One of the Dreadful Events During the Antichrist's Reign


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    One of the Dreadful Events During the Antichrist's Reign Empty One of the Dreadful Events During the Antichrist's Reign

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    Upon reading, the Death of Judas of Kerioth, chapter 601, I recall where Jesus explains Satanic appearances of ancient times. Dogs, cats and Billy-goats were the symbols of Satan.

    After meditating on certain sentences, Jesus explains about those guilty consciences who have committed grave sins: deicide, fratricide so forth: murderers who did not want to repent.

    They see illusions, phantoms, that drives them mad or insane if you will to the point of committing, suicide and or killing others.

    When you read this chapter carefully, you will see what I'm now going to tell you.

    When, the Antichrist comes on the scene on Earth,--because the Earth will actually be a "living Hell," where no human being will ever want to live through, comes to fruition, and, most of you who read this cannot fathom such a time because of your lack of Wisdom--not to deride you or make you feel inferior, no this not the case here, but, because you live for your flesh on the earth, the dog days of the earth as permanent fixture that dies one day, not understanding the call to higher living that lands you in Eternal Glory, those guilty of killing Christians will end up like Judas Iscariot just before he committed suicide. Why would this be?

    Because, they would kill Christ in hearts. Jesus can no longer be "physically killed".

    Satan, to revenge himself, has sought for two centuries to kill Christ in hearts, sows despair, confusion and chaos. TO remove "Faith" in God. Despair. And thus those who deride God, and say He does not exist, "I DO" commit murder and end up like Judas Iscariot fearful, seeing the Blood of Christ everywhere and seek to burn the earth to rid of the Blood, rather than, 'repent' and be saved. How many will do this? Do not be one of these. God's severity rests on these.

    Despair, has great range of thought, turning sentiments into negative feelings. Faith in God means no 'Despair.' Peace and Joy. God is Peace. You love and love does not kill.

    The Earth does not know, 'Peace.' Simply because it does not know 'God.' Thus, it is easy for sinners to be seduced, and instead of Peace and Joy reigning and being the throbs of their hearts, sensuality reigns and the being moves based on 'feeling' "I feel that these are noisy and they come against me" is what they think because Satan pulls their sensual strings, regardless of intellectual thought or common sense, or common faculty. Example, the ocean. If I walk into the ocean and try to breathe in the water, I can drown, most likely. A simple illustration. We breathe air not water. On the other hand without intelligence instructing you, Satan would say, "If you have faith, you can breathe in the water." Wisdom teaches that, man was created to breathe air. And if in the common teaching ground, this were not taught, many men would test to see if they can breathe in water and die or so most likely. Preadventure. Also, your instinct should tell you it is dangerous.

    So those with corrupted instincts, pride, won't know and thus they run headlong into, 'Satan's death traps' much like some poor fly, flying into a spider's web. The fly did not see the thin web lining or did and said, 'hmm' look interesting let's see what that is. Of course these are basic simple illustrations. In life, the Spider is Satan; and his web is strung throughout the world in a complex orientation which those without Wisdom get caught in.

    Do you want this miserable ending? Do you want to be floor covering or the flooring in Satan's cave? If you persist in resisting, you will. And never again for all eternity ever see the Light nor have even a sentiment to want or desire 'Love.' Hatred, fills the Abyss. Every one there hates just like it's master: Satan who hates Good. Hates Love. Hates, everlasting Hatred. Imagine, everlasting hatred. You will hate yourself for hating.

    Peace be with you always
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    Post on Wed May 16, 2012 5:45 am by Poem

    The Spirit of the Lord, or some Saint or Angel always instructs me on the fruitlessness of vice which lands one in the Abyss.

    Many thoughts, I wish I can remember them all. These are personal teachings, and also has a way of witnessing to the Truth. The Truth comes to teach the wrong choice is so wrong that, you don't want it in you. The only way out is through the Way to obtain Heaven, through pain and suffering a short while. The more painful your life, the more you expiate, and the more you expiate the better the place is in Heaven. Jesus said, there are many mansions in Heaven, if it were not so, He would not say so. To trust in the Word of God, who never speaks a Lie, is at first somewhat difficult for those who have a hard time believing any one. For the problem lies within your heart which is where a seed of doubt has been planted by the sub-planter: Satan, the cunning, crafty, astute, intelligent-Snake. He imitates God in God's manifestations and ways. If God plants Faith in Hearts, Satan's sows a negative counter vice: Despair, doubt to make your heart faithless and a doubter of God's Word, the Truth. The battle wages on in hearts of man upto the final minutes of death, where the soul and flesh separate the first time and only once.

    The bitterness one tastes in life as one who follows the Way, is the same as Christ tasted, a drop of His Chalice. Not necessarily from His Chalice because, Jesus explains that His Chalice was only for Him. Besides, sinful and imperfect man cannot taste from His Chalice, simply because Christ was the Word of God Incarnate, sinless, perfect. And no man can drink His Chalice and live.
    Thus, Christ says, 'Of His Chalice' and not 'From His Chalice.' Thus, His reply to the sons of thunder, John and James of Zebedee, you cannot drink from My Chalice. For they did not possess the Eternal Wisdom and Clairvoyance. Only Christ, that Chalice which is not the chalice we men drink from, but the Chalice we do not see. That Chalice is for Christ only and His alone. Christ then, gives us this bitterness. This tells us we are like Him in suffering and sentiments. We truly have received His sentiment that the world is so on their own on a rational wheel separated from God, that they do not understand, nor receive, the vision of Life which God has created for those who persevere till the end: Heaven. God's Eternal Kingdom of Peace and Joy. A peace and joy that is not 'human' by any means. Unfathomable, infinite, Grandeur which God has reserved for those who love Him. Amen

    Peace be with you always

    Post on Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:22 am by Poem

    Is Suicide a direct pass to Hell? Yes or No?

    Yes for the majority, no for the minority. Why? Pride. You did not believe God as, Mercy, Love, Joy, Peace, Judge, King, who takes care of the little people. Your pride said, God cannot forgive me, cannot accept me so forth. When God has been saying, he could and would. Forgiveness, Mercy is Jesus. God's Hand brought Mercy called "Jesus Christ." The provision of God for man. Jesus is Divine Mercy. To trust in the Mercy of God.

    In Poem of the Man-God and I believe somewhere in the Notebooks, Jesus explains the reasons for suicide and He also gives the reasons for judgment or arriving at the judgment.

    Thou shall not kill. Even yourself, taking your own life. Although we do when we sin, the sins cause wounds to our souls, and a weak soul is food for Satan. A strong soul, then is necessary to overcome.

    A suicide happens because of despair. Loss of hope. Faith in something, hope in something has been destroyed, thus you despair.

    Remember, despair is a sin of pride saying, I do not believe, I do not hope. If you have faith in God, one does not despair.

    What is this like here?

    Despair is the final outcome of a person who changed from a happy state to miserable state. It so happens humanity lives in the miserable state.

    If you do not have faith in God, you live without faith and hope and thus are on a scale of up and down, somewhere past the middle on the down side.

    Jesus explains where most of humanity is on this scale and a little wind blows and people come unglued. This ungluing explains that man is on that scale not up nor in the middle but past the middle going down.

    Faith is like an elevator, escalator, staircase, which rises up. Thus, giving strength to souls, nourishing it. Whereas souls with vice, which is what the spirit of the world gives to counter virtue so you become food for Satan, are miserable souls, don't have a clue.

    Suicide then, is a no no. Faith Hope Charity. Prayer believing in God. Prayer of faith. Not just prayer, but praying believing. Believe and pray. Believe in God. God does not answer prayers for selfish gain. He listens to your spirits to hear it speak to the Father. A Father listens to its children. Children must listen to its Father. Learn how to speak to the Father.

    Peace be with you always

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