Do Demons Exist? From Whom Do We Work to Get Free From?


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    Do Demons Exist? From Whom Do We Work to Get Free From?

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    First question, Do Demons Exist? This seems rather adverse in speaking about this from our perspective, but for those who have no Wisdom, Lights, Illumination, if they are not Satanists, in the occult, they do not know and believe demons do not exist. They have not met any from their recognition. They do not have indepth education regarding, the Enemy of Man. No knowledge. Their intellects have not been 'filled' with this knowledge, just as I pour a drink into a cup to fill it with some liquid.

    Some people are not closed minded at all. They just have not been educated. While others, believe demons do not exist, just as they believe, God does not exist. Non-believing. What does it take to open these spirits? A first hand encounter, for them, it is truly, "unknown" territory, when and if they encounter such, and their eyes become opened, they become, 'fearful.' Because it is truly 'unknown' to them. They did not believe. A big surprise is in store for them. Jesus explains what these kind will encounter when they depart from the earth, these souls are 'very surprised' when they come before God to be 'prejudged.' If you did good, you have your Guardian Angel escort you to one of three dwellings: Limbo, Purgatory, Heaven. If you did evil, rejected God, an Black Angel escorts your soul to the Abyss. Hell encompasses or has in it, or contains: Limbo, Purgatory and the Abyss-damned area. These are in three tiers. The Lowest being the Abyss. Purgatory being above it, and Limbo even further up. For the Lord descended to the Dead or to Hell. He freed the souls in Purgatory and Limbo.

    When a man or woman dies, the explanation of death here means when the flesh quits, and the soul departs from it, separation of soul from body, the soul is immediately before God. According to how they lived, whom they chose to follow and serve, they go off to the perspective realms: Heaven or Hell; Limbo or Purgatory is also included.

    Limbo existed right after Adam and Eve sinned, or was created then. Limbo exists for those who lived just lives, but did not follow and serve God, but the Unknown God. These when they die, their souls immediately is before God--just as everyone else, they are judged and God sends them to Limbo. The just before Moses and Hebrew Religion came into being, went to Limbo, they did not have the Law. But they had a different law, or Faith and Obedience to God. They were very few, such as Abraham. These do not go straight to Heaven because they were not in the Religion, Catholic. They were 'just' and did not deserve eternal damnation. They wait in Limbo until the Time of the Final Judgment. Whereas if they had been in the Religion, at death they would have entered Heaven, immediately. So you can see here how important it is to be 'Catholic.' The Religion which God created and gave to Man to inherit Heaven at once and not some thousands of years later.

    Demons can be men too! When you read the Crucifixion Chapter, you read about these demons.

    Here's the logic:

    Now this is where it takes Wisdom and the Illumination from God to see it this way otherwise you remain as you are, the animal known as 'man.'

    God created man and woman, their name was 'Adam.' For they were 'one.' So, when the woman becomes pregnant and gives birth, it is 'their' child. A part of God's creation as procreators of flesh. It is relatively simple in intellect, but somewhat difficult to explain without you the listener having an 'alive' soul that is made alive by Grace. This is how it pans out: God becomes Father of the newborn, and the two are parents of the child. Co-parenting, combination of God and Man together parenting. Man joining God to raise children for Heaven. Together, what a wonderful concept. Sharing. A concept vague to man's imagination. Man is proud wants to reign himself as 'king.' Selfish. Apart. No one else included. This is how Satan thinks as well.

    This part, God including Man to become co-parents, pro-creators, joining with God to make newborns, that no other being or beings partake in. None. A special grace only given to Man. Now the more you read from the Word and Wisdom of the Father about God's Original Thought for Man, the more you the reader see the errors and the problems we face today versus the simplicity with which God had thought. Simplex versus complex. Satan made things complex, by adding so many obstacles, ideas, thoughts, that no one knows what to do on planet earth. What do I do to spend my days on the earth? How do I expend time and thoughts?

    For an earthly example: I make a clay doll, then I put in it some motor function and add a few battery's and the clay doll becomes animated.

    Now for a spiritual example: I make a man from slime of the earth, his body or the flesh, and then I infuse life giving principal called living essence and the flesh is now a living essence for the without this living essence, the flesh has no movement, it cannot think, rationally and exercise judgment in doing some thing like speaking. God gave to man, His likeness that is to be able to think and speak. God gave man also His Image called the soul which is His essence. The Book of Genesis says, Man became a living soul. Imagine that, a living soul. Look at Jesus to get a better idea, a Living Soul. The New Image for us to look at and imitate.

    Now you can add things like, if man can think, he can move. His soul allows him to move rationally. I can think which means, I can read and write if I learn. I can 'learn.' I can then 'grow' in intellect. Then I can say, I am able to progress in thinking, evolve my thinking in some shape and form. If I can do these, I can then, imagine. If I can imagine, I can then, see beyond the natural and reason supernaturally. Then, once I see this in me or others, ah, thought out these things rather than not, I must rationalize here and say, who made me? Then I read a book, the Bible. God explains in this Book, He made me and not myself, nor man. Now, after all the sin had taken place, it takes some time to understand all that had happened before so that I can understand what I must do 'now.'

    To bring all this together, that is every thing of the past happenings, events, history, traditions of, I require God to show and teach me. Because only God can teach without 'error.' That is why Jesus says, to listen to the Paraclete in the Gospel. Man by himself only understands error, because he became 'error.' So if you have an erring computer what do you do? Fix it. Precisely, God fixes us, the erring. This is what Religion does, fixes us who live in error. Religion that is not strayed or erring itself. Religion itself by itself is pure and holy. When man tries to rationalize humanly and not allowing God to fill and guide, Religion becomes like a butterfly and flies off leaving behind the erring. But what happens to those who have no idea of what Religion is and how man is to supposed fit in it act, live according to? A veil is created, a mirage, phantom appears=distortion. You get a distorted image. Thus, Religion is it's own entity, reality, idea, created by God to given to men to become holy. Good. To become good according to the Good Image and Guide. God is Good, only He can tell us what good really is. Certainly not Satan nor demons. Only those who have for years lived holy lives can be to us as good examples. We see a man or woman doing things, walking, eating, cleaning, whatever is needed to be done, and we get fixed on what they are doing rather than seeing their whole life as 'good' deed. Everything they do is good, yet they had to persevere, daily toiling. Those who want carpet blanche' don't get better. They just ask others to do for them. They are empty, dead, motionless souls that have no rewards or merits, but, demerits. Because they were inactive in processes of making themselves good. I can think about good, but unless I partake move about, make a motion, such as clean the toilet, wash some one's clothes, prepare meals for 50, you get the picture doing unto others, I am a noisy gong. Lame, lazy, slothful. This is how the world is, those who sit at the top bark orders to those below them. This is Satan's demonized world. Man-demons.

    Now for the most of you, you don't believe this any way so it does you no good, because you won't even bite. Satan is at work in you regardless of your belief.

    The Father sent the Son, to announce to man, that Paradise is 'now' open for habitation. He gives to us the vision of Heaven. A grandeur beyond our imagination that is jaw dropping and 'eternal.' No more pain, no more fighting, no more back biting, jealousy, envy, grudges, killing, so forth, only true unending peace, joy, love, light, beauty. True Beauty. No more rags, filth, garbage, hassles, suffering, beasts, demons. These will not and do not exist where God reigns as Father. A real Father, the Father of our souls.

    Demons are all over the earth. They are in 'packs' called legions, and scourges upon scourges of them have taken over nations, cities, towns, and peoples. So when the time of the Antichrist comes, which we are on the heels of, and God lowers the boom, He lowers the sword to strike 'demons.' Men-demons and angelic-demons.

    God created the angels who are pure spirits, with no flesh wrapped around their spirits.

    God created man who has a soul that is wrapped in flesh. Pretty straight forward.

    Thus, God wanted man, the hybrid angel to fill up Heaven, once he learned to love perfectly, but, an envious angel, did not want that to take place and thus we have a war on the earth, and there was a battle in Heaven before God made man. It is absolutely necessary in today's day and age, to understand the depth and detail of what is happening and what had happened so you are not left in the darkness.

    I repeat what Jesus says in the Notebook of 1943: "Man, you learn about every thing that the earth requires, what is for your flesh, but, you have not learned anything about Heaven what is for your spirit. You have studied, everything that is presented today, and have taken exams to get your certificates and licenses just to make your earthly day better and that's about as far as you go. What will happen when you have to take My Final Exam? None of you studied and prepared for this Final Exam. The one that counts for all eternity. The earth is at once long and short, but, once you pass these walls and have to stand before Me, are you prepared? Can you enter My Gates? Study the only thing essential for your true life: Wisdom, Grow in My Age, Grow in My Science. Learn what Eternity is. What Eternal means."

    Demons, are those who follow Satan regardless if you are man or angel.

    Become a citizen of Heaven, become a saint, wash your stoles in the Blood of the Lamb. Did you read what it says in Apocalypse?

    Peace be with you always
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