The Evolution of Man if Not in Spirit to Goodnes, Brings About Total Calamity


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    The Evolution of Man if Not in Spirit to Goodnes, Brings About Total Calamity Empty The Evolution of Man if Not in Spirit to Goodnes, Brings About Total Calamity

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    Jesus commented to Maria, that, it is evident that man has evolved in knowledge, how to bring about better comforts from the earth. Pleasure and comfort for his flesh and senses, not his spirit.

    The Earth is ruled by the Beasts and his servants.

    The Beast is Satan: Genesis
    The little beasts are at present the Politicians--all of them. For they are a 'group' of Satan's elite. Vipers, snakes, serpents--this class of vermin. They have evolved their spirits into snakes and serpents and hiss and spit, lie all the time. Falsehood is their realm. They speak of good as if they are 'God.' They then after putting up this facade do each other and the inhabitants of the earth, real harm. Ask yourself next time you do something, is it for me? Or is it for others sake? Do I do this for my gain? Or do I this for the common good and the betterment of mankind?

    To get an idea of true Good, and pure thoughts, sentiments and feelings, one has to contemplate the Only and All Good: God.

    Otherwise you get a rotten idea of good thinking it to be 'good.' Good and Evil. Evil facading Good. Eclipsing Good. Ah, I satan am the good, look at me he says, while vile spit and slobber slides off his face and mouth readying to gulp you down! He eclipses, Good it is done rather quickly faster than you can blink. One second he's not there, the next there he is, and for the majority, you won't notice. Because the majority do not worship God properly, poorly, or not at all.

    Evolution an very vague area for the majority. There is Satan's evolution as he teaches man to make his life more comfortable, but really making man lazy and a glutton and a murder; and there is God's way of spiritual evolution which is to create superhuman beings: saints for Heaven, which God had thought upon creating man, but before He actually created man. Example in reasoning: Because, man ponders, meditates or thinks and plans before creating something. Those who can actually think clearly. Builders, designers.

    God thought way before man was ever created. In fact God saw the entire future of man, from creation to end. His days, flesh that dies and becomes dust to those who resurrect to Life eternal. All men. Every single soul. Then, God created Man.

    It is difficult at first to understand that God knew the way man would end up.

    I plan, but, before I make, I see the end result, I see everything take place in my mind before I make.

    Can you understand?

    Man has limited vision and limited knowledge. Therefore imperfect. God has Perfect Vision and Perfect Knowledge, therefore Perfect. He gave Himself as an example, but, man imperfect as he is chose a different example: Death and selfishness which leads to estrangement and then eternal separation.

    The eternal separation if it wasn't so horrid would not be a bad choice for those who want to follow a different example. But God did not create man to follow a different example. Yet, man was given free will to choose how he will's to live. There is definitely in man, the innocence that says: Guide me, "I don't know if this is the correct thing, the way to go, to do!" An innocence like a child.

    I don't know is simply a good answer in this case. Help!

    Yet, most men feel embarrassed to say this, because of pride (self, how will people look at me?) Pride says, I cannot be embarrassed I must show my poker face, instead of humbling himself and being honest. The world my friends does not recognize humility, simply because it is proud itself and to be part of the world you must be "Proud and Arrogant" "Deceitful, Cunning, Ruthless, ready to step allover everyone and anyone to be "Number One." That's the world. It is much more than these, it is full of vices that feeds the human ego to suppress love and humility, meekness, kindness. All so you can inherit: The Abyss. Satan's home and kingdom. Don't believe me do you? Take a test a long one.

    Those who have and are ruling the world as servants of Satan, are just like Satan. They look outwardly the part of innocent dignitaries, but, are tombs and hollows filled with satanic smoke, mists, the spirit of Satan. Satanic. Nothing but.

    I would like to give a class on this. But, I have no class room. I don't have any students. Who am I?

    Thus, I speak through my little voices who love Me. I am the Love who wants to caress you, take you in my arms and bring you to my Abode.

    You have a choice, free will, meditate on this great gift. How little you meditate.

    Bitterness envelops those who love because they see, that the object of their desire is not loved either. If only the world loved! Opposite thoughts and lifestyles, completely. One must be retaught, reschooled, a conversion must take place to see the true Life, and leave behind the sham life which Satan gives you. You say, I only live once! How true. But did you know that one life was created to bring you from the earth to Heaven? One Life? The one who interrupts your life to deflect you from Heaven to snatch you away from Heaven is Satan, the Devil, the Serpent, the Red Dragon. He comes in between and teaches you, nay convinces you, Heaven does not 'exist.' And every man and woman who repeats these sentiments, have been convinced. Heaven is Hope. Heaven is Faith. Heaven is Charity. The Snake is cunning, crafty, intelligent, more than man. He knows and can read your thoughts, you do not believe he can? Just as God reads your hearts and thoughts.

    A spirit knows a spirit. But your spirits are damaged by sin and cannot see the Serpent. If you perhaps came to the Lord your God with true Faith and allowed Him to fill you with His Wisdom, His Intelligence, you would see with the eyes of your spirits and not those on your forehead.

    For what God knows, you would know upon the earth to get you through the dog days of the earth to come to your true Home. A True Guide Am I. A Guide is not one that is human with its limitations. But is God with no limitations. What you believe, what you limit yourself to, is what keeps you from fully knowing.

    You man and woman, limit yourself by not believing. God would descend quicker than thought if you believed with a forcefulness what I am trying to convey to you at this moment. A heart, and mind that is so believing as to not believe anything else. The power of God would descend immediately and you would see Your Father's Smiling Face.

    Love God always.

    Peace be with you always
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