1943: Periods in the Life of the Church + Authenticity of God's Words + Maria as Fount


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    1943: Periods in the Life of the Church + Authenticity of God's Words + Maria as Fount

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    Notebook: 1943
    Chp: Periods in the Life of the Church

    December 11

    In reference to Zechariah chapters 12, 13, 14

    Jesus says:

    "My Church has already known periods of obscurantism due to a number of different things. It should not be forgotten that, if the Church, taken as an entity, is a work as perfect as her Founder; 'taken as a group of men', she presents the imperfections proper to what comes from men.

    "When the Church--and I am now referring to the gathering of her high dignitaries--acted according to the dictates of My Law and My Gospel, she experienced radiant times of splendor. But woe when, placing earthly interests before those of Heaven, she contaminated herself with human passions! Woe three times over when she worshipped the Beast John speaks of--that is, political Power--and made herself its slave. The light then darkened, necessarily, into more or less obscure twilights either because of the deficiency proper to the Heads who rose to that throne by human arts or through their weakness in the face of human pressures.

    "There are the times in which there are 'idol shepherds,' about whom I have already spoken--the consequence, at root, of the errors of all. For if Christians were as they should be, whether powerful or humble, abuses and intrusions would not take place, and the punishment of God, who withdraws His Light from those who have rejected it, would not be provoked.

    "In the past centuries, the antipopes and schisms came from those errors, and both the former and the latter divided consciences into two opposing camps, provoking incalculable ruins in souls. In future centuries those same errors will manage to provoke Error--that is, the Abomination of God's house, the sign preceding the end of the world.

    "What will it consist of? When will it occur? It is not necessary for you to know this. I tell you only that from a clergy cultivating rationalism excessively and serving political power excessively there can only come fatally, a very dark period for the Church.

    "But do not fear. The prophecy of Zechariah is joined, like one ring to another, to John's. After this period of painful travail in which, persecuted by the forces of hell, the Church, like the mystical Woman John speaks of, after having fled to save herself by taking refuge in the best and losing the unworthy members in the mystical (I say mystical) flight, will give birth to the saints destined to lead her to the hour preceding the last times.

    "Those who will have to gather the races around the Cross to prepare Christ's assembly will have the hand of a father and a king. Nor will any race fail to respond to the appeal, with its best children.

    "I will then come, and over against all the snares and stratagems, attempts and crimes of Satan directed towards my earthly Jerusalem--the militant Church--I will set My Power for her defense.

    "I will pour My Spirit upon all the redeemed of the earth. And even those who now suffer, expiating the sins of their fathers, and who are unable to find salvation because they do not dare to turn to Me will encounter peace, for, beating their breasts, they will call down--in a way quite different from that of their fathers--upon themselves that Blood already shed, which drips inexhaustibly from the members their fathers pierced. Like a fountain I will stand in the midst of My Flock, entirely reassembled, and will wash in Myself all the base actions of the past which repentance will already have begun to cancel out.

    "Then, as the King of Justice and Wisdom, I will disperse the idols of false doctrines; I will purge the Earth of the false prophets who have drawn you into so many errors. I will take the place of all the doctors, all the prophets, more or less holy or more or less wicked, for the final teaching must be cleansed of imperfection, for it must prepare those who have not time for purgation and who are able to be called quickly to the tremendous review for the Last Judgment.

    "These 'living rubies' of 'My Wounds' shall be a sword for the impenitent, the obstinate, and those sold to Satan and a caress for the 'little ones' who love Me as a loving father. This caress of Christ shall descend upon their weakness to fortify them, and My Hand shall carry them towards the trial in which only those who love Me with a true love withstand. A third. But this portion shall be worthy of possessing the City of Heaven, the Kingdom of God.

    "Then I will come, no longer as the Teacher, but as the King, to take possession of my militant Church, now rendered One and Universal, as my Will made it.

    "The centuries long travail shall be over for her. The Enemy shall be defeated forever. The Earth shall be cleansed by the rivers of Grace descending one last time upon it to make it as it was in the beginning, when Sin had not corrupted the altar of this planet, destined to sing the praises of God with other planets, which, because of man's sin, became the base for the scaffold of its Lord, made flesh to save the Earth. With all the seducers overcome, all the persecutors who, at a insistent pace, have disturbed the Church, my bride, She shall know tranquility and glory.

    "We will rise together for a final ascension, my saints and I, to take possession of the City without contamination, where my throne is prepared and where everything shall be new and without pain. Immersed in my light, you shall reign with Me forever and ever.

    "This is obtained for you by Him who, for your sakes, became incarnate in Mary's womb and was born in Bethlehem of Judah to die on Golgotha."

    Peace be with you always

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    Re: 1943: Periods in the Life of the Church + Authenticity of God's Words + Maria as Fount

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    Jesus then says to me:

    "Do not be disturbed, Maria. Say with Me, 'I thank you, O holy Father, for You have hidden these things from the powerful and have revealed them to me, who am little.'

    "Let the thought of others muse as it pleases. You know that the source of your writings is God, that this comes from God. That's enough for you.

    "Are you working for human glory? No. You are working for my glory. And so do not be busied or concerned about human quibbles and human praises. Do your share. The reward shall be yours. The others, if they are unable to do their share and do not take my gift into account, shall receive appropriate compensation.

    'Be serene in your happiness, which is the most beautiful sign of the origin of these writings. Your happiness comes from your transformation in Good. Your angel looks at you contentedly, for he sees you are changed in Me. Assist the work of your Jesus however you can, as much as you can. Work continuously upon yourself. You must tend towards Perfection. Suffer so as to be able to and suffer for your brothers and sisters who are so deaf to the voices of love.

    "If I have made you a reservoir of my word so that the thirsty may drink from it, you must breathe in the Word, at the cost of a continuous sacrifice. Suffering of the flesh, sufferings of the heart, sufferings of the mind, and sufferings of the spirit--everything must be of use to you for this purpose. I permit all because I want your power as a victim who conquers souls for Heaven by her suffering to grow more and more.

    "I reassure you about the doubt which Satan is trying to inject into you, the only weapon he has left to disturb you, the doubt as to whether you are in error. Live securely in Jesus.

    "Go in peace. Even if the world were to reject your gift, I would not take away from you the honey of my Word, and it would remain entirely in you as in a royal coffer of which you would be the absolute queen. Sleep with my blessing."

    Peace be with you always

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    Re: 1943: Periods in the Life of the Church + Authenticity of God's Words + Maria as Fount

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    Jesus speaks:

    When the Creator made the Earth, He drew it out of nothing, uniting gases of ether (which was previously created and became firmament) into a mass, which, in rotating, became solid like a meteoric avalanche which continually grew around a primitive nucleus.

    Even your Negation - a term I give to that Science which wants to explain things without God - admits the centripetal force, which allows a body to rotate without losing parts of itself, or rather it attracts all parts to its center. You have machines, which however grandiose, still repeat in a microscopic way the centripetal force created by God to create worlds, and force them to rotate around the sun, a fixed pivot, unable to leave the Heavenly paths assigned to them; otherwise, they would disturb the order of creation and provoke cataclysms with incalculable destructions.

    The Earth, thus getting its form during it's course as a nebular projectile, which solidifies itself crossing space, and to rob, even by force, also emanations and elements which came from other sources, and which remained locked up in it under the form of volcanic fires, sulphurs, waters, and divers minerals. These appear on the surface giving testimony of their existence and of the mysteries, which with all your science you do not succeed in explaining with exact truth, the mysteries of the Earth, a planet created from nothing by God, My Father.

    How many good forces you still do not know, you who are the masters at discovering and using wicked forces! This latter you ask from the Evil one, and he teaches them to you, to torture you and make you torturers of your fellow - men, in his name, and in his service. But you refuse to ask for the good forces from Goodness, who would teach you Paternally, just as He taught the first men, who were also guilty and condemned by Him, the means and the ways of how to use during their existence on the Earth.

    There are still beneficial sources and healthy juices which you do not know, and which would be so useful to know. Also there are some you know about, but you do not use them, preferring instead true drugs of hell, which destroy both your soul and body.

    Therefore, will these springs cease to exist, springs in which the salts are dissolved, the salts taken from minerals enclosed in the womb of your planet; the springs which appear from stratum and through veins of ground on the surface, either freezing or boiling, tasteless, colorless, odorless or with taste, with color, with smell perceptible to your senses? No. They continue being made inside the Earth, by a process of continual assimilation and transformation, like that when food in your stomach becomes blood, nourishing the tissues and marrows, the organs and cells, which in turn produce the blood. They continue trickling, just as sweat seeps out through the tissues of the body. "They obey." If this were to stop, there would be many terrestrial explosions, and the Earth, like a boiler without any opening, would explode, killing all of you.

    Skip.... one paragraph which pertains to the seer.

    I will always nourish the Fountain of My Word, in you. It is enough for Me that you give Me love, humility, good will and a spirit of sacrifice. But if you have love, you already have everything, because love gives birth to every virtue. One who loves is humble towards the beloved, in whom he or she, sees every perfection. One who loves is eager to make the beloved happy. One who loves does not feel aversion to sacrifice, if that sacrifice can be useful to the beloved. This is valid for human love. And this multiplies a hundredfold when the love is supernatural.

    And you, who already know the fruit of humility and sacrifice, two powerful magnets that attract Me with all My supernatural Gifts, increase your humility and sacrifice to an annihilation and to a frenzy.

    Long live the victim-souls who are delirious by Divine Love, enraptured by It! They are the victors of the world which they trample underfoot. They are the conquerors of God, of Christ, who is the supreme Victim-Soul!

    Peace be with you always

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    Re: 1943: Periods in the Life of the Church + Authenticity of God's Words + Maria as Fount

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