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    God advises, and commands.

    First He gives us commands, which are similar to advice. Then He advises on how to carry out those Commands.

    The Gospel, contains, Commands, and advice, as well as certain parables to help visualize the commands and advice.

    The Gospel, contains Sacraments, Dogmas, and teaching. Contains what you will come up against in life. All the things in life, that man runs into is contained in the Gospel, and thus, Jesus gives advice on how to maintain His standard of living using the commands, advice, and teachings to help us walk the life. Therefore below reveals a lesson on advice from God.

    Book 5,Chapter 567

    Oh! I solemnly tell you that he who makes good use of his intellect and of his free will and invokes the Lord to see the truth in things, will not be ruined by temptation, because the Father Who is in Heaven will help him to do what is good in spite of all the snares of the world and of Satan.

    Remember Anna of Elkanah and Eli's sons. The bright angel of the former had advised Anna to make a vow to the Lord if He made her fecund. Eli, the priest, advised his sons to go back to a life of justice, and not to sin any further against the Lord. And yet, although it is easier for man, because of his heaviness, to understand the voice of another man than the spiritual - but imperceptible by physical senses - speech of the Lord's angel speaking to the spirit, Anna of Elkanah took the advice, because she was good and upright in the eyes of God, and she gave birth to a prophet, whereas Eli's sons, as they were wicked and far from God, did not take their father's advice and were punished by God with a violent death.

    Advice has two values: that of the source from which it comes, and it is already great because it may have incalculable consequences, and that of the heart to which it is given. The value given to it by the heart to which it is proposed is not only incalculable, but also immutable. Because if the heart is good and follows a good piece of advice, it gives that advice the value of a just deed, and if it does not follow it, it deprives it of the second part of its value, as it remains just a piece of advice, but not a deed, that is, it is a merit only for the adviser. And if it is a wicked piece of advice and is rejected by a good heart, which has been tempted in vain through blandishments or terrors to put it into practice, it achieves the value of victory over Evil and of martyrdom for loyalty to Good, and thus it prepares a great treasure in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    So when your hearts are tempted by other people, meditate, guided by the light of God, whether it is a good word, and if with the help of God, Who allows temptations but does not want your ruin, you see that it is not a good thing, have the courage to say to yourselves and to those tempting you: "No. I will remain loyal to my Lord and may my loyalty absolve me of my past sins and allow me to enter the gates of the Kingdom and not be left outside, near them, because the Most High sent His Son for me also, to lead me to eternal salvation".

    Go. If anybody needs Me, you know where I rest during the night. May the Lord enlighten you. »

    Peace be with you always
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