Death of the Sinner - A Passage from Jesus


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    Death of the Sinner - A Passage from Jesus

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    RE: Psalm 33:22

    Jesus says:

    "Not only the death of the sinner is horrible. But also his life. One should not be deceived by their outward appearance. It is a veneer, a curtain placed there to cover the truth. In truth I tell you that one hour, just one hour of the peace of the just--not to mention an hour of the jubilation of the beloved ones resting on my breast--is incalculably richer in happiness than the longest life of the sinner.

    "Is the appearance different? Yes, it is different. But as to the eyes of the world the wealth of joy of a saint of mine does not appear, so, too, the abyss of restlessness and discontent which is in the heart of the unjust does not appear to the eyes of the world; an abyss which, like the crater of an erupting volcano, continually spews forth acrid, corrosive, poisonous vapors which intoxicate these wretched ones more and more. Yes, to seek to smother restlessness, those not acting with goodness try to obtain for themselves the satisfactions which can appeal to their depraved hearts. Evil satisfactions, then, for from their ferment only poison can come.

    "This is the key which explains certain very obscure lives wherein obscurity grows from day to day, as if falling by leaps and bounds into the deepest abysses. It is the very weight of their actions as outlaws--I am speaking of my Law, on which, moreover, all human laws rest which aim to keep men within the rules of morality--which drags them lower and lower.

    "The ones who see--because they are already raised up to God they can see what is invisible to the eyes of the living--are horrified on contemplating the perfection in evil of obstinate, impenitent sinners. Their death, as the psalm says, is a horror. A horror which hurls them into the other Life so that they will sink into a greater Horror.

    "There are giants in sin because their social position also makes them giants in the society already. But there are also great sinners who are mixed up the crowd and do not stand out externally for special actions, but who are corrupted within by the sins which cry out against God and against one's neighbor.

    "How many! The good, when, by a special grace, they are able to know spiritually are horrified, as with putrefaction. And they really are putrefaction altering color and features and polluting with its stench, in which the smell of Satan and Hell is perceptibly present.

    "But remember--O all of you that are good--your Master. Do they cause you repugnance? You? And what must they have caused Me, pure and holy? Disgust. And yet I loved them to the point of dying to try to save them.

    "Love them, then, with the greatest love: that which overcomes everything to save. Do you fail to save? It doesn't matter. Love that soul all the same just because it is the work of God. Is it now soiled by Satan's excrement? Cleanse it with the constant dew of supernatural love. True love. Because it is stripped of all human attraction--indeed, heroic, for it withstands in spite of the fact that your humanity and even your soul feel sickened by this fetid den of vermin.

    "If you save it, you will receive great joy. If you do not save it, the merit will be yours all the same, and you will have it, for you will have loved according to my command." [John 13-35]

    Notebook 1944, pp. 429, Psalm 33:22, July 13

    Peace be with you always

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    Post on Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:10 pm by Poem

    Psalm 33:22

    [22] The death of the wicked is very evil: and they that hate the just shall be guilty.

    Peace be with you always

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