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    Think of your flesh, your body, as a container to have the spirit sit on a throne and fill and move the flesh, your body in the ways of the spirit.

    The soul lost it's rightful place on the throne. The soul got kicked out, chained up and removed from the throne, put in prison, the coffer, the coffin the grave and shut letting no Light in. The flesh sits on the throne. So the flesh moves itself according to what it wants. The horse and rider. The horse and rider are now entirely flesh. This is the way of the world. It cannot know the ways of the spirit. It does not want the ways of the spirit. So all the inhabitants cry for more fleshly rights and things to make it comfortable. This is not what God created. God created a living soul, where the soul sat on the throne in the little kingdom God created called the body, made from mud. Man erects mud castles to dwell in, creating his kingdom of mud, Earthly.

    God created, from the earth, a body to contain the spirit to live in another form other than a pure spirit. To bring this body to Heaven one day in the future as an animal that has become spirit.

    What then happens as described in the book of Romans?

    All the ways of the flesh what it desires, and seeks after fills the house God created with mud. The result is a mud brick, suffocating the soul, your spirit who animates your body. Can a brick move about? Can it fly? No. It is encumbered with mud.

    The body was created as a thin layer for the soul, so the soul can fly with God. Demigod with wings, lion with wings of an eagle.

    Pretend your body is a jet plane. You sit in the jet plane to fly it to go up! To see the heavens to fly is this freedom! wow! how light you feel.

    Your body was created to be like the jet plane. And your soul was created to sit in the cockpit to fly with God.

    So, if you fill your house with earthen things, can you fly up? No. The sheer weight of the mud and rocks, bricks, mortar, makes it sink into fetid mud, drown in mud. This what Sin does. Sin creates layers and layers of mud and the soul suffocates.

    Pretend your jet plane is now sunk in mud, it needs help to come out of it. Christ comes to free your jet plane from Mud. The jet plane is still crude and needs to have it stop thinking about the earth. Because the earth's recollection causes the plane to miss the earth, and not think about 'flying' to a New Living. To what God had called it to! A better Earth and a Better Heaven where things are perfect for both the jet plane and the pilot. This Earth is compromised by the Evil Serpent. Who comes to seduce the jet plane into hating the pilot and the pilots Leader and Instructor.

    The things of the flesh, humanity infiltrates into the soul making the soul filled with flesh and humanity. The soul, is chained up, and made a prisoner, it fights against the flesh and humanity, but chained and held a prisoner, it is weak and succumbs. Because it has no substance to resist, food and nourishment to make it strong and wise. The Serpent bombards the intellect of the spirit to wear it out, it can no longer think, of God's way, so it has surrendered to the Serpent, which feeds it fleshly things. Or the way according to 'mud.' The earth.

    Never on the things of the spirit to soar in the sky along side God. The way of true freedom from the Earth. And this is why many souls can't wait to depart, these souls see the world as compromised. Many souls surrendered to the Serpent because these souls did not want to nourish themselves with True Food and True Strength.

    To feed the soul, nourish with God, so it can, become the dominant and ruler of the jet plane.

    Then when the pilot has reached the Age of Wisdom, both the jet plane and the pilot move on to the 'perfected' state, which God puts these final touches to live by and with God in the New Horizon for flying spirits, who fly with God forever in the Sky that was created to fly Infinitely. You go to a place where the flights are infinite and beautiful beyond imagination.

    The earth is the grounded state. Filled with brick, mortar, rocks, and boulders, as well as sand, stubble, and many other earthly things. What fills your thoughts and belly.

    The book of Romans says, the flesh became aware of other appetites, besides the Heavenly appetites, and arose in rebellion to the pilot and the Instructor. Did not want to go to New Horizons. Got home sick, stayed planted in one position. Fear comes from the Devil to keep you planted in the earth. No desire to uproot and move up to the Better World.

    Your soul is filled with earthen ways. The flesh has strangled and suffocated the soul.

    Now, when the pilot of the jet plane has surrendered to the Serpent, it flies for the things of the earth. It gets sated with the things of the earth, converted to earthly ways. The pilot has tentacles stuck in him to help convert, plus incase you resist his tentacles torture you. Jesus the Redeemer, and Savior.

    Jesus comes as Redeemer and Savior to remove all these terrible and horrible things. The Serpent and his tentacles and other nasties the Serpent has made modifications to, the jet plane as well. A conversion to God once again is needed. God comes to polish your stoles--the jet plane to nourish the pilot and make it wise. Then after the pilot has become of Age in Wisdom, the pilot goes on to shoot down Serpents in control of surrendered pilots converting them to God's Way.

    In order to reach this position each pilot must undergo New Training to learn of all the Serpents tricks and maneuvers, cunning, crafty, intelligent, astute ways. He is the most subtle Beast in the field. A very intelligent beast. He uses his intelligence to capture the innocent, the others who have had no Training in Wisdom. Wisdom teaches pilots about what to look for and how to defend and take the offensive in 'battle.'

    Mind you we do not harm pilots and jet planes, This is an illustration, like a parable to make pilots wise to the seduction.

    Thus, the pilot has to care for his jet plane and himself, by listening and taking heed to the Instructor, your Master. He has to take himself to class daily to nourish himself, because the Serpent is a tireless spirit that never runs out of fuel, like we do.

    The Serpent has had centuries of fooling and capturing pilots. He is most experienced in this art. He is the best there is in capturing and fooling pilots, thus, his grave yard is full of destroyed planes, and his cave is full of pilots.

    The Book of Romans goes on to say, that, those who do not accept true Instruction are destined to fill the Serpents grave yard and cave.

    The Book says how to fly your jet planes. The Instructors Manual on 'flight' in the Heavens.

    Peace be with you always
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