Jesus Christ a Chatterbox?


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    Jesus Christ a Chatterbox?

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    God made man in His Image and Likeness. What does this mean?

    Image is the soul, a spirit. Spiritual. Hence. God is Spirit and man has received this same attribute of God. The soul comes from God; a spiritual being.

    Likeness is the Intellectual property, the ability to think, reason, and conclude. Man was given, limited intellectual knowledge, in the beginning. It is for man to grow in knowledge of God. A starting point and an end point.

    Likeness is several parts, but, today I'm giving you the 'intellectual property.' Thus, all men are given, this. The soul is the superior intelligent part of man, just as God is the Supreme Intelligent Being.

    For those unintelligent answers from Catholics who say, Jesus was a chatterbox, the priest who said that is idle.

    Jesus walked allover Palestine preaching and teaching. How? Did Jesus perhaps, mime His way through?

    Thus, to say Jesus was a chatterbox, is a very unintelligent answer.

    How does one sell his goods? Use your God given intellectual part, not the animal part.

    Wisdom comes from God. All knowledge is given by God. How it is used and dissiminated is upto man once the knowledge had been passed on. Given. Satan also gives knowledge. He teaches the opposite of God. Contrary to God. Jesus said,

    Matthew 12:30
    He that is not with me, is against me: and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth.

    Luke 11:23
    He that is not with me, is against me; and he that gathereth not with me, scattereth.

    How many clergy are with Jesus?

    Again another,

    Acts Of Apostles 9:5
    Who said: Who art thou, Lord? And he: I am Jesus whom thou persecutest. It is hard for thee to kick against the goad.

    John 21

    [25] But there are also many other things which Jesus did; which, if they were written every one, the world itself, I think, would not be able to contain the books that should be written.

    To do something implies to communicate. Perhaps Jesus used telepathy? Mime? Hand gestures? Drew pictures?

    God is Intelligence. This part most people don't recognize. Man received, intelligence from God to be able to communicate using his lips, mouth and voice. Jesus was, Fully Man, as well as Fully God. Meditate.

    There's a verse where the Gospels explain that Jesus 'spoke' in parables to the crowds, but to His disciples He spoke plainly teaching them. Jesus exhausted Himself, preaching and teaching. This is in the Gospels, but for whatever reason, men still have a deluded idea about Jesus Christ. Many ideas. Therefore, the Holy Spirit must teach you.

    St. Paul exhausted himself, tired himself out preaching and teaching. In fact, St. Paul, resembled Jesus in ministry. You shall do the same works I do, but, greater works shall you do, because I go to the Father. Implying, the Holy Spirit is to be given to Man.

    The Book of Isaiah, the Book of Ezekiel, long books. The Word of God is being spoken through these imperfect men. Man is imperfect while on the Earth. He is perfected when he's in Heaven. So, God sends the Perfect Man: Jesus Christ, who speaks perfectly teaching poor imperfect men. Meditate.

    I am imperfect, I cannot possibly unless God were to take full control of my motor functions, intelligence, and so forth, I would not be able to speak as well as Jesus did. The man side of me, blocks. Yet, God is able to do this if I yielded. Conversion. The more we convert the more God has filled us. Yet, we retain, our own personality and character, but, more 'like' God. His Likeness.

    Not to mistake, man as carbon copies of God or Jesus Christ, that would be boring and imperfect. Every soul has its own personality and character, God gives us His Likeness and Image to form our selves according to His Kind.

    Since, we do not really understand perfectly as poor men what God wanted, we must first remove everything that comes from humanity in order to hear God, and receive into our spirits. Our spirits need to be infused by the Supreme Spirit. What is flesh is flesh. What is spirit is spirit. Thus, it is very important to understand what Adam was and then became.

    The Book of Genesis states in intellectual reasoning, that man fornicated and begat his own children of flesh after God had made him. Man had the choice to not fornicate. But he chose to fornicate listening to the Serpent, who said, fornicate and be like God in creating newborn. So what have men been doing since? Fornicating to reproduce flesh. This has been going on so long that, to say how man was supposed to be born becomes hard to accept. Thus all the erroneous answers. The Pharisees were in an argument with Jesus about where they came from, the Pharisees replied: "We were not born of fornication." This reply escapes most people, in fact 99%. Unless you read Poem of the Man-God, the Notebooks and Azariah, you will go right on thinking that it is natural for man to copulate to reproduce. The Gospel of Luke shows in ink how the Virgin Mary became pregnant. She did not copulate with Joseph or any other flesh. Meditate.

    Jesus was born free of Sin, Mary was born Immaculate. Her parents were "obedient" to God's Laws. Obedience, and thus, God gave them Mary the Immaculate. For to God all things are "Possible." But for man it is direly impossible. Man is fallen and stained with Sin.

    Thus, Jesus Christ was given by God for man to remove Sin, so man can once again be looked upon by the Father without disdain.

    Therefore, many Catholics do not know the truth.


    John 8:41
    You do the works of your father. They said therefore to him: We are not born of fornication: we have one Father, even God.

    The Pharisees claimed to have God as their Father. But their living, was totally the opposite. They had the knowledge of scripture from a "human learned" position. All human. No Spirit. Therefore they did not know the "spirit of the letters." To know the spirit means to know the Spirit. God is Love. When Love is in your hearts, God = Love is in your hearts and minds. God is present like your best friend who sits next to you sharing the time with you, quite, kind, benign, yet instilling knowledge and filling you with Himself. In you. Inside you, sitting on your altar filling your well.

    Peace be with you always

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    The Gospels are very unique. But, they are left with 'gaps' on purpose.
    Just as the Old Testament has gaps of man's history which every learned soul agrees. Why did God leave out so much? The emphasis, "so much."

    The answer, man as sinful man, would not pay attention anyway. Thus, sin and death have reigned in man from Adam till now and till the Last Man is born on planet earth. We are living in the times where knowledge has flourished regarding, pleasure and comfort and finding what God had hidden in creation, what man call's fresh finds, and advanced science. Nothing new to God. He created it long ago.

    On earth, man calls it technology, an advancement of useful and destructive toys or tools to be used at the push of buttons, seeking ever to become more 'advanced.' A very dangerous venture. Because, the flesh is Satan's instrument. Good and Evil is present on planet earth. This thought and reality escapes every person. Good and Evil is present right now. Many deny the Evil part, because they cannot grasp it. They do not know how to handle it, yet they participate in evil everyday. What is the evil they participate in every day? Worship of Idols.

    God deserves all of our love and adoration. No one else.

    This part man does not comprehend well. If he did, he would be loving and adoring God every moment of every day. Being filled, with God. God gives good only. If you give yourself Evil, God really does not give you evil. Free will. Evil came to being on its own. Man did not listen to God, disobedience, thus all men suffer this consequence. Yet, God provided a way to overcome.

    Thus, Hell, is choice Lucifer made. Then, Adam and Eve did not avoid it either. Lucifer's choice created Hell, how to put it? His will to not submit to God to be become an Hateful being to want to destroy all Good, caused God to actually create the place. Then Adam added to it by having Purgatory and Limbo created as well. Their choices made it possible for Hell to come into being. I did not wish for this, nor desired it, but my conduct which is harmful to the "others" made it possible. Thus those like minded, end up in the place. How important it is to understand 'free will' 'choice'. I did not fully grasp this either.

    God will judge us, accordingly, how we spent our time on earth: Free will and time. How did you use your free will and the time allotted to it?

    Did you build your intelligence in goodness doing good deeds? Or did you ruin your intelligence participating in evil deeds, doing evil deeds?

    God is Mercy. He already knew man would sin and commit sins repeatedly. Thus, He sent His Mercy to mankind: Jesus Christ, through the Virgin Mary.

    God's Wisdom is foolishness to man, because man does not climb up to God's level to understand God's Wisdom. Thus, God's Intelligence is too high for fallen man. Fallen Man is the emphasis in the latter. God wants mankind to raise his intelligence, to the "Likeness" of the Father. Up up you go! Come up! He says. Come my child. Let Me instill true knowledge into your intellect.

    God wants to fill your minds, your hearts, with true Wisdom. Illuminate it with Light. Come.

    The Living Water, refreshes souls keeps it cool, and from thirsting.

    The world is insatiable in everything. Never able to fully quench all desires. Going from one to another, and when you find something, it never is fulfilled, meaning, once and you're full the same feeling is constant from the first time, a perpetual reoccurring feeling, sentiment, thought. Heaven is a constant state of Bliss, Peace, Joy, true Fulfilled state never having to return to receive from the start to eat again and again to get the same satisfaction. The earth due to vice, the poison of Satan is never fulfilled, never sated, but must return constantly. After a while you get tired.

    Heaven is a state of "Never tire." Thus it is called "Paradise."

    Peace be with you always

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    Lastly Jesus says, "to not be gullible in believing." Notebook 1943.

    Thus, you man, need a guide in life to get you through to your end destiny. A guide is required, because, Evil is present, Evil is predominant on earth. God provided for man to man Good predominant on earth, but, man found the flesh which dies, more desirable than eternal life in Heaven with God. He forsook God for earthly tastes and thus dies the death.

    Here is the reality. Man without choosing God for a guide ends up by default choosing Satan as his guide and teacher. You did not accept God as your Guide. God is Benign. God's benignity is quite well depicted in Genesis. Why was Adam and Eve allowed to sin? Benign. God saw the whole episode, nothing escapes God. His Benign presence makes man think, God is absent. Thus, God is depicted as the Voice walking in the noon air in Eden. To make things more clear, today, man is so distrustful of other men, that, cameras are hung recording traffic, offices, homes, and other places. God does not require Cameras to see.

    Man seeks to imitate God, through the advice of Satan. Become like God, say's Satan. Make cameras to become all present, being able to see the dark secrets of man's sinfulness. Get it on video! Candid Camera. Fools! Why do you need to repeat Adam's sin? Get out of sin! Come to Heaven.

    God gives us advice, and then leaves us to our own. We decide what to do, free will and then to be able to act freely, just as God is able to. God, poor fools, can do what He wishes, just as we. But, God is the Supreme Power. You can cheat and lie on earth all you want, but after your life on earth passes, you are then placed in God's Court to be judged for your negligent living. Do you understand? You pass from earth to God. The one who sentences you for all eternity or blesses you, your choice. How you live.

    Now fallen man needs to be instructed. How many years does man spend from a young child to early adulthood in school being taught? K through 12, then 4 years of college as the norm, and then add the other occupations. Then add the years man spends learning even afterwards, studying for his occupation. Lots of years.

    Thus, man requires many years to be taught.

    Thus, if Jesus did not spend years with Maria, God does not love man. Love is spend thrift. Speaks a lot to get man to return. Read the Old Testament where God sent many men and women to Israel. Read about the parables where God sent one after another, men called prophets filled with God's words to speak to gone astray men and women. He piped and cooed, but none came. God repeats these gestures.

    In fact, man is so proud that he thinks he knows Jesus Christ and God so well that he can decide how God should and should not act. This is basically what is being done and said by those many whose intelligence is lacking infusion of Wisdom and Light. Pride keeps God from entering man. Thus, man is left in rationalism. Which equals 'separation' from the Mind that nourishes.

    Repeat what the publican said, "God, I am not worthy," he speaks these few words and throws himself on the ground as a beggar before God. Thus, those who think they know God and how God should act and not act are just like the proud Pharisee who stood praising himself, rather than God praising him through others.

    We are vessels as St. Paul states through the power of the Holy Spirit, to be inhabited and filled by God, a temple that has in itself an altar and a well.

    We must therefore receive From God and not think on our own what God may or may not be. God has to inform us of what He is and is not. God is the only One capable of instructing man about Himself. No other being is able. Satan hates God, is hate and therefore cannot teach Love and Goodness. If he did he would contradict himself. He would be divided and his kingdom would crumble.

    There are more men filled with their own ideas of God than, men filled with God, thus making these first, imperfect in telling and informing about God. They are not good teachers and guides. The Gospel says specifically who is capable: The Holy Spirit. Thus, those filled with the Holy Spirit are able to describe God according to Good and not one babbling like Satan.

    Peace be with you always

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