Book: 5 602. Other Teachings on the First Parents and on the Parallelism between Cain and Judas.


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    Book: 5 602. Other Teachings on the First Parents and on the Parallelism between Cain and Judas.

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    Book: Five
    Chp: 602. Other Teachings on the First Parents and on the Parallelism between Cain and Judas.

    5th April 1944.

    Jesus says:

    « In Genesis we read: "Then Adam named his wife Eve, because she is the mother of all those who live".

    Oh! yes. Woman was born of the "Virago" whom God had formed as a companion for Adam, building her from the rib of man. She was born with her sorrowful destiny, because she had wanted to be born in that way, that is with her sorrowful destiny. Because she had wanted to know what God had concealed from her, reserving for Himself the joy of giving her the joy of posterity without any debasement of sensuality. Adam's companion had wanted to become acquainted with the good concealed in evil, and above all with the evil concealed in good, in apparent good. Because enticed as she was by Lucifer, she had craved for knowledge that God alone could possess without any danger, and she had made herself creatress. But by using such power of good unworthily, she had corrupted it into an evil deed, because it was disobedience to God and malice and greediness of the flesh.

    By this time she was the "mother". Infinite lamentation of things over the innocence of their profaned queen! And desolate lamentation of the queen over her desecration, of which she understands the importance and its impossible annulment! If darkness and cataclysms accompanied the death of the Innocent, darkness and storm also accompanied the death of Innocence and Grace in the hearts of the First Parents. Grief was born on the Earth. But God's providence did not want it to be eternal, as after years of sorrow He gave you the joy of coming out of sorrow to enter joy, if you know how to live with righteous minds.

    Woe to man if he had had to make himself the master of life in a human way! And if he had had to live with the memory of his crimes and the continual increase of them, because it is more impossible for you to live without sinning than it is to live without breathing, you creatures who had been created to know the Light and whom Darkness has poisoned making you its victims. Darkness! It circumvents you continuously. It entangles you awakening what the Sacrament has canceled, and as you do not oppose it with the will of being of God, it succeeds in corrupting you again with its poison, that Baptism had made harmless.

    As the signs of man's disobedience were evident, God the Father removed him from the place of heavenly delights, so that he might not sin once again and more gravely by raising his thieving hand to the tree of Life. The Father could no longer trust His children, neither could He feel safe in His Earthly Paradise. Satan had entered it once to lay snares for His dearest creatures, and if he had succeeded in inducing them to sin when they were innocent, with greater ease he would be able to do it again now that they were no longer innocent.

    Man had wanted to possess everything, not leaving to God the treasure of being the Generator. Let him therefore go away with his riches acquired through violence, and let him take them with him to the land of his exile to remind him always of his sin, a downcast king despoiled of his gifts. The paradisiac creature had become an earthly creature. And ages of sorrow had to go by, until the Only One, Who could stretch out His hand to the fruit of Life, should come and pick that fruit for all Mankind. And He should pick it with His pierced hands and give it to men, so that they might become again coheirs to Heaven and possessors of the Life that lives for ever.

    Genesis says also: "Adam then had intercourse with his wife Eve".

    They had wanted to know the secrets of good and of evil. It was fair that now they should also experience the pain of having to reproduce themselves in flesh, having God's direct help only for what man cannot create, the spirit, the spark that departs from God, the breath that is infused by God, the seal that on the flesh affixes the sign of the Eternal Creator. And Eve gave birth to Cain.

    Eve was burdened with her sin. At this point I will draw your attention to a fact that escapes most people. Eve was burdened with her sin. And pain had not yet been suffered in a manner sufficient to diminish her sin. Like an organism laden with toxins, she had conveyed to her son what abounded in her. And Cain, Eve's first son, was born hard, envious, quick-tempered, lascivious, wicked, little different from wild animals with regard to instinct, much superior with regard to the supernatural, because in his fierce ego he denied respect to God, Whom he considered an enemy, believing that it was lawful for him not to have a sincere cult for Him. Satan instigated him to deride God. And he who derides God does not respect anybody in the world. Therefore those who are in touch with the deriders of God are acquainted with the bitterness of tears, because they have no hope of respectful love from their offspring, no certainty of faithful love in their consort, no certainty of honest friendship in friends.

    Abundant tears streamed down Eve's face and her heart swelled with bitter tears because of the hardness of her son, and those tears sowed the germ of repentance in her heart, and they obtained a diminution of her fault, as God forgives because of the sorrow of those who repent. And Eve's second son had his soul washed in his mother's tears, and he was kind and respectful to his parents, and devout to his Lord, Whose omnipotence he perceived shine from the Heavens. He was the joy of his impoverished mother.

    But the way of Eve's sorrow was to be long and painful, proportionate to her way in the experience of sin. In the latter, thrills of senses. In the former, shivers of pain. In the latter, kisses. In the former, blood. From the latter, a son. From the former, the death of a son. Of the one dearest to her because of his goodness. Abel becomes the means of purification for the guilty mother. What a painful purification! With her howling she filled the Earth terrified by the fratricide and she mixed the tears of a mother with the blood of a son, while he, who had shed it out of hatred for God and for his brother loved by God, was running away chased by remorse.

    The Lord says to Cain: "Why are you angry?" If you fail in your duty towards Me, why do you grow angry because I do not look at you benignly?

    How many Cains there are on the Earth! Their cult for Me is derisory and hypocritical or is non-existent, and yet they want Me to look at them with love and to fill them with happiness.

    God is your King. Not your servant. God is your Father. But a father is never a servant, if one judges according to justice. God is just. You are not. But He is. As He exceedingly fills you with His favours, if you only love Him a little, He cannot certainly avoid punishing you, since you deride Him. Justice does not follow two paths. One is its path. As you do, so you receive. If you are good, you receive good. If you are wicked, you receive evil. And, believe Me, the good you receive is always much more than the bad you should have, for your way of living, rebelling against the divine Law.

    God has said: "Is it not true that if you do good you will have good and if you do wrong, sin will be immediately at your door?". In fact good leads to a constant spiritual elevation and makes one more and more capable of performing greater and greater good deeds, till one reaches perfection and becomes holy. Whereas it is enough to yield to evil to degrade oneself and deviate from perfection, becoming acquainted with the power of sin that enters hearts and by degrees makes them descend to greater and greater guiltiness.

    "But" God also says "under you lies the desire of it and you must control it". Yes. God did not make you slaves of sin. Passions are under you. Not above you. God has given you intelligence and strength to control yourselves. Also to the first men, struck by God's severity, He left intelligence and moral strength. And now, since the Redeemer has consumed the Sacrifice on your behalf, you have the streams of Grace to assist your intelligence and strength, and you can and must dominate evil desires. Through your will fortified by Grace you must do it. That is why the angels at My Birth sang to the Earth: "Peace to men of good will". I had come to bring Grace back to you, and through its union with your good wills, Peace would come to men. Peace: the glory of God's Heaven.

    And Cain said to his brother: 'Let us go out' ". A lie concealing a murderous betrayal under a smile. Delinquency is always mendacious, both with regard to its victims and to the world it tries to deceive. And it would like to deceive even God. But God reads hearts.

    "Let us go out". Many centuries later one said: "Hail, Master" and kissed Him. The two Cains concealed their crimes under harmless appearances, and vented their envy, anger, arrogance, and all wicked instincts on the victim, because they had not controlled themselves, but had made their spirits the slaves of their corrupted egos.

    In her expiation Eve rises. Cain descends towards hell. Despair seizes him and makes him fall into the abyss. And, with despair, comes the physical cowardly fear of human punishment, the last deadly blow to the spirit already languishing because of its crime. No longer a being mindful of Heaven, man with a dead soul is an animal that trembles with fear for his animal life. Death, whose appearance is a smile for the just, because through it they go to the joy of possessing God, is terrifying for those who are aware that to die means to pass from the hell of one's heart, to the Hell of Satan, for ever. And like people entranced, they see revenge everywhere ready to strike them.

    But you must know, I am speaking to the just, you must know that, if remorse and the darkness of a guilty heart allow and foster the hallucinations of a sinner, no one is allowed to set himself up as judge of his brother, and least of all as executioner. Only one is the Judge: God. And if the justice of men has created its law-courts, the task of administering justice is to be remitted to them, and woe to those who profane that name and judge instigated by their own passions or pressed by human powers. Malediction upon him who makes himself the private executioner of one of his fellows! But a greater malediction upon him who, not through the influence of rash wrath, but out of cold human interest, unjustly sends a man to death or to the disgrace of jail. Because, if he who kills a man who has killed, will be given a punishment seven times greater, as the Lord said would happen to anybody who struck Cain, he who condemns without justice, through enslavement to Satan in the capacity of human Overbearingness, will be struck seventy-seven times by God's severity. You should always bear that in your minds, men, particularly at the present moment, since you kill one another to make of those who have fallen the base of your triumph, and you do not realise that you are digging under your feet the pit into which you will fall cursed by God and by men. Because I have said: "You shall not kill".

    Eve rises on her way of expiation. Repentance grows deeper in her before the proofs of her sin. She wanted to know good and evil. And the remembrance of the good she had lost is for her like the remembrance of the sun for someone who has become suddenly blind; and evil is in front of her in the mortal remains of her murdered son, and around her because of the void left by her homicide fugitive son. And Seth was born. And Seth begot Enos. The first priest.

    Your minds swell with the rivers of your science and you speak of evolution as of a sign of your spontaneous generation. The animal-man, evolving, will become the superman. That is what you say. Yes. It is so. But in My way. In My field. Not in yours. Not by passing from the state of quadrumana to that of men. But passing from the state of men to that of spirits. The more the spirit grows, the more you will evolve.

    You who speak of glands, and fill your mouths speaking of hypophysis or of the pineal gland, and place in it the seat of life, taken not in the time in which you live but in the days that preceded and that will follow your present life, must know that your true gland, the one that makes you the eternal possessors of Life, is your spirit. The more it develops, the more you will possess divine lights and will evolve from men to gods, to immortal gods, and so, without contravening God's desire, His order concerning the tree of Life, you will obtain the possession of this Life, exactly as God wants you to possess it, because on your behalf He created it eternal and bright, a beatific embrace with His eternity that absorbs you in Itself and communicates Its properties to you.

    The more your spirits are evolved, the more you will know God. To know God means to love Him and serve Him, and thus be able to invoke Him on your own behalf and on behalf of other people. It means to become the priests who from the Earth pray for their brothers. Because who is consecrated is a priest. But also the convinced, loving, faithful believer is a priest. And a priest above all is the victim soul that sacrifices itself out of an impulse of charity. God does not look at the garment, but at the mind. And I solemnly tell you that My eyes see many tonsured people who have nothing sacerdotal except their tonsures, and they see many laymen in whom the Charity that possesses them and by which they allow themselves to be consumed is the Oil of ordination that makes them My priests, unknown to the world but known to Me, and I bless them. »

    Peace be with you always

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