The Lord Wants to Send You to Help Change Someone's Destiny


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    The Lord Wants to Send You to Help Change Someone's Destiny Empty The Lord Wants to Send You to Help Change Someone's Destiny

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    Although, the Lord knows every man's destiny, and knows if a soul is evil, from Above, and God knowing all, we don't know down here on the earth who is and isn't, because, we are not walking in Grace perfectly to be able to see and hear what God sees. He would like you to at least, go and help change someone's destiny. If you don't go, who will be saved? Does God have to save everyone by himself? If this is the case, no one gets a reward, the merit is His alone. God does not need rewards and merits. You and I do.

    We need them, so we can have a better future in the next life. Do you at least recognize the need?

    Contemplate what you are doing right now, is it for selfish gain? Or are you working to help others, come to the Kingdom? What does it matter what your selfish gaining is? Nothing, valueless, has no merit but to satisfy your own curiosity, desires, wants. Your own petty trifles. When you die, all that work doesn't come with you unless you did work for the Kingdom. That is, souls. Souls, the greatest value there is on the Earth.

    Nothing else has value, and, what you think is value, on the earth, dies when you die. An Eternal never ending value is the soul or souls that were saved by you. They are your friends for eternity. Still stumbling and mumbling around? You? What are you doing wasting your time, with frivolous labor of gaining more things, that does not satisfy? Filling yourself with rocks, stubble, hay?

    Go do something for the Kingdom. Make your life worthy.

    Peace be with you always

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