Jesus Christ Came to Save Man. God wants To Save Mankind.


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    Jesus Christ Came to Save Man. God wants To Save Mankind. Empty Jesus Christ Came to Save Man. God wants To Save Mankind.

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    The Lord is Eternal. And from Eternity, God came to Save mankind. From Eternity where everything is constant perfection and peace. Nothing below compares. The Lord God created a material existence just for man. From a loveless perspective, a perspective, a mentality that does not love, cannot understand, that God created all this material existence out of love for Man his dearest and most perfect creation: Man.

    It is stated and written: God is love. This is very important to remember next time you decide to question. A simple answer: Love.

    God is motivated by Love. Every action He takes, is based from Love. The Root of all of God's actions derives from Love. Man must then, be filled with love in order to understand God-Love.

    Since man sinned, and this sin caused man to fall beyond the spiritual realm down to Hell, Hell as we recall consists of 4 realms, to become mud which is what the flesh was created from, this indicates loss of Grace, Grace is infusion of Wisdom and wise people know God, man cannot understand God unless God helps man. Thus, God sent Jesus to save man. From Eternity, before man existed God had a plan to save man. How many want to be saved? How man want to live a totally different existence than this miserable sham life?

    God became Incarnate to save man. To become Food for man, medicine, antidote that cancels out the poison of the Serpent. God is everything for man, everything Good. Satan is everything evil, for man, everything that destroys man, thus, God had sent Jesus to counter Satan's poison from Eternity, so man can return to Eternity.

    Life in Heaven is Bliss, a Paradise you cannot fathom here below. The antilife which Satan gives, is death for all of eternity an eternal furnace with rocks falling on you non-stop for having stoned your soul during your life on earth. God gives you what you gave yourself, stones. If you give your soul love, God gives you love. One must love as Jesus had said: "Love, one another, as I have loved you." As God-Love has loved you. This is why Jesus said to Love God first. Because God is the Source, the Fountain of Water. Love-Water. One must always love God in order to become love.

    Peace be with you always
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