Do We Follow?  Who DO We Imitate? Empty Who's Example Do We Follow? Who DO We Imitate?

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    On the Earth we seem to find no one! Even the person whom you thought, may think, to be a perfect example, has several if not many, 'flaws.' Thus, imperfect in completing your training.

    Jesus gives us whom to imitate: The Father. Jesus, 'Be Perfect as your Father in Heaven is Perfect.' English translation. More like, Imitate the Perfect Example, look at, to compare, get an idea of, "from." From this Person. We need examples to imitate. Man and woman have always admired some other human being to imitate, be like.

    Well, fallen man stained with sin and full of flaws,(--when one is thinking properly--), is not a good example to follow.

    Thus, Jesus says, Be Perfect as your Father in Heaven is Perfect. Another words, imitate Him who is Perfect for you to Look At and Follow, Be like. Learn from Me. Watch Me, Do as I do, acquire these personality character traits, etc.

    So, what do we do? We don't do what Jesus says. If we did, the world would be rid of Satan and his evil. Thus, those who we think are examples to follow, are really twisted, madmen who have taken control of planet earth's way of living. I have to pay to flush my toilet, it costs me $$ to flush the toilet, I get charged xx amount at the end of the month for using water which freely rains down from the clouds. As I recall, I do not pay someone to make it 'Rain.'

    Now, let's take a look at what Money really is. For the most of you who are so blinded this will be a real surprise and shock, for those like myself, it is just another lesson but please bare with me just for the sake of those millions that do not comprehend.

    Money as you well know is printed on some paper which man has taken from trees. Trees grow freely on planet earth unless you paid for your yard to be made, in which case you paid a gardener/landscaper. For those who have really comprehend where trees actually appear in an area that has not been ruined, trees grow freely without someone paying another person daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, to grow one. In fact out in nature, where it rains freely to water these things, no money is transferred between one tree and another. Plus other incidentals.

    Money is a control mechanism which was instigated by Satan, instituted by a 'man.' A man sold to Satan, to do Satan's bidding: To Make Mankind, the whole, Satan's Slaves. Slavery. You've read about the Negro's becoming slaves to their own kind and then sold to the white man or to those who have money, the rich and shameless in the past. And you've read about other races becoming slaves. And there are still races being slaves to other races happening at current but, you don't seem to see it, even though it is right there in plain and vivid color, on TV, the Big Screen.

    There is an hierarchy to this slave mess. It starts with the white race who are rich and shameless, void of love, cold as ice who enslave others through what they call valid: Businesses. I do this for my business. But you are full of ambition which is Satan's vice. Ambition is not a 'virtue.' It is a deadly vice that kills. Satan is the Death bringer. He brought death to mankind. For he became death when he rebelled against God and was sent to Hell. Hell is for those who have no light, no grace, no life. A soul is from God which is 'spirit.' Mankind has one of these nice things, for without it, you are like Satan in Hell. Without Light, a soul is inert or dark. A lightbulb if it is not on, is dark and not emitting light. God is like this lightbulb, and He does not ever stop emitting Light. If He did, we'd all sink to Hell without having made that choice to go there.

    He is the Source of energy for all spiritual life comes from God. God is, "Life." He gave us life to begin with. And without this Light, we die. Since we are always at present, before God, that is, our souls see God whether we recognize, know it or not, (have to read Valtorta) before God means He has not sent us to Hell and away from His Light. This is perhaps difficult to relay at this moment because without proper education of the realms of Hell and the realm called Heaven, you won't grasp the reality of God's Universe. Man is free to choose, learn, act, do whatever he wishes. God leaves us free to act, "Free Will." Oh, what a lesson to learn!

    So much to learn and so few Parishes to Teach! What a dilemma!

    Money is a valueless 'Joke' on mankind. We all work for free.

    We don't work for Gold, Rubies, Diamonds, so forth some rocks or crystals that are also valueless, but, man seduced by Satan, thinks these things are.

    What is truly of value? TO Live Forever In Peace and Joy--- your life. The Serpent has seduced mankind to place value on, the earth: what comes from the earth, such as rocks, crystals, trees over living forever. Poisoned mankind so thick and through that man thinks and places value on worthless things: Paper money, crystals, rocks and anything that is harvested from the earth to be formed, forged into some thing. All, I repeat all, valueless compared to your very life. You have traded your entire life, that is living, for death. You choose death over living eternally.

    Earn a living. traded for living forever. This word, "Living" now rationalized to death means, I am living to earn paper that has some man's face on it and a number. Biggest Joke played on Man and who's laughing? Satan. The Devil, the Red Dragon, the Serpent who first appeared in the Garden of Eden to test the first two progenitors of man. Well, you're minds are so set into this false sham of a life that it would take a few years for you to detoxed from the poison of the Devil. The Sacraments take care of this problem folks. Go to Mass and receive Life giving Medicine.

    Money, folks is nothing but, a tool of Satan to keep man slaves to Satanism or Satan whichever makes you feel better, but, all the same. The spirit of sin. The of death. Death means no light, your soul is cut off from the Source and receives no light. That is true death. And that place is called Hell with Satan and his band of rebels who can never return to the Light to be reintroduced into "Life." The sooner the world of man recognizes this and quits giving power to it, the sooner man will be freer. Go to Mass and receive Life giving essence.

    Peace be with you always
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