1943: Jesus Desire for Our Perfection


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    1943: Jesus Desire for Our Perfection

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 85
    Chp: Jesus Desire for Our Perfection

    June 15

    Jesus says:

    "It is natural for the devil to try to disturb you. He can no longer do so with the flesh and thus tries to disturb your spirit.

    "He does what is his occupation--that is, try to discourage souls, terrify them, make them waiver. He generally tries to make them sin to distance them from Me. When he is unable to do this, because the soul is quite watchful and the deceit does not enter, he then tries to terrify it and introduce thoughts which are apparently good, but in reality harmful.

    "See, Maria. Between the thought 'I will become holy' and the thought 'It is impossible for me to become holy' the more dangerous and contrary to Me is the latter. The first is not an act of pride if it is corroborated by all the efforts of the will to reach holiness.

    "I stated, 'Be perfect as my Father.' In so saying, I did not give you a mere exhortation, but a sweet command, providing you with more the measure of perfection, that of God, the Most Perfect One. For I would have wanted you all perfect so as to have you around Me eternally.

    "The soul must thus tend towards sanctity, tell herself, 'I want to become holy,' unhesitatingly, tirelessly. Do you recognize you are weak? But I know better than you that you are weak, and yet I told you, 'Be perfect,' for I know that if you want to, with my help you can be perfect--that is holy.

    "The Evil One does not want this. He well knows--for he is very intelligent--that when a soul has taken the first step on the way of holiness and has tasted the first mouthful of holiness, whose taste is ineffable, she develops a yearning for holiness and is lost to him. He then creates thoughts of false modesty and distrust.

    "It is not possible for me to merit Paradise. No matter how good God is, is it possible for Him to forgive me? Is it possible for me, with his help, to be able to satisfy Him? I am good for nothing.'

    "Or he hisses his insinuations. 'But do you think you can become holy? What you experience, hear, and see is illusions of a sick mind. It is your pride that makes you conceive them. You--holy? But don't you remember this...and this... and this? And don't you remember what Christ said? In thinking this way, you commit a new sin, the same one I did. You think you are like God...'

    "Let him hiss. He does not deserve a reply. What you experience is from God; what you think is my desire reflecting itself in you. It is thus something holy. I told you what my sign is. It is peace. When you feel peace in yourself it is a sign that what you experience, hear, see, and think is something from God. Continue without hesitating. I am with you.

    "When our Enemy tires to bother you too much, say, 'Hail Mary, Mother of Jesus, I entrust myself to you.' The devil feels even more repugnance a the name of Mary that at my Name and my Cross. He is unable, but tries to harm Me in my faithful in a thousand ways. But just the echo of the name of Mary sets him to flight. If the world were able to call Mary, it would be saved.

    "To invoke out Two Names together is thus a powerful way to bring down and break all the weapons which Satan hurls against a heart that is Mine. Alone, souls are all nonentities, weakness. But the soul in Grace is no longer alone. She is with God.

    "So when the other disturbs you with reflections of false modesty or fear, you must always think, 'It is not I who think I am holy, but it is Jesus who wants me to be so. It is we--Jesus and I, God and I--want this to happen for his glory.'

    'Didn't I say, 'When two are gathered together to pray, the Father will grant them what they request? But what will happen when One of the two is Jesus Himself? Then the Father will grant the grace requested in a full, well-shaken, abundant measure. For the Son is powerful in regard to the Father and all things are made in the name of the Son."

    Peace be with you always

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