1943: The Current Need for Victim Souls in the World


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    1943: The Current Need for Victim Souls in the World

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    Notebook: 1943
    Page: 90
    Chp: The Current Need for Victim Souls in the World

    June 16

    Jesus says:

    "Every period has had its forms of piety.

    "The Church arose amidst the turbulent waves of the world. Virgins and those consecrated lived mixed in among the pagan throngs, bringing into them the fragrance of Christ, which saturated them, and they conquered the world for Christ.

    "Then came the the period of austere separations. To bury oneself to the world, according to the views of the time, was necessary for perfection and the ongoing redemption of souls. From the monasteries, from the hermitages, from the walled-in-cells, rivers of sacrifices and prayers spread over the earth, descended upon Purgatory, and rose up to Heaven.

    "Later came the convents of active life. Hospitals, asylums, and schools benefited from this new manifestation of the Christian religion.

    "But now, in the pagan world of a new paganism which is even more atrocious because it is more demoniacally subtle, consecrated souls are again needed that live in the world, as in the early times of my Church, to perfume the world with Me. They summarize the active and contemplative life in themselves in a single word: 'Victims.'

    "How many victims this poor world needs to obtain mercy! If men listened to Me, I would give my loving command to each one: 'Sacrifice and penance, to be saved.' But I have only the Victims who are capable of imitating Me in sacrifice, which is the highest form of love.

    "What did I say?'By this they will know whether you are my disciples: if you love one another.... There is no greater love than that of the one who gives his life for his friends.'
    "The victims have taken love so high that it has a form similar to mine. The victims give themselves for Me because I am in souls, and whoever saves a soul saves Me in a soul.

    "Therefore, there is no greater love for Me than that of immolating oneself for Me, your Friend, and for the poor sinful souls that are our impoverished friends. I say, 'ours,' because where there is a soul in love, God is also with her, and there are two of us.

    "You often think of the cloistered life with regret. But consider, soul of mine, that being a victim makes you similar to the most austere of the cloistered. The victim adores; the victim expiates; the victim prays. The prayer of a victim is equal to that of the cloistered, with the added difficulty of having to live by prayer amidst the dissipation's of the world.

    "Here, too, I am your example. I, the Victim, was able to worship, pray, and expiate while remaining in the world. People can be victims souls of superb perfection while renaming among the crowds and not be such while remaining under the seal of a double grill. Here, too, it is love that counts, and not external forms.

    "How does one become a victim? By living with a single thought: that of consoling Me by redeeming others. The others are redeemed by sacrifice. I am consoled by love and by igniting love in extinguished hearts. The life of a victim is perpetual not belonging any more to oneself, a continuous scattering of oneself, an unceasing burning.

    "But the Invisible Presence, in which you, too, take delight, is granted to whoever is able to live this way. For I am where my apostles and my martyrs are. And the victims are martyrs and apostles."

    Peace be with you always

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