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    Judas is caught in act of stealing from one of the women disciples. John, walks in on Judas. John screams in dread fright. Jesus runs the flight of stairs in not time flat.

    After Judas and Jesus exchange words, and during Jesus' last part of informing Judas, Judas asks Jesus to not tell anyone, and to redeem himself by himself.

    To every response of Judas which is contrary to virtue, Jesus replies to his behavior and thought.

    Jesus says, to Judas about redeeming himself by himself, this: Only I can redeem you. I only I can free you from your ruler--Satan. Jesus continues to expound on the truth of His Role as Savior and Redeemer. Judas is not humble by any stretch of the imagination at this point for he was caught in the act of stealing money. There's a Commandment from God about stealing.

    Jesus asks Judas for the words of humility: Lord save me! Preserve me. So forth. Judas does not respond in humility. He did not get the words Jesus spoke to him to help him. The Doctor was prescribing the medicine.

    Yet, in this, Judas knew that even if he did respond that way, it was truly not his sentiment and so he knowing withheld. There are many like this. They know they are not contrite nor broken to be able to humbly ask after a sin. Because they are proud.

    Jesus said to Judas and the Apostles, actually taught them many lessons on humility. Judas did not complete the humility training and remained in pride.

    We have to realize here a greater Redeemer Role besides the one mentioned for those struck by misfortune.

    Jesus says, to Pilate, when Pilate says I have power to give you life or death, that God has granted him that power for this one occasion and as a ruler to punish evil doers while acting as Procounsel. Civil order for those who live outside of God's Law.

    Then we read in the Good Book no man can have anything unless God grants. Yet, in this world, man can choose many things. God grants to every man the basic needs: food, home, job, friends, family, education, religion, for to feed and cloth and shelter, and to elevate his mind and intellect. When misfortune strikes through our own fault and the fault of others, God is the one who redeems what we lost by giving new ones or the ones that are seemingly broken. The Book of Job was a serve test, but in that test many of God's ways are taught, and through careful examination, we can identify that, God allowed Satan to pillage and plunder Job's life style.

    God then afterwards, after the test was over, gave to Job, what had been pillaged and plundered except certain deaths of his kindred. But God multiplied his loss. He gave Job new kindred or family members.

    Jesus is now the Judge and Grantor of what is lost, the Redeemer. He judges what we lost and grants what we are to be given as God. He is the one that redeems broken or lost friendships, relationships, jobs, so forth. For God is the Administrator of life on Earth. It may take years, it may take days or even months, but, when the test is over and the test as fulfilled what God has ordered, then, if losses, these will be granted once again. Test is to make us more like God, His likeness which is Charity, Humility. Goodness, Peace, virtuous.


    Peace be with you always
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