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    For those who have prepared themselves like the 5 virgins and are up on Modernism and its effects, which should come as no surprise when certain members of the Church on Earth defect and feign that they are the New Church, the same ole Church, but with new and different teachings, persuasion and so forth, which equates, New Ageism and all the old idolatry's that happened in the past until now, realize that this is no different from the Pharisees taking over the majority of the old. Thus, merited destruction

    The difference between the new and old, is very different.

    The old required one to get to the Temple. Or to a synagogue. Synagogues were for the ordinary time of worship, while the Temple in Jerusalem was for the special times, like Passover Meal.

    The Lord requires us to worship Him within those walls.

    God made man as a temple and vessel. Why this emphasis today? So man would not violate and cause disdain to God thus warranting extermination and eternal separation from God, the Light, the Love, who deserves all your love. One day you will understand completely and perfectly why God deserved all your love. Because at that point when you are standing face to face with God, He has your undivided attention and you can now listen attentively, plus God would infuse this knowledge into you whether you deserved it or not, whether you are blessed or cursed. You will know perfectly. No one to interrupt.

    He, God, tells us this so we would honor and respect ourselves and not act like animals and beasts, but at least civil and certainly not overbearing. When we do this, God can descend into us-Temples-and worship and adore Him. Thus, we have God smiling and laughing with joy, walking with us, taking the time to instruct us. And His presence would put to flight every evil. Poof!

    Choice, free will. If every man would make this, choice, the Evil would be vanquished immediately, the earth would living in true justice, peace, joy, goodness. Things would be 100 times better than they are today. Today there are many factions that are the servants of Satan who continuing their charade and sham life. Being persuaded that there is no Heaven, and no Hell. These are the modernists, who hate God. They recognize God exists, but choose to deny Him. So it looks like they believe God does not exist neither does Hell. This is their answer. To deny His existence by speaking outright that God does not exist, furthers their true belief in Satanism or Humanism which ever you prefer to call it. Now if Satan did not truly exist and he did not seduce Eve, then we can say it was truly instigated by a man. But since Satan does exist and he did seduce Eve, it is instigated by Satan, thus coming from Satanism and then since it is now given the human title and a few changes, it is called Humanism on earth. But really since Satan suggested it, and they do not know he did, they obey Satan's advice.

    Since they do not take heed to God and obey His Voice, they are not servants of God.

    Now the Church on earth has been predominantly run over by Modernists. They are everywhere in every parish in every continent. If they are not physically present, their ideals are in the various twisted teachings. Thus, there are many Catholics poisoned. Infiltration at every level and every crack, that's how Satan works. The flesh is Satan's instrument. Your sentiments, your appetites, your senses are his. Thus, the Eucharist exists to cancel Satan's poison. The Enemy know better than all the clergy put together how to negate true conversion of souls to God. Otherwise he would not be called, an Enemy. The most cunning of all.

    I remind you today what Genesis says regarding this Beast:

    [1] Now the serpent was more subtle than any of the beasts of the earth which the Lord God had made.

    Chapter 3 is where you will find the above verse.

    This is how I see the verse.

    The Serpent is Satan the Head Beast. Those who are his servants are his beasts, for those who follow him are converted to being beasts. Imitate and wear the same clothing. The Lord God had made Good Angels and Good Man, but, some angels rebelled and the first man and woman each chose to oppose God and thus became, beasts. Thus Cain was born a beast. Abel was not. For some reason Abel was born different from Cain. Good and Evil. Free will. Annoying thing, free will. But let's think about this a little more. If I was not created free, I would not be able to walk where I wish, eat what I wish, do stupid things, make mistakes, as well as, freely love God and whomever I wish. Without this freedom, I would be a drone, following someones commands and not wishes. For every input would be a command for me to do. A to do list. We choose to submit or not to submit, this is free will at work.

    Everything in this Universe has a purpose to exist. There is nothing useless to God. God uses everything for His purpose. How to explain? A master craftsman has waste or what someone would consider waste, for his next piece. Therefore all pieces are useful to a master craftsman. Nothing is considered as waste while the masterpiece is being formed.

    Thus those who infiltrate are being used for and towards God's purposes.

    Peace be with you

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    Now what is meant by those who infiltrate are being used for God's purposes?

    Simple but hard answer.

    Evil exists. Thus, for those who are not well discerning between Good and Evil, their reasoning not being exercised perfectly to point the two out and make a perfect distinction, plus for those who like to war and do violence, act and live like beasts. Two sides here we are talking about: Good and Evil. These two faces.

    Good is only Good. All Good. Thus, to rightly and justly weed out bad from good, He God has to have Justice. The evil and mongers, greedy, lustful, people want to hoard everything, sit on top and rule, turning the world into a money marketing, while everyone below them "Serves" "Them." Do you get this? If you are not serving God you are serving Satan. And Satan's slavery system is harsh with no rewards. It may seem like a reward, but, in reality is nothing more than a reason for you to keep working for him. And in the end you die the Death. No Life for you my misguided friend. Nothing but shear fire and brimstone, hate, upon hate burning your soul. Fire. That's the eternal reward for wanting what is satisfying to your flesh only.

    I was reading August 16th to 18th, 1943, and Jesus repeats this: The abyss is for those who did not make their flesh, spirit. Instead they made their spirits, flesh, stoned and killed their spirits while living.

    Evil means that God has to orchestrate Good around Evil to counter Evil. God is Benign, and Gentle as opposed to Satan who is chaos, perturbation, flagellation, disturbance, anti-charity, hate, tireless in malice, evil devices, having set traps and snares everywhere. God is able to turn evil into Good. Mystery. We are enveloped in God's mystery, His Creation. Thus, no one really knows for sure how the Universe and all that is material was created. That is the scientific human community who deny God is Creator. Mystery Galore! You my friend will never understand because you do not have the Teacher showing you. A teacher as one recalls, instructs the mind giving it necessary intelligence so that the one being instructed can comprehend. In another words, understand, see, be illuminated. God is Light. Satan is darkness.

    Satan is intelligent but not wise nor smart. There is a difference. Intelligent means able to reason and understand or use something at a higher level of intelligence, disperse knowledge, manipulate. Where as God's Wisdom see's all and knows all. This is quite difficult to grasp seeing there is so much intelligent knowledge out there that keeps man from the narrow Path, little illumination among the many Paths to take all with false luminosity, and meaning more than what animals possess or the jungle animals. Man is given a mind, and intelligence. Man is then, able to understand and comprehend, reason, discern. I have to interject this part, when a mind is in darkness, it does not know what is perfect, and thus creates in the person, the ability to not trust, distrustful, cannot trust, but wants to very much, wants to go forward on the right path. This is built into every soul. Or infused into every soul. There are several things which God has put in every soul, hoping it will emerge and take root in the human heart: faith hope religion. Something to believe in, something to belong to, that something being 'religion' of some sorts. Thus, man has created many offshoots of 'religion.' This proves that God had infused the idea of 'religion' into man. A desire to believe, and follow a set of rules, a belief system. God wants every man and woman to believe in Him and Follow Him in His Religion. Because this is the only Religion which converts and transforms man into a true demi-god, making man more like God than any other. While making man loving, kind, gentle, full of peace and joy eternally. No more sicknesses, diseases, pain, nor death. Always, healthy and young perfect beauty, this is God's design. And as in times past today woman seek to become beautiful to the point of madness, but, the desire to be beautiful comes from God. God is the Father of Beauty. For He created it. Ugliness came as a result of man's desire to become his own 'God.' Thus, God respected that choice, regardless of the pain that swarmed the entire scenario enveloping everyone.

    A darkened mind does not see, because the mind has no light. And where there is no light, there is no wisdom. Wisdom is all encompassing. Wisdom comes from the ALL, God. God is Infinite in Knowledge, and Wisdom gives man the ability to create and shape tools, build homes, do business, so forth in proper perspective doing good to all. No harm.

    Thus, the world, which is enveloped in this darkness, has no lights and their minds are alienated from the Wisdom which would gladly descend and aid all men towards a good future. A future where evil and madmen would not persist. Weapons would not be necessary.

    War my friends is nice dirty word for, "I'm going to steel what you have by force." Meaning, killing and pillaging, taking what does not rightfully belong away from those who it did belong to. Thieves, murders, liars. Who is their father? Satan.

    Wisdom makes one wise. Boosts the intelligence giving it what it lacks. As one studies God's word, one see's things, understands things, comprehends things, differently than those who have not.

    What is it like then? Well this is a pictorial of: picture driving or walking in the dark with absolutely no help from lights- headlight, flashlight, candlelight, gaslight, starlight, moonlight, sunlight so forth. Absolute pitch black. God's wisdom is what it is like when the lights are turned on. You see the cracks, the details, and where to walk or drive. You can see many things. This is just the ability to see with your eyes. Think about this, when you can do the same with your mind with fuller comprehension and understanding, to see with your mind what you cannot see in darkness. The world lost the light when Adam sinned, darkness swarmed man, his intelligence was darkened not able to see anymore. He now uses, wicker lights to see an inch at a time if possible. Whereas, man in Grace sees eternity from here.

    The St. John's Gospel says these words:

    John 8:12
    Again therefore, Jesus spoke to them, saying: I am the light of the world: he that followeth me, walketh not in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

    John 9:5
    As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.

    Jesus is this Light. He is the Word of God, is God. Is the Word and Wisdom of the Father. So, he who has the Son of God, has Light, the Word and Wisdom of the Father. Has a perfect view of Eternity and has the Way seen clearly before him. What is the Way? God. To God. The Path to Eternity, God's Paradise. Home. This is the bottom line simple answer, but an hard Way it is, because when you have the Light, the darkness comes to take you down. That's the reality, Satan comes to gulp you down. A battle, or battles. Take heart, lose not your confidence, be faithful to Christ always. Pray to the Virgin Mary, have Her assistance always. Faith Hope Charity.

    Peace be with you always

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    From Book 5 Page 424 to 425, Chp. 591

    Read carefully and let in soak in. Meditate on these words for a few years. If not more.

    Jesus looks at him and, as if He were reciting a psalm, He says: « Gather together, make haste, come from everywhere to my victim whom I am immolating for you, to the great Victim immolated on the mountains of Israel, to eat its Flesh, to drink its Blood. »

    « But which victim? Which? You look like one suffering from a fixed mad idea. You speak of nothing but death… and You grieve us » says Bartholomew passionately.

    Jesus looks at him again, diverting His attention from Simon, who bends over James of Alphaeus and Peter chatting with them, and He says:

    « What? Are you asking Me? You are not one of these little ones, who to be learned must receive the septiform light. You were already expert in the Scriptures before I called you by means of Philip, that mild spring morning. My springtime. And yet, you ask Me which is the victim immolated on the mountains, the one to which everybody will come to feed on? And you say that I am mad with a fixed idea because I speak of death? Oh! Bart! Like the cry of the watchmen, in your darkness that never opened to light, I uttered the announcing cry once, twice, three times. But you never wanted to understand. You suffered at the moment because of it, then… like children you soon forgot the words of death and you joyfully went back to your work, sure of yourselves and full of hope that your words and Mine would convince the world more and more to follow and love its Redeemer.

    No . Only after the Earth has sinned against Me - and bear in mind that these are words of the Lord to His prophet - only afterwards, the people, and not only this one in particular, but the great people of Adam, will begin to moan saying: "Let us go to the Lord. He Who hurt us, will cure us". And the world of the Redeemed will say: "After two days, that is, two periods of eternity, during which he will have left us at the mercy of the Enemy, who will have struck and killed us with all kinds of weapons, as we struck the Holy One and killed Him - and we strike and kill Him, because there will always be the race of Cains who with blasphemy and evil deeds will kill the Son of God, the Redeemer, shooting mortal arrows not at His eternal glorified Person, but at their souls ransomed by Him, killing them, and therefore killing Him through their souls - only after these two periods the third day will come, and we shall rise from the dead in His presence in the Kingdom of Christ on the Earth and we shall live before Him in the triumph of the spirit. We shall know Him, we shall learn to know the Lord to be ready, by means of this true knowledge of God, to fight the last battle that Lucifer will join with man before the blast of the angel of the seventh trumpet,that will open the blissful chorus of the saints of God, with the number perfected for ever - it will never be possible to add either the youngest baby or the oldest man to the number - the chorus that will sing: 'The poor kingdom of the Earth is over. The world with all its inhabitants has been passed in review before the conquering Judge. And the elect are now in the hands of our Lord and of His Christ, and He is our King for ever. Praised be the Almighty Lord God Who is, Who was and Who will be, because He has taken His great power and has entered into possession of His Kingdom"'.

    Oh! who among you will be able to remember the words of this prophecy, already resounding in the words of Daniel, in a muted tone, and now roared by the voice of the Wise One before the astounded world and before you, who are more astounded than the world?! "The coming of the King - the world will continue, moaning in its wounds and enclosed in its sepulchre, evil in life and wicked in death, closed by its sevenfold vice and by its infinite heresies, the agonising spirit of the world closed with its last efforts within the organism, having died of leprosy because of all its errors - the coming of the King is prepared like that of dawn and will come to us like the rain in springtime and in autumn". Dawn is preceded and prepared by night. This is the night. The present one.

    And what must I do for you, Ephraim? What must I do for you, Judah?… Simon, Bart, Judas, and you, My cousins, you who are more experienced in the Book, do you recognise these words? They do not come from a mad spirit, but from one who possesses Wisdom and Science. Like a king who calmly opens his coffers, because he knows where a certain gem is, which he is looking for, as he put it in there himself, I quote the prophets. I am the Word. For ages I spoke through human lips. And for ages I will speak through human lips. But all the supernatural that has been spoken is My word. Even the most learned and holy man would not be able to rise, with the soul of an eagle, beyond the limits of the blind world, to snatch and utter the eternal mysteries.

    The future is "present" only in the Divine Mind. Foolish are those who claim to make prophecies and revelations, without being supported by Our Will. And God soon gives them the lie and strikes them, because only One can say: "I am", and say: "I see", and say: "I know". But when a Will that is not to be measured, that is not to be judged, that is to be accepted with bowed head, without discussion, saying: "Here I am", when such Will says: "Come, rise, hear, see, repeat", then the soul, immersed in the eternal present of its God, called by the Lord to be "voice", sees and trembles, sees and weeps, sees and rejoices; then the soul, called by the Lord to be "word", hears and, thrown into ecstasy or into the perspiration Of agony, says the tremendous words of the Eternal God. Because every word of God is tremendous, as it comes from Him Whose verdict is immutable and Whose Justice is inexorable and is addressed to men, too few of whom deserve love and blessings instead of anathema and conviction. Now this word, that is spoken and despised, is it not the cause of dreadful sin and punishment for those who reject it, after hearing it? It is.

    And what else must I do for you, o Ephraim, o Judah, o world, that I have not done for you? I came loving you, o My Earth, and My word became a sword for you and it kills you because you loathed it. Oh! World, who kill your Saviour thinking that You are doing a just thing, you are so possessed by Satan that you do not understand any more which is the sacrifice that God exacts, the sacrifice of one's sin and not of an animal immolated and consumed with a foul soul! But what have I told you these last three years' What did I preach? I said: "Know God in His laws and in His nature". And I dried out, like a vase of porous clay exposed to the sun, spreading the vital knowledge of the Law and of God among you. And you have continued to offer holocausts, without ever offering the only necessary one: the immolation of your evil will to the true God!

    Now the eternal God says to you, city of sin, faithless people and in the hour of the Judgement you will be lashed with a whip that will not be used for Rome and Athens, dull-witted towns that know neither language nor science, but which, when from eternal infants badly looked after by their nurses and being beast like in their capabilities, will pass into the holy arms of My Church, My only sublime Spouse, by whom numberless children will be borne to Me worthy of the Christ, they will become adult and capable, and will give Me palaces and armies, temples and saints to people Heaven as if they were stars - now the eternal God says to you: "I no longer like you and I will not accept any gift from your hands. It is like dung to Me and I will throw it back on your faces and it will stick to them. I loathe your solemnities which are nothing but outward appearances. I will abolish My covenant with the stock of Aaron and I will give it to the sons of Levi because, here, this is My Levi, and with him I made a covenant of life and peace to last for ever, and He was faithful to Me to the end of time, to the point of sacrifice. He had the holy fear of the Father and He trembled with wrath, feeling offended at the mere sound of My offended Name. He spoke the law of truth, and there was no iniquity on His lips, He walked with Me in peace and equity and He deterred many from sin. The time has come when the pure immaculate Host, pleasing to the Lord, will be sacrificed and offered to My Name everywhere, and no longer on the sole altar of Zion, because you do not deserve to offer it".

    Peace be with you always

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